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  1. During a solo farm for Protea’s System on Hydra Pluto I entered the Granum Void and completed the 75 kills. Almost at the same time as completing the last few kills a picture in picture scene appeared with Alad V introducing Zanuka to the mission. As a direct result of auto extraction from the Granum Void I was unable to fight Zanuka. I thought no more about of it until I tried completing the capture and was dragged back into the Granum Void for approximately 1-2 seconds and then thrown back out into the mission. However, I am unable to move forward into the missions as I am now being constantly dragged back into the Granum Void and then thrown out. All the time Alad V is trolling me about Zanuka. This is the same Zanuka that is still in the Granum Void waiting to try and defeat me. This is now turning into a vicious cycle of getting dragged back into the Granum Void and being thrown out unceremoniously. I am convinced that at one stage my Warframe turned to me apologetically and with outstretched arms toppled to the ground. Which as it turned out was my second to last self revive. All I am trying to do is get Protea Systems and here is Alad V telling me about Zanuka. Hold up did Alad just say I have “Loyalty Issues”. That’s is it. Menu – abort. I could not help muttering “Who are these fools breathing my Air? This is unacceptable!!!” 😡 Not sure I am doing this glitch/bug much justice so here please see for yourself. https://twitter.com/StringherMix It is OK DE Support I will get another Crown but please see what can be done about this glitch/bug. Thank you
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