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  1. BUMP! We're currently a Storm Clan and not planning to expand it into a bigger one. We'll be recruiting more players into our slowly growing amazing clan. You'll find out lots of experienced players inside for all your questions. Friendly atmosphere with perfect community. If you're MR +15 hit me up for an invitation! By the way we're setting NO AFK LIMIT for our members.
  2. I’m not really in rush, maybe later I’ll try recruiting with the ways you’ve mentioned.
  3. My timezone is GMT+3 and honestly I didn't really have anyone added me on discord or messaged me in here about recruitment. It seems like people aren't really interested though I still hope finding what I'm searching for! :)
  4. Hello everyone, I'd love to announce that I'll be recruiting a few players to play and spend good time together with for my beloved clan Semper Veritas, a rank 10 Ghost Clan with all researches completed. Honestly I never thought of recruiting since the first day I created Semper Veritas because it was meant to be a solo clan but yeah, here I am and looking for people to play this wonderful game together. I can consider myself as an endgame player, mr 30 with +1.5k hours in game so I'm not really in need of anything but a good chat whenever I'm online. Since the first day I created Semper Veritas I've donated millions of resources and decorations thinking that maybe one day I'll decorate dojo but no, it never happened so I'm actually looking for a dojo designer aswell! My wish and goal is to create/become a part of a small but strong in game family that enjoys to spend their online time together. Please hit me up if you're interested so we can talk about details! Discord: Anoradhel#9634
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