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  1. This is why my suggestion is to put it behind the rotating, timed, unique resource requiring, gated loot table, that is Barro. :) - Thank you for the acknowledgment
  2. Dear DE, creators of my favourite timesink during Lockdown, Lockers.. i no Longer interact with them At a certain point during this weeks nightwave, i realized. Outside of cache opening.. i never interact with lockers anymore, I see them, they are pretty pretty, but i never-ever-ever bother to slide over to one and hit my function key to open them. Because.. it breaks the flow of the game & i don't need to anymore. At some point, these loot lockers.. became pointless for me. When i want Loot? i equip carrier & he breaks open containers & i'm happy with that.. But what if.. h
  3. psssst.. you got a stahalta for free with the Unreal Tournament epic games skin pack, WITH an ororkin catalyst installed.
  4. uhm.. why? You don't even need a xoris to get the parts, use a mesa, press 4, win.
  5. those are the worst drops.. of all time. Thank you for devaluing a tradable item set down from 15 plat!
  6. Are you JOKING? i was really looking forward to that!
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