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  1. SAME. impossible for quest to complete. tried different spear. no change.
  2. immediately following latest update -CANNOT TRADE AT ALL. cannot send invite other people see me as offline despite other people auto-joining my missions when I'm hosting on pub just fine. help.
  3. Not a bug, just terrible application of knockdown to all aoe weapons regardless of range. They ruined my favourite space program gun. It did laughable damage and had a purpose named CC in place of it. Wasn't Op at all. never needed the nerf. Now I only use it to yeet people on knockdown resistant frames, since I've yet to acquire a certain primed knockdown mod that eliminates flinching entirely.
  4. This has been annoying me for months now. My levels and wreckage things at drydock don't change until I leave the host's dojo. I may have leveled up, but the system refuses to acknowledge it.So if I want to scrap wreckage, or forma anything I have to leave and get reinvited. Worse still pressing quick mission info shows the level gains.. but it's not always accurate and may show high levels than what I've actually gained once I get back to orbiter.
  5. I think you mean +recoil in exchange for more damage. Mods like Critical Delay & Creeping bullseye already exist.
  6. same bug as before fix. slingshot unusable, you getting stuck in slingshot with no way out. But not every mission, and only sometimes. tether still bugged for non-host.
  7. 3 people cracking relics kuva survival I try to leave solo...except countdown timer kept getting removed every time someone started a new kuva harvester (or maybe it was the old one successfully harvested?) Hopefully a 1-off mission bug, but man fetl liek I was trapepd forever, especially since i have to wait likw 45 seconds then countdown timer disappears on 7 seconds left and then nothing happens.
  8. ty for reducing prizes. but also - pool floatie cosmetic when? (pretty please?)
  9. stalker came during the "maybe you should stretch first" up-slide orokin door part. since he locks you in room, the door never opened for me, not even after he died. mission cannot complete.
  10. am using nightwave craft. I bind to hot key or open wheel in mission then click. nothing happens.
  11. To help prevent accidental Kuva Lich generation from quick tapping the Mercy action, you must now ‘Hold X’ to perform a Mercy on a Kuva Larvling. Fixed Fishing Bait not functioning in some Orb Vallis caves. Fixed the Archwing Slingshot breaking after the first use if it was used to board a Crewship. thank you!! any word of fixing railjack ghost ship tunnel transporter thing glitching out and removing warframe ability to do anything? Also if xoris is getting ability banned, so should riven mods on stat sticks.
  12. cc and supplementary heals. not great for speed runs but if you'd like the entire room blinded forever and melee finishers he's your man. edit: the healing is admittedly very awkward, i.e. Look ma, I have a bunch of high hp targets bunched together and my bugs can heal you 1k per second as long as you stand still and don't bullet jump away... no what are you doing, don't kill them!! NOOOOOO
  13. THIS. more complex parkour friendly maps to build on your parkour skills, since all they do a lot of the time is just let you travel faster. remember that tall buildings section before the end of red war? I've always wanted mirrors edge in space. remember half life? and their barnacles? we could add some of those in infested missions, to force you to dodge, and make them only shootable after they grab someone. just make them really obvious. we already have laser systems, add more explosions to those. MORE PARKOUR. Negating cc -- ADD BUFFS if you do it corre
  14. "Shield Gating now applies to Companions the same way it does to Warframes" THANK YOU! aww no more broken cats waiting on slingshot & matchmaking fixes. gonna try out protea now ty for buffs
  15. Hey man I just wanna say I noticed that the move speed for episode 2 was no longer a crawl. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
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