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  1. Having played with the update a bit, I can safely say I side with the majority here on the flaws that have already been stated. In addition, I have a few points of my own. One. Aiming melee slams is basically impossible with a controller, because you descend so fast you have almost no time to adjust the stick. So that's another useless feature for us, how lovely. Two. Some of the channeling issues could be fixed by simply adding an indicator in the HUD to show that you're channeling. Won't get lost in the chaos like the effects and noise. Certainly doesn't solve the autoblock issue, but lets you tell at a glance whether or not it's active, if we're being forced into toggling it.
  2. I know this is a small point compared to the other major issues you guys have brought up, but I'm not sure I've seen it said, so. Another issue with this (at least for my controller using arse, because I mainly play on Switch) is that it's really hard to use the right stick to look around AND tap the melee button to strike on the fly. Like... trying to tap any of the face buttons is an exercise in futility while using the right stick, and the button bindings are packed as is, so rebinding feels out of the question. (Unless there's some solution other controller users have came up with and I've totally missed.)
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