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  1. >Fixed not flying in a straight line after rotating the camera 360 degrees while in Archwing. Thank god. This was making Archwing movement HORRID. I'm super happy for this fix; I noticed it literally every time I used Archwing on the Plains.
  2. Are you considering any changes to 'Creds' to make Nightwave Seasons more newbie-friendly? Specifically, while the prices for Nitain, Vauban parts, Catalysts, Reactors, and auras seems relatively fine, the prices for helmets, weapon blueprints, and weapon skins is crazy high compared to how often those alerts were up (helmet blueprints were literally the most common non-endo/non-credit alert type). This means that unlike veterans, who were able to acquire all of the helmets very quickly, new players will take about a year to gather them all. While that by itself isn't an issue, the problem is the massive opportunity cost. To get those helmets, you're giving up on a year of Auras, Catalysts, and Reactors, which is something new players can't afford to do. The other major issue is that Wolf Cred are grouped up so infrequently (every 3-5 ranks) into batches of 50. While fine for veterans who can complete every single weekly challenge, this situation means that new players who can't complete every challenge (due to star chart progress or other factors) literally can't obtain Nitain early on. This can lead to them getting blueprints that take them multiple weeks to build through trades for Prime Warframes. I read of a new player who bought Nekros Prime's parts but could not build him due to the Nitain issue despite doing all Nightwaves that week that were possible for him. So yeah, have you considered looking into the 'Wolf Creds' prices and acquisition more closely for the next season? Most people I know really like the ranking system and its rewards (20k kuva, slots, etc), but opinions vary wildly on the Wolf Creds.
  3. These changes are not live yet, at least not the Arca Plasmor ones. Maybe they forgot or messed up the hotfix.
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