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  1. >tfw DE calls out fashionframe Operator and her Mesa Warframe: Color references
  2. faustias

    Who Uses Immortal Skins?

    my warframes are equipped of their immortals if - they don't have other skins - channeling glow is better than default - better color placements
  3. faustias

    Is Valkyr Working As Intended?

    my build has only Streamline for efficiency, and I only toggle Hysteria on and off just to recover my HP or save my butt from dying. my crit Dual Ichors/Berserk Kittag do better damage than Hysteria. What keeps me alive without Hysteria? Eternal War.
  4. faustias

    Fellas. No T-Bagging In The Conclave, Please.

    slowly raises hand Guilty as charged. I mean the teabagging... and intentional laser activation. I was never a victim of a void defense teabagging. You should just cuff me now.
  5. What is the Glaive Prime build? Self-explosion set? You people mean you force yourselves on putting your HP down to lowest for 99% Blessing? Where's the fun in that? That's too much pressure. That's like how Nekros is forced to do nothing than Desecrate. If we're taking something like 3 hour T4 Survival into account, then sure use that build. My one and only build is having sufficient energy restoration, yet lasting duration for Link and Blessing. My whole build has: 175% Duration 80% Efficiency 190% Range 160% Strength Why don't you try it, OP?
  6. faustias

    Is Valkyr Working As Intended?

    Seeing her energy not draining, this video is a little outdated since Hysteria is now toggled. not sure if the little adjustment invalidates the question but hey... I guess it's a little nerf to that "immortal" part of Hysteria. I don't mind it though. I use Rage to sustain ehergy.
  7. faustias

    Hi, I'm The Voice Of Tyl Regor

    if it's not violating any contract or deal with DE (like VAs cant do samples outside their work or convention) will you do one Lotus line? Or anyone's line like community-favorite Darvo's "There's a large security force heading your way." nevermind, already answered:
  8. faustias

    Coming Soon: Devstream #52

    WARNING, SERIOUS QUESTION: Since there will be Archwing missions underwater on Uranus map 2.0, would that mean there will be a new Archwing package?
  9. faustias

    Volt Shield + Quanta Vandel = Absurd Damage.

    I, for one, approve of this nerf. AHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Let's make a bet then, survive T4D up to wave 40 with her alone. You only pause Peacemaker once you drain your energy to zero. Obviously you can use Energy Restore to replenish. No spectre, no other abilities going to be used than Peacemaker. Die once, you lose. If you reach wave 40 with it, with proof video, I will delete my Mesa. I obtained all her parts in 3 runs only. She has 4 formas already. Come on, make my day.
  10. actually if you remove the glass protection, imagine valkyr's head.
  11. yep... those three and other warframes have inhuman heads. to expand what I was saying, too-- Frost has a flathead or even a horizontally sliced skull, Nekros have chopped off face, Oberon's cheek are too thin for a normal head, Mag's helmet contains blackhole, there are others too. It's literally impossible for them to have humane faces.
  12. wait until they try to unmask Frost and Nekros.
  13. Stacked duration has no drawbacks? Really? The fact that Trinity have to balance Power Duration for sufficient Blessing and Link duration, while maintaining efficient Energy Vampire pulses for your whole squad makes it a little bit difficult for her to build on. Little duration for quick pulses, and you may never move because you're constantly casting EV, and/or Blessing in pressuring moments, and Link will not help you at all because the duration's short. Too much duration and your EV's pulses will have large gap in-between. Sure, she's an infinite pool of energy with EV but she has to find targets constantly if the squad requires continuous flow of energy. In such builds, you sacrifice so much just to help your teammates. "Balanced duration", range, strength, and survival mods are needed. Which will you min/max to be an efficient and yet surviving Trinity? Add the slightly hard job of watching your teammates' HPs while keeping yours up and checked. Trinity has an active job of looking out for her team. If you want somewhat Energy Vampire gets some justifiable nerf, and since you mentioned that the energy system is flawed, maybe fix that first before asking for nerfs. Also her I'd rather keep her unmoving skirt. It's a chitin skirt, not a dress.
  14. faustias

    Coming Soon: Devstream #51!

    Archwing... When will you turn Tellurium's drop rate into a little less than just now? Or more likely, how much fixes or anything archwing stuffs will be on Sharkwing or J3 Golem release?