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  1. 战舰护甲没减,小飞机血量增50%,V冰减了60%基伤,爆伤削到1.5X,配合弹药得两炮清图,遇上邃域先驱就打不动,总而言之就是要恶心人
  2. The novelty is for everyone, but it wears off quickly.It's easy to disagree, especially if it's subjective. So do you have any good Suggestions for improving Railjack? Or do you think it's perfect?
  3. Why do you think I'm superior? I'm just saying that being a pilot is tiring, especially after a few hours of duty, and that's not something that gunners can compare to when they click a mouse while watching a movie. And the root of the problem is the reactor drop rate and numerical range, get to the point.
  4. Teach me what better way to get a good reactor that in other games is just like the ”original backpack“.
  5. What is there to be proud of? Everyone around me is at this speed. So you think the whole game would be different with one more ”commander kill“ mission?Come on,you don't really think Railjack is very diverse right now, do you? Even though I've done hundreds of them and I'm level 10 10 10 10 now, I still don't have a even 70+ V reactor. And don't have enough capacity to install mods.I completed all the node missions. There's no challenge. It's just a waste of player time.
  6. It takes us 3.5-4.5 minutes to carry out a mission in "gian point" ,and we even need't repair because the enemy has no time to attack.I use "Munitions Vortex" and "Void Hole" mods to attack them.I only had to drive the Railjack and use skills, but it was a lot harder than just using the mouse.It's not that the teammates are bad, it's that they just need to do it.I did the same thing with someone else's Railjack.
  7. It takes us four minutes to carry out a mission in "gian point" ,and we even need't repair because the enemy has no time to attack.I only had to drive the Railjack, but it was a lot harder than just using the mouse.It's not that the teammates are bad, it's that they just need to do it.I did the same thing with someone else's Railjack.
  8. When Railjack came out, everyone was excited, but the hands-on experience was poor. Aside from numerous bugs, Railjack alone is simply not enough damage. Especially since the latest update on January 10, Rhino roar bonus does not work on Railjack weapons, ice cannon "Cryophon" has been heavily cut, with most of its base damage reduced to 1.5 blast damage, and enemy aircraft have been significantly increased in flesh, which adds to the frustration. To add to the player experience, I have a few Suggestions: 1. Increases base damage of Railjack light cannon. At least loaded with a full z-class bonus forward light gun mod, and a full zone upgrade that can knock out a veil battleship. The worst damage weapon on the whole ship is not penetrating, two does not take any bonus, and three does not take any mod damage. Since the highest damage is no different from the first, why should I use it? The main function of logistics is to ensure that there is enough light energy cannonball charge, light energy gun is not used, that logistics also lost the meaning, "teamwork" can not be reflected. 2. Continue to increase the drop rate of Railjack components at settlement. As Railjack most basic equipped with lower drop rate, especially the Reactor "Reactor", even if there are big put the mod will not come also of no help, and V is MK3 Reactor random numerical range, 30-100 numerical fluctuation is quite surprising, for 70 dozens of the hard brush, a capacity of 30 Reactor, the player's mood. 3. Balance team effort. As anyone who has ever played Railjack knows, the captain's driving is the most tiring position. We work hard to make the battleship, brush or buy various mods, and finally do the most tiring work in the team. Gunners click the mouse, logistics is also added ammunition, the equivalent of a person with three lazy, unless the team when their own host someone else to fly the ship, but occasionally there will be a non-host can not use Railjack skills problem. What I've worked so hard to make is better than clicking a mouse on someone's battleship. Why should I play? I hope DE can respect the opinions of the players, don't go for it, don't come with what you think is "fun", random value fluctuation, bad player experience, online number decline is inevitable, if continue like this, I have to say goodbye to warframe -- from a player who has been playing for 3200 hours.(sorry for machine translation)
  9. 九重天出来时,大家都很兴奋,但是上手体验缺很差。刨去数不胜数的bug,就单说Railjack武装,完全就是伤害不够。尤其1月10号最新一次更新之后,牛吼加成不作用于Railjack武器,冰炮“Cryophon”大削,基伤砍了大半,爆伤砍到1.5,另外敌方飞机明削暗增,更肉了,这就给人更多的挫败感。为了增加玩家体验,我有几点建议: ①增加Railjack光能炮的基础伤害。至少装了满级Z系加成前装光能炮mod,以及升级满区格以后能一发打掉一艘面纱星战舰。整个飞船上伤害最猛的武器一没穿透,二不吃技能加成,三上不上mod伤害都不够,既然提升到最高了也和最开始没多大区别,那我干嘛用呢?后勤的主要作用就是保证光能炮弹药充足,光能炮不用了,那后勤也失去了意义,”团队协作“更体现不出来。 ②继续增加Railjack部件在结算时的掉落率。作为Railjack的最基础配备,掉落率低的可怜,尤其是反应堆“Reactor“,就算有大把的mod装不上去也无济于事,而且V系MK3反应堆随机数值区间30-100,整整70的数值波动挺让人无话可说的,辛辛苦苦刷了几十把,掉一个30容量的反应堆,玩家心情可想而知。 ③平衡团队的辛劳程度。玩过Railjack的都知道,船长驾驶是最累的位置,我们辛辛苦苦做出战舰,刷或者买各种mod,最后干的是团队里最累的活。炮手就点点鼠标,后勤也就补充个弹药,相当于一个人带三个懒汉,除非组队的时候自己主机却另找人驾驶飞船,但是偶尔又会出现非主机无法使用Railjack技能的问题。辛辛苦苦做出来的东西还不如在别人的战舰上点鼠标轻松愉快,我干嘛要玩? 希望DE能尊重玩家的意见,不要一意孤行,不要自己觉得什么”fun“就怎么来,随机数值波动、玩家体验不好,在线人数递减是必然的,如果继续如此,我也只好跟warframe说再见了——来自一名游戏时间3200小时的玩家。
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