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  1. I’m hoping the same thing. Warframe has really sparked my interest since PoE, hoping that the end of the year will see many exciting things for WF!
  2. What are your guys predictions for the dev stream? Do you think we will get a mainline next week? Do you think there will be any discussion about Emperyean? What are you most excited for? Cheers!
  3. Titan punch UGH. Hate that in PVP. Whens your next ted talk? :P
  4. I'm in the same boat, I enjoy both a good deal. I'm having a good bit more fun with Destiny obviously cause everything is new to me.
  5. When did I say I didn't care? I'm simplying saying there is no reason to panic. Sure, if you're bored, go play destiny? I'm saying not to WORRY about destinys growth, because it benefits everyone.
  6. I quit is is +100 cool points. The idea of this thread is not to S#&$ on warframe or destiny, just simply state we as PLAYERS win in the situation. We get a better game, and have two games to play. Whats not to enjoy?
  7. I agree. Destiny 2 for sure has the leg up on pvp, that kinda combat. The paid expansions could be a barrier to some WF casuals. WF dominates in the term "fullyfree"
  8. 100% Agree. Warframes movement is unmatched, and playing Destiny 2 after a few minutes, I wish I could climb up walls and crap like in WF. They both scratch a certain itch IMO.
  9. What's wrong with making a seperate thread? This one is about how having friendly competition isn't bad for us, it's actually great. That thread is about WF hitting its lowest point in years...
  10. Same here. Been having a blast doing D2 raids. Warframe's movement and feel is just so much better though. Hopefully Railjack knocks it out of the park so I have a reason to come back.
  11. They don't seem to care much anymore. Release a cash grab ornament and call it a day. I've been with this company since day one, closed beta day one, but the last dev stream really pushed me the wrong way. Zero information about this update we've been hearing about since LAST JULY 2018. The fact there no "live events" *LOOK AT DESTINY 2!!* is sad.
  12. There is zero need to be concerned about Destiny 2's rising growth. Here is the bottom line: Competition is good. Yes we all love Warframe, but having a close competitor to Warframe is great. Why? It's simple, two massive hands in the pot means developers need to work harder, and produce more quality content to grab players. This year, DE has outlined a slew of content they wanted to release, theres only 3 months left in the year and we've only seen a titleset rework, a frame, and... that's about it. Going into 2020, Destiny 2 is sure to pick up some speed, now that it's F2P. Competition will make DE work harder to earn players. EDIT: FOR THE RECORD: I am not saying Destiny 2 is a better game, Warframe has a boat load of more content. HOWEVER, competition in the looter shooter market is good for us as "gamers"
  13. No. Railjack (phase 1)will be out in November, New War will probably be out next march
  14. It's pretty obvious, this has been the longest content drought. One frame isn't content, especially if we date back to the white board. I imagine destiny 2 is also taking players away. Competition is good, hopefully seeing the surge of ppl playing destiny will be a wake up call.
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