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  1. My take: if the macro itself is extremely simple and rudimentary, doing things that you can do physically but may be painful or inconvenient over a period of time (like bullet jumping or spin attacking), at least ethically what you're doing is fine. Ctrl+E is hardly even a macro, it's basic functionality for the Steam Controller. Those wishing for those simply combining two button presses into one to be banned just for that are likely SoL, it's an accessibilty issue for some and a comfort issue for others. The macro's not really going to make the game really easy for you in a way that any able-bodied player isn't already. At this level, macros are just a way to work around Warframe's somehat limited rebinding support, where you can't have a dedicated spin attack or bullet jump button. Macros become an issue once it starts automating the game, to permit you to AFK or do things that are otherwise not possible without a macro (ie exploiting a glitch that otherwise requires frame-perfect timing to pull off). Other third party software includes a tool that takes a screenshot of opened relics to then post ducat prices. This clearly has no impact on actual gameplay and is just providing third-party information in a more convenient format to make the game more enjoyable. Veteran players don't really need it per se, but it's very handy for newer players to realize when a particular prime part is really valuable. No harm caused. The caginess is the same caginess we got from Capcom for Monster Hunter - rights need to be reserved to take action without prior promises being disingenuously used by cheaters to avoid being banned. And certain tools could be used to cheat, and ultimately DE wants to reserve the right to ban what they need to ban to keep the game as cheat free as possible. For Monster Hunter World on PC, the vagueness about third party software has in practice not restricted any non-malicious modifications, if you're not giving yourself an advantage others can't and aren't ruining hunts Capcom doesn't give a S#&$. Warframe's a bit of a different beast given its different monetization model, there's not really room to have something as extreme as modders implementing custom bosses or anything, but I would assume this post is meant to permit tools that in spirit are not disruptive to other players and have a minimal potential to be used for disruptive purposes, with the assumption that they may need to forbid some tools if that's the only way to make sure cheaters get detected. AHK is probably going to be fine, along with Steam Input, so long the macros aren't allowing a player to AFK. The need to accommodate people for whom clicking rapidly or spamming Ctrl+E is physically painful or impossible due to missing fingers likely means DE won't try to mess with that if only to avoid drawing condemnation from AbleGamers and similar organizations. Complaints about spin2win are better directed towards balance discussions, and complaints about firing speed are much better handled by just not having weapons that have no limit on how quickly they can be fired. You can replicate the latter just by binding your mousewheel to fire and just scrolling, it's silly to complain about that.
  2. He's now farmable, with an increased drop chance. The plat values of the pars have already plummeted, more than if it remained a royal pain to even see the Wolf if you wanted his parts. It's simple supply and demand, everyone's gonna get the parts now (which IMO is a good thing). What are you talking about?
  3. I 100% use Itzal because of its Blink ability, in combination with its overall fastest speed. I will use any Archwing that is the fastest, because that's the current role and purpose of using Archwings in the game. I avoid Archwing missions as much as possible as they're a mess of bouncing into walls or sitting still and passively shooting stuff rather than zipping around like a fighter pilot dogfighting and actually using the mobility to do something interesting, so 99% of what was intended to set them apart don't matter. People use Archwings for the open world and when they're forced to farm resources that drop only in Archwing missions. Cosmic Crush is also very useful, of course, but it being nerfed/removed wouldn't stop me from using Itzal. The problem is that Itzal's abilities are basically what all Archwings should be anyways. Blink feels good because it allows us to have these wide open maps without the boring bits of having a wide open map, namely having to actually walk everywhere. And I still think Blink and Cosmic Crush should be completely removed. I want them removed because I want Cosmic Crush to be replaced with a built-in, wide range Vacuum on all Archwings, by default. I want Blink removed because I want the speeds of Arcwings to be adjusted so that they can have different "modes" of flight that can be easily swapped between: jetpack-like movement with no momentum when you just WASD + space/control, an Itzal-like max speed when holding shift (what we'd do now by holding shift+space), and shift+space moving so quickly it's almost as good as Blink. All without needing to eat energy pizzas to fuel basic transversal abilities in an awkward, unergonomic keybinding. Again, for all Archwings. This seems to keep coming up. A sentinel or Archwing or whatever will be specialized in some task that is what we'd expect out of every choice, and so long it's the specialist none of hte other choices are permitted to "intrude" upon its specialty. Remember how Carrier was the only sentinel anyone used because Vacuum was its schtick? Anyone miss that? Me neither. Itzal is the Carrier of Archwings. There should be no Archwing whose specialty is speed; all of them need to be equally fast in order to be equally viable in the open world, at least while in atmosphere. Itzal can be reworked to focus more on the stealth fighter theme without hogging all the speed stuff, just as Carrier turned out just fine being an ammo carrier instead of hogging Vacuum. I'd actually be just fine with all Archwings losing all of their abilities in atmosphere, because they're all utterly useless except in extremely niche scenarios with exceedingly stubborn players who don't have access to the superior Warframe alternative. Let them just be fancy fun jetpacks, similar to how K-drives don't really have any meaningful differences between them, and only let their differences come out for actual dedicated Archwing missions. Nobody uses anything but Blink and Cosmic Crush, so once those are just built-in features of Archwings we're not going to need the rest. Pick what looks cool, or just keep what you usually use for Archwing misisons equipped all the time without worrying if you'll forget to switch back to your open world setup. It's all kind of a moot conversation right now anyways, though, since the whole thing is going to be so dramatically overhauled with Railjack. It's hard to make definitive suggestions when things may change dramatically anyways.
  4. A key problem in Nightwave is that there just isn't enough choice in what objectives you want to do. For a significant chunk of the playerbase, we're pushed to do 100% or as close to 100% of the objectives as we can muster. We cannot simply do 60% of the objectives, even if we played every single day since Nightwave started, because prestiging exists and gives meaningful rewards. Some players don't feel any need to do them, because they already got everything from the old Alert system and no longer need potatoes, Nitain, or aura mods. Others, however, don't already have everything, and because Nightwave lasts for literal months at a time it's a massive opportunity cost to not farm as much as you can for these scarce resources. The fix? No more rewards for prestiging - they should either be utterly negligible (stuff that could be better farmed through other methods) or ideally completely non-existant. No glyphs, no little marker for achieving 100% of objectives, absolutely nothing. Yes, there is a group of players who care about achievements, we all know about Bartle's taxonomy - don't abuse them. The other side of this is that not everyone logs into the game every single week, and that should be respected. Not everyone started Nightwave at week 0 - they should not feel like the next five weeks are going to be a complete waste because it's now impossible for them to get rewards. This is the problem with the 10 week format and the expiring objectives. This helps play into burnout as well, since players who don't want to be one of those who've fallen hopelessly behind feel like they have to "do their homework" every week so they can turn it in on Sunday night (which just so happens to line right up when a lot of people's IRL school assignments are due - I wonder why that might be stressful?). I really do appreciate that Alerts were replaced - having players stop playing with their friends becuase they want something an Alert has and they don't is terrible design, logging into the game in the middle of the night or leaving a social gathering because the game has a rare reward you want is unethical game design. But the faults of Alerts don't justify Nightwave having its own exploitative elements.
  5. The MOA drags its rear along the floor in a small circle, like a dog.
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