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  1. Hi Rebecca! That was a fun devstream (also the first one I basically watched all the way through), but I have a question about Ivara Prime? Are the Aksomati Prime guns silent when she uses them? Because otherwise I'll never use them with her...
  2. Really wish I had seen that. I have been trying three times to down my lich. First time I got the first two, then he left. Second time, I got almost to the first one, then he left. Third Time I reaved through him and he just disappeared. I'm frustrated. I've been using thrall/ and reave. Also if you get too close with mesmer skin he will do his melee kill slam, but it won't kill you. I also had my second mission (exterminate) stop spawing baddies after lich spawned so I had to abort the mission because I was 20 people away from who I had to kill.
  3. So, I don't quite understand this system so maybe it's intendend.... I got my level 2 kuva lich in a mission and took down her shields. And after that she's immune to all damage. Nothing can hurt her, not void/slash/impact/puncture... nothing I had. You couldn't see the health bar, it was just greyed out. I killed all the thralls that I could find and came back and she was the same. Supposedly she's weak to puncture and impact, resists heat and toxin and is immune to corrosive. Is there something else I have to do to damage her so I can use the parazon? Or was that a bug?
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