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  1. Now that thumpers have arrived, why can’t we build blueprints? Thumpers drop a bunch of random drops, so why do I still have to use precious standing to get blueprints?
  2. De won’t add it because they want actual player interaction. Its all said and done, give up.
  3. Yes I notice that OV enemies are a lot tougher than normal enemies.
  4. I just got another on my second fight with the stalker
  5. Similar to the parkour room, except we can build a skatepark in it. Complete with ventkid banners, items, checkpoints and a scoring system (like either race or highest trick). Now while I’m at it, what about NPC’s. Dojo’s are quite empty, and random NPCs visiting might liven things up a bit. Maybe if you max out a lab you start getting viditors from that faction, or as you build this new skatepark vent kid NPC’s start to roam around. Leave ideas for new dojo rooms or ideas below.
  6. Got one on my first fight. Not bad. But really there’s no reason for making it tradable. It’s more of a collectors items rather than a weapon or warframe
  7. He is a tank that jumps around crazily and seeks crazy damage with invincible fire dudes around him. Great concept!
  8. Would also help new players like me, especially if these symbols were added to the codex
  9. Mods are a great addition into warframe, it allows many to build weapons the way they want, while also adding progression into the game. But one type of weapon mods god unused: QoL mods. Why build faster reload or more mag when it deviates from dps? My suggestion - a new slot similar to an eximus slot that allows you to add certain mods without wasting precious slots. Leave your thoughts below.
  10. Maybe a new mod or warframe.
  11. Maybe some more decorations to your dojo? Like an aquarium room that a clan can build and maintain.
  12. Just happened again. Host leaves and I lose 25 minutes of grind. I agree, you shouldn’t lose your stuff on a failed host migration.
  13. I like motion blur, it makes the bullet jump look cooler
  14. Do any emotes make sound? I would like to see more with sound. They seem a little dull atm
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