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  1. " Railjack owners now have the option to either Host a Murex Raid with their own Railjack or Join another Murex Raid. " thank you.
  2. experienced it too. I no longer hold my weapon it just floats near my fingers. Petting cataclysm wrecks you.
  3. some maps have white background. Also if you have bullet hose all the numbers cover up your crosshair. Also I want to measure weapon spread. Help me aim better please.
  4. having issues after daily rollover with little duck screen telling me I have no more standing to redeem that day. But then I select 1 toroid or more it goes back to normal for how much actual daily standing remaining. I think she forgot to refresh her page.
  5. Bramma: lights flash you have a seizure and are also deaf. Nukor: sustained your screen is nothing but light! LOWEST EFFECT INTENSITY.
  6. On the pet stasis menu, please label with text what each pet is e.g. smeeta, chesa etc. Currently there are just symbols that I don't understand. Don't make me click on each stasis slot to find out what's in it please.
  7. Sometimes when I nekros, my 4th ability minions have parazon finisher symbol on top of their heads. You want me to kill them twice?
  8. Not just eidolon knocking me out of map now. normal archwing hotkey does it too. same deal - must archwing boost upwards back inside map and land on skateboard. do not melee strike out or back to infinite falling.
  9. Press archwing hotkey button, what happen? no archwing abilities. just walk on air. Can go up and down like ti's a stair case. regular running/walking move speed. I not falling I just standing there and can walk! Only way to escape is skateboard.
  10. Go to plains to sleep vampy cats. Sometimes you sleep something the red lines tie to them and follow them as they move around. even if you never damaged them so nothing should wake. repeatedly casting sleep still no work. Bug around for ages please fix.
  11. This has been a bug that's been around for MONTHS. sometimes when the exploiter orb pops in, your entire UI disappears. It's not just me, sometimes it's my Squadmates. subtitles only. no crosshair. no health and energy bars no map. NOTHING. The last time this bug popped up and I reported it, you still had sniper scope overlay. Now there's just nothing even when you zoom in.
  12. I use different amps for Eidolon, Profit taker, and normal Gameplay. I use different arcanes depending on mission type, both on amp and operator. It's so annoying having to manually switch all the time. We have loadouts for warframe, why not operator equipment.
  13. operator gun: Stalker. Or if I have no long ranged weapons in arsenal, or melee only sorties. Dash: Interception cheese: Feeling friendly? Park warframe on console so enemies can't access. displace enemies with dash. works forever until lag kills you from too many enemies still alive. Operator dash = pocket budget gauss for slow frames. Best spy vault mach rush brute force when I'm not on wukong. Fall off the map? Operator dash back up. Also the one major use from everyone in regular missions: energizing dash. Arcanes/school abilities: Magnus lockdown / budget mag skill, finisher opener etc. Friend: self heal, group heal
  14. me: *cries a whole fountain of blood
  15. On some logins under equipment upgrade screen mods UI glitched out. close and reopening menu no work. (SEE IMAGE) mods in trade screen could be moused over to show name but similarly cut off.
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