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  1. Exactly what I meant, I just worded it weird. A tab system, each tab having a set of 12 items max (or less to make the main items huge) on a wheel.
  2. But... I like Exter- Skirmish. So intuitive and interesting, and every so often it gives you a side objective! It’s not like taking down a Galleon ship would be a cool mission type or anything, no just leave it to be an assassinate side objective. What a missed opportunity.
  3. Game breaking! Would be nice but isn’t necessary in any way. Much more important issues. Like this! Yeah that’s a joke. The problem with having a table would be its clutter, at the moment it’s nice and tucked away. Plus it would be awfully overwhelming fir new players. Agreed, the Codex is useless beyond lore. Everything in it is either hidden, or you already have the mod/arcane. Why? It’s not like there’s a wiki there’s no reason that the power of these mods be locked away. At least until we are on the planet where they’re first achievable. I treasure my forced load into the relay, ten my trip to Simaris, to then find the right test. It makes my day. I don’t actually care, it gives you a reason to actually visit the relays every so often which is cool.
  4. Just make it so each orb holder has to stand in position for a few seconds, and make it so that there is a limited amount of revives. I don’t like the idea of a revive-less mode, the host migrations would be enough to stop me from playing, it just needs to be drawn back.
  5. Please change the gear wheel, for the sake of us console plans without those hot keys. It’s a pain to cycle through them all to get into my archwing in a crucial moment, or dropping a health restore. Please give us the option to use a tab system instead of the current infinity Apple iPod wheel.
  6. It’s ok, not the best but should do any star chart content with relative easy (if you can hit headshots)
  7. And the option to lock certain prime parts
  8. NO NO NO. Relics were meant to push for you to play in more different game modes on more different tile sets, a lot better than the original void system. Your plan to push players to passively open 6 at once would break all of that! Why would I even bother with Lith if I can just dump 6 come back an hour and repeat, it’s almost as fast as doing the missions themselves! This would make forma bps too easy to get. This would make prime items too easy to get. Its just not a good idea. Onto your other amazing idea of promoting not playing the game, refining relics into traces. Ok. 100 for a Lith relic! Axi for 400! I spent all of 20 minutes in Xini and now I can get 1300 traces passively? No. Once again it defeated the purpose of relics and devalues prime gear. This would piss off a lot of people.
  9. They use the gorgon which pretty much does this
  10. I think what the gane needs is more reason to move while shooting, we should be bulletproof jumping, aim gliding, wall latching. Without mods then these are useless, abd why would we weaken our warframe/weapon when that mod could be replaced with Power Strength. Something like 50% bullet miss chance when bullet jumping, aim gliding, or wall latching, maybe even a small boost in damage. Same for zip lines. Similar to rolling but more intuitive
  11. I’m not against this, but I can see some problems. For 1 if your the client You shouldn’t effect who can or can’t join. It should only effect matches that YOU join. If your host then it’s free game.
  12. Intrinsics were meant to be slow, but because there is really only 1 mission there’s no point in taking Railjack slow.
  13. Because lore wise they weren’t built for Tenno, they were made for off the rails travel, and combat. Anyway, you can get to your Railjack instantly in the back of your ship (outside Helminth, the Focus room and your personal quarters) or in the pause menu in your orbiter.
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