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  1. It’s much slower than mining or heck probably even bounties. Plus there’s only a max of 4 per mission that you would have to find. It’s not game breaking
  2. Does it need to be a War Within? No it doesn’t. It does it’s job, it introduces us to the new tileset and game mode. It goes over some new lore and shows how broken the corpus have become. No idea what you mean by zero conclusion, you stop Parvos Granum from sending his spectres out of the void. Plus there is extended lore in the temples you find in normal missions. Just slot a coin in.
  3. Yes you can, just tweak the base stats if only the infected and corpus. Leave everything else alone. I believe that’s just the wiki. Things like bombards only come in at a certain level so that’s the “base”. Anyway, I don’t feel like your changes would do anything other than ruin the already ruined build diversity even more. I will pitline what will happen: - Corrosive will be one useless at endgame builds, as viral + heat will beat anything unless they’re over 13k armour - Slash will be useless, as it ignores armour anyway, so increasing health and reducing armour would make it a pretty awful status. - Any ability that strips armour will become much less important to build towards, pushing players to build for simple DPS or survivability. - The grineer either will be the sane or ridiculously easy to kill, depending on how aggressive your changes are. - Abilities that scale with enemy health will be extremely powerful, perhaps OP. The adverse effect would happen to Abilities that rely on high armour or shields. These could be solved, but I don’t see any benefit. Why would they change this?
  4. A kick function would be nice. And maybe a party option that can keep you together while still being able to join public lobbies.
  5. If you nerfed armour and buffed health, yes slash would go to S#&$. But so would corrosive. Using viral + heat will beat anything else. It already does until enemies get around 13000 armour, which corrosive + heat takes over. I believe viral should he slightly nerfed and corrosive slightly buffed. Viral + Slash isn’t competing with corrosive, it’s Viral + Crit. Before you had the option to boost crit damage in return for better slash damage, or viral to half thief health. Now viral can boost damage by 325%, so it’s a no brainer. A no brainer to build diversity
  6. Eidolons are meant to be tackled later on. The first eidolon can be tackled pretty easily by anyone who’s done the WW quest, and has a semi substantial build. Nothing special, just someone like volt, some corrupted mods, ect. Not that arcanes are necessary at all. There’s plenty of ways of getting plat, relics are great early on.
  7. Solaris Standing needs to be doubled from what it is now, which is a pitiful 300, 600 or 900 - depending on the tier. Double it, and make it so that it gives this standing to everyone in the group. ATM it feels like a waste to save them, especially when you can get the sane (or more) from just doing the Granum void.
  8. I want steel path to offer rewards you can get elsewhere but in a larger quantity for a larger challenge. +a few cosmetic exclusives. If they start throwing things like Rivens, weapons, frames, ect it will be the talk of this forum fir the next year.
  9. Yeah, content creators aren’t always the greatest for advice. There’s way to many diverse communities that asking a set of out of touch, up them selves creators will only stop anything from being done. There are some with a great view on specific things on the game that needs tweaking, but then you have Brozime who doesn’t understand RJ isn’t solo and goes on a 20 minute rant about how it’s too hard. Same thing is happening with steel path. You can’t ask for actual difficulty and then complain when it arrives. Personally I believe the steel path is in a great place right now. It’s just a crazy new mode, it’s just normal Warframe but harder. It reverts a few changes in the recent EHP changes, and hopefully it will make building for endgame a lot more challenging.
  10. Exactly. Ehp isn’t just ehp. Armour can be bypassed and stripped, which leads to some interesting builds. If they just boosted health you would probably see less build diversity as a result - and higher TTK’s. Not to mention corrosive would lead further into complete uselessness as viral takes over. Im fine with armour scaling, it’s the other factions that need to get stronger. And buff corrosive.
  11. I just want a find quick match. Want a quick survival? One click and you’re there. Maybe you want to play capture on these 3 planets? One click and you will find a squad.
  12. Just increase the health of the corpus and infected. Don’t touch the grineer. As I see it, the grineer are the only challenge in the game. I’m thinking if talking about a infected rework which will make the infected stringer by amplifying their Ancients. I see the infected as a large group of easy to kill enemies, but who are buffed by powerful ancients to become a true challenge.
  13. Instead of setting them to 1 by default, why not just PLAYTEST the guns too figure out how they work. If IDK, do some simple math about their DPS.
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