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  1. holding button = 0 response if you're bugged enough with stagger. ...And then there's freakin' Nekros' rez, and Mr. Pheonix Renewal.
  2. Thanks for the tip! I think I generally try to land a bit further away to stop them from seeing me anyway so this would work great for that. Skateboard is more my panic button if I spot something at the last moment / need to dodge a magnetic proc on cetus lake surface / need to land after flying up through infinite fall map bug without falling through map again.... But now that we can fire secondaries on skateboard I actually use it a lot more on its own just for kicks.
  3. re-load gui? You mean like for the bug where you get stuck on navigation screen and have to click foundry on top right corner to get out because esc key does nothing?
  4. please stop things spawning inside architecture or falling through the floor to unreachable places
  5. If I could turn down my own gun fire solely I'd be over the moon. Would also like to mute orbiter machinery sounds.
  6. If you finish mot mission before you complete War within, sometimes game doesn't register mot as one after you finish the quest, an you cannot start chains of harrow until you redo it. Or whichever void mission was required for it.
  7. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Necralisk door stuck when returning from open world. If I try to abort out to orbiter or necralisk it says I can't because mission already complete, but I can't get back in. have to quit game or stuck there forever. REPRODUCTION: try to return to necralisk EXPECTED RESULT: no door stuck REPRODUCTION RATE: not that often I guess? Happened last week then today again.
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: no loid/floaty thing spawn after you kill necramech in isolation vault mission. door stuck no open REPRODUCTION: get up to an including killing the necramech after picking mission from mother EXPECTED RESULT: for mission to not randomly stop in the middle REPRODUCTION RATE: once in a while. happened twice to me today in 10+ runs.
  9. not that easy to do when I'm hovering very close to the ground, but thanks.
  10. reasons: 1) stagger bug (direction keys only, no jump no attack etc). 2) I need my sentinel back 3) I forgot to bring ammo pizza Please De it's so hard to die when I have survivability mods, and a pet which keeps healing me and killing everything around me... and really nice teammates who keep rezzing me when I finally manage to die.
  11. I sleep green dragonfly thing - it falls through the ground I cannot capture. I track footprints of a bird, it spawns inside a tree thing. I somehow manage to sleep dart it while it's inside the branch... cannot capture.
  12. Crashes - a lot of them were midway through a kdrive race. WAR-2978830 WAR-2978079 WAR-2975509 WAR-2975494 WAR-2977591 WAR-2977591 -- overall: uses a lot less gpu resources, areas load faster, but highly unstable frame rate.
  13. We can k-drive hotkey out of Archwing to avoid landing on poor unsuspecting wildlife and not kill them, why can't we do the same the other way around? used to be that I could short tap melee or use or Archwing hotkey to get out of k-drive, but now it's on release of long holding melee or use button only. Can I get at least one shortcut for mobility's sake please?
  14. let me mod them so I don't have to switch gear if something attacks me while I'm fishing.
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