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  1. During run, in excavation missions when you will decide to still go on when the rest of your team will exit, for some reason game can have a problem with spawning power cell carriers. In short, it does not want to spawn them. Most of the time your excavator will have 0% power because game is starting rarely spawning cells carriers. From what I found, in the past there was lots of problems overall related to the power cells carrier. Right now, when this happens, you can't continue doing this solo as game is stingy with spawning carriers. I've encounter this twice (on Corpus map). Some topic related to this from the past.
  2. Hello, There is a bug that won't let you see running/deployed excavations. What is interesting, this is only for some of the excavators during session (depends on their respawn location). From what I know and what i found on google, this can happened when you will join already running session. This was already reported in the past. Does that mean bug returned? Kind Regards
  3. From what I can see, this problem is already going on for many years and it's one of the worst riven challenge to do - "Kill X Dargyn pilots before they hit the ground". There are lots of threads about this and still nothing was done to fix/change this. 1. They are very rare enemies (too rare). You can waste even 15 minutes on Plains of Eidolon before you will find even a single Dargyn Pilots. 2. They are often being killed together with destroyed Tusk Dargyns. 3. If pilots it's being killed with Tusk Dargyns then it's not counted as being killed before hitting the ground. Not only they are rare enemies, but after finding him you can be robbed from the chance of killing him for challenge.
  4. Hello, In game there is an options to change key bindings for keyboard users, however it lack one feature. Key combination. You can set only one key per actions. For example you can bind F1 to gear slot 1, but you can't set CTR+1. Why this is a problem? There are some players like me who are using small keyboards (60%-65%) which does not have dedicated F1-F12 keys thus it's very uncomfortable to use F1-F12 during game (you need to use number key with Fn Keys). Also by letting gamers set key combinations you are giving them more versatility and more flexability to customize control. This is just one of those small improvement to QoL that are rather easy to implement. Theoretically there is AutoHotkey software but in many games it is treated as a cheat (which is a little stupid). Nowadays mouses and keyboards can have own software that let you rebind keys, set shortcuts, create macros and so one and magically they are not detected as cheats. Anyway, using autohotkey in multi-player games (including Warframe) is a stupid way to get ban so I want to avoid using it. It would be nice to have this feature implemented in game. Kind Regards, Michal
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