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  1. Hi, first post for me. So basically I finally got around to doing the Fortuna challenges in nightwave this week. Over about 2-3 hours, myself and one other player, caught all 6 rare fish (I'd say this took the longest) got all 6 rare gems and did all 8 bounties. I was actually 1 bounty ahead but stayed for one more so my new friend could get his 8 done. About a minute or two into this last bounty my game crashed. (I think this is the third time this has happened in my rough 150 hours of the game) I loaded it up again and the game asked if I wanted to be dropped back in the same party, I did, we finished the last bounty and when we finished I realised that my nighwave progress had disappeared... (edit - the fish and gems are still in my inventory)
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