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  1. we said rail would save wf nope so now are we praying new war saves the game and adds some meaningful content?
  2. Safe to say WF has reached the end of the road. 7 years is a great run.
  3. game dying lol xd in all seriousness railjack was a letdown so the decline is not surprising.
  4. The base of the mode is solid and enjoyable. If they're able to build on it and get the other systems working they will be solid. I agree the lich system was and is mostly a failure in terms of implementation.
  5. More towards winner. A great start, I love the co-op. DE did a solid job, now to expand on it next year. Will it hold the playerbase over for more than a few weeks? Probably not.
  6. IMO. Times to craft the railjack parts in rising tide need to be reduce. 12 hours, 6 times? Really? I understand it was an afterthought when rising tide came out, but how are returning players going to feel when they find out they have to wait 6 days, not even farming resources, but just WAITING? :P.
  7. For sure next year, they’re rushing to get Railjack our the door atm.
  8. I honestly don’t mind the rip line, just think it needs a bit more range. It’s only been a few hours. Let’s give them a chance to improve it. Steve himself said “try it out for awhile, and we’ll adjust as needed”.
  9. Any information on NW or Railjack would be lovely.
  10. The fact this thread is almost two weeks old proves everyones concerns are valid... most threads die in a day.
  11. A 45% drop isn’t normal. Warframe cant hold players attention and over 6 years, the game has hardly grown past the 50.k mark.
  12. I think if Warframe managed to dip below 10k, and that point that “game is dead” crowd would have some valid point.
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