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  1. When I will have my helmint system ready and working, I will just copy and paste all the post I wrote in the other topic here. 🙂
  2. ... I'm with all you guys about the nerfs and the MR argument. I'm just not sure about the "DE not addressing the thread on the forum" is relevant. Take in account that even if those 6K replies where made by different players, it's not even close to 5% of the daily playerbase on one platform ( rough estimate ). I think they take in account forum feedback to "an extent" and not as " this is what our playerbase feel ". If the argument " you shoul've wait the launch to decide to nerf stuff " is valid for them, then we also should now wait and try the nerfed stuff AND THEN we can legitima
  3. It depends. I'm pretty sure most MR20+ players can have Rank 3 in like 3 days.
  4. Dude at this point I can only tell you guys are pushing it a little bit too much. Every company has a structure. Those guys, even if they are the direct responsible for this mess, cannot address the issue of a forum post directly. The feedback has to be filtered by other people that are paid for that, and they need to receive the feedback polished and ready to use. And this was my optimistic statement. In reality I think they won't give a flying #*!% and just ignore all this feedback at once. The update is out tomorrow. Let's see. I'm ready for another big thread of negative feedbac
  5. Me either, and I don't even have ready to subsume or in my roaster a Rhino or a Rhino Prime. The problem here is that DE and some of you players too should undrestand that is totally legitimate for someone, veteran or not, to be wanting to just put the "simple" yet "very good" Roar ability on her frames. What's wrong with that? Maybe that person just wants the simplicity of more damage output, I think is as legitimate as you, well rounded veteran, and deeply master of the mechanics of this game, having something more advanced or complex. Can we agree on that? And If you condemn me ju
  6. To be fair, maybe it was better to wait and try the update with the nerfs and then start posting in the forum. I know, you don't need to wait till then to understand what a retarded idea is to nerf those abilities, but it's fair to say we don't know of how much. Maybe it's a 10% overall on damage, 5% on DR, and 5 meters on range and 10 seconds on duration. It makes a difference, but not huge. It will change something unless upsetting us players and wiping off the hype? No... but at least is not completely ruined. Looks like we are aiming to that level of content in the last 2 years ( " not
  7. This is what's going to happen. Radio silence till 25th; HoD launch and nerf numbers out; another post with 4000+ replies of suggestion on how dumb those nerfs are.
  8. After the Xoris and the pointless Steel Path I've already stopped buying S#&$.
  9. I do agree with you then. Solution would be having DE pick the most appealing ability for every frame.
  10. ... in my opinion if there are people that can do 12 hours endurance runs and battle against 10K level enemies, there's no concept of "broken". At least for me the concept of broken is when a feature in the game gives an UNFAIR advantage to the player. Those 6 abilities would be fair even if you could swap them all and use them on the same frame. People can reach 12 hours of endurance runs and lets be honest, you don't need to be Faker level mechanics. The first bunch of lame ass players with a mediocre knowledge of the game could do that just by paying some attention to what they do.
  11. To be honest that would've been awesome. But I bet people that believe there can be "broken" stuff in a PvE game would argue that ( putting aside reductio ad absurdum examples )
  12. At this point I just think we will have a "response" after the update is launched. To sum it up, the common feeling is: The rationale behind those 2 are respectively: At this point why don't you guys just utilize a different rationale to pick which abilities to subsume. Since 4s are out of the table and evidently playerbase has an eterogeneous opinion on which abilities are iconic and/or more appealing: why don't you just pick for every frame the most appealing of the first 3? Surely there will be a list of abilities picked more often, but at least the gap won't
  13. Honestly this thread has become funnier than the game.
  14. So it is worse than I expected xD. Thank you, I really needed that. I have no hopes now.
  15. These are the same people who play with herds of premades parties with perfect sinergies and stay like 1 hour at most in a mission calling it endurance run. Solo play is being S#&$ on. At this point why the hell even allowing the possibility to go solo? People just don't understand that most solo players do it for reasons other than " I wanna play alone ": just think about the vast majority of people with bad ping. Not everyone can have a godlike internet connection and 3 premades to do 6x3 eidolons hunts with, acting like pro players.
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