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  1. And tbh I actually was unaware of captures bc it's so hidden away so sorry bout that
  2. Chief thats not what im saying. Never been good at wording it but I'm not talking about just a real time photo mode but one like the theatre mode from halo.
  3. So I've been thinking. If valkyr and umbra Excalibur both have half of their abilities that are very close to all of rhinos abilities could they be his parents? The dax that was the son of umbra was never found again but ballas said that umbras entire (big word i cant remember for disloyal) bloodline would share his fate. This would include the dax. (His son isaah) Seeing as valkyr shares a very close attribute similarity to rhino in being that they're both tanks and both have rampaging abilities that all induce roars/screams she could easily have raised him to be like her. Umbra as the father may also make sense bc there is a plot hole that would make room for the dax to become a potential rhino umbra test candidate. Valkyr could've also been the same case as we never actually learn about isaahs mother/ umbras wife. This leaves room for this to become an actual plot and would be pretty fricking awesome. This could make room for a lot of story, gameplay elements, content to keep you occupied, and more chances to make something players would probably enjoy should we listen to the feedback. Now, I'm no game designer, not even by a stretch. But I do love writing and I know what can make a good story. If implemented right this could be really cool and I'd say at least consider it... I'd personally be willing to write up the story board, hell I'd even write the script if I have to. I just think it's a pretty neat idea.
  4. We need some kind of free cam for those who want to take pictures of this beautiful game. I have taken nice pictures of other games and edited them to look very pretty. Ive seen many games that utilise this type of feature and seeing as warframe is by all accounts a very pretty game I don't think it should go uncaptured. Please if you can, make this a feature, I'd love to use it.
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