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  1. Imagine you were an invading force floating off the Coast of another country, far enough out that you're practically invisible.. you send your scouts in who are massively technologically superior, adaptive to any environment and use a two stage relay system of drone ship 'spears' to relay info back to your fleet. You'd expect to get some data back right? Like "this is the enemy, this is what they look like, this is what the lay of the land is" even that is BASIC stuff. Instead your scouts come back, one at a time, in a series of waves every few hours, lobotomized. Not, damaged, wounded,
  2. I missed the hod-glyphs thing, anyone know of another way i can get the entrati mech glyph?
  3. i was able to make this issue tenable, but literally taking a screencap of my settings, turning everything to its relevant 'off' setting, restarting the game and then re-enabling/resetting all the features & sliders i have active before. No clue how or why this fixed the issue? Unless for some reason a Dev's visual settings were sent out with the update that superceded our own game settings. Incoming comprehensive screenshots of my settings - Hope this helps Tenno!
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