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  1. yeah, that's exactly what I thought of. Zenurik is already the top used school solely because of Energizing Dash. It already feels overloaded. I really think it was an oversight by DE.
  2. Ever since the release of Empyrean, Lich hunting has been very scarce. If I want to farm murmurs, it's really only viable to find members in my clan or recruit chat. The problem with this though is that unless we all somehow have the same planets under control by our Liches, farming is incredibly slow because it could be possible that only one members Lich will spawn in any given mission. Can we make it so that if a Lich-controlled node is selected, all players' Liches have a chance at spawning regardless of their planet? I feel like that would save a lot of time for everyone.
  3. I just recently got all augment mods from my 3 syndicates and am looking for other people who are trying to collect all augment mods. I have Red Veil/Perrin/New Loka so I'm looking for Meridian/Hexis/Suda people. My IGN on Warframe is the same as my username here. Feel free to add me if you're interested.
  4. I remember DE saying that they'd add 100x blueprints for restore pads. Has there ever been an update on this? Did they say anything about ciphers as well? It doesn't make sense that Zenurik has Inner Might anymore. Pre-rework, it did because it actually took energy per channeled attack but now that heavy attacks have replaced that and take up combo counter instead, it should become a node in Naramon. This makes the most sense to me and hopefully this can be looked into.
  5. Where are the 100x cipher and 100x energy/shield/ammo/health restore blueprints? And could they take Salvage, Alloy Plate, or a mixture of the two?
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