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  1. Just recently noticed my Titan and Distilling Extractors no longer work on Jupiter. I have every star chart node cleared, but on the app, Jupiter doesn’t show up as a planet I can deploy them to. In the game, I can deploy the extractor to Jupiter, but it does not start the 4 or 8 hour timer- I tried this a few minutes ago, and it gave me some random amount of time like 25 minutes, so I collected it and deployed it again, and now it just says “Info” where the timer should be.
  2. I was getting an “error 700” message every time I tried logging in to the app through the Xbox option, and after I deleted it to try reinstalling, the app will not download from the App Store- it gives me a spinning circle and nothing else.
  3. I do have the Zenistar, although not quite sure how its disk works. How do you keep it in one spot? Or did I just misunderstand you?
  4. About to hit the MR15 test, what are some pro tips to know going in? Generally I’m average at interception missions... I’m considering a loadout of either Lenz or Rubico Prime, Tombfinger (with a riven), and Gram Prime. As for a frame, I’m considering either Volt Prime for speed (to get between platforms faster), Frost Prime for snow globe, or Gara for her 4th with the glass wall. Would any of these frames or weapons work well enough or are there other things I’m overlooking?
  5. Sorry I didn’t clarify, but the questions are totally separate.
  6. Two questions here... One, I have a riven challenge to kill 7 enemies with headshots from 100m away, but it is a shotgun riven, and I’m pretty sure none of the shotguns I have can get anywhere near that range. So my secondary or a frame ability will have to do, but what secondary or frame can do this riven well? Two, I’m not very familiar with Nova, but have seen a lot of things regarding either “slow Nova” or “fast Nova”. I’ve seen both in action, and assume it works based on their builds, but I have no clue how to mod Nova to get either one. How should I build her for slow and fast? These questions are completely separate, I’m not using Nova for the riven.
  7. I am running Plato on Lua to find Conculysts, which spawn after the Oculyst, but in the mission, when the spawn animation and Lotus’s dialogue occurs, the Oculysts won’t spawn into the level- I have tried running through the whole tileset after the spawn animation to find them with zero luck. Unless I am doing something wrong I seriously think this level has a bug spawning them in.
  8. I will keep trying but it has to be bugged. I do exactly what everyone here has suggested, mainly waiting till the spawn animation then running through the level, but they don’t show up anywhere, including in any masses of enemies, and I’ve ran almost the whole tile set this way...
  9. So generally they will do the spawn animations very close to the start, when I get close to the first cluster of enemies... when you say “other enemies” is there a specific spot? Because even if I’m by other enemies when Lotus says they’re coming they don’t show up anywhere...
  10. So I’m trying to farm some Conculysts for Broken War pieces, and from what I’ve read the only place to find them is on Lua, by letting the Oculyst detect me and then either a Conculyst or Battalyst will spawn in. I’ve been doing Plato as i find exterminate easier for solo, and when I get to their spawn point, the screen flashes blue and Lotus says something about how there are Sentient scouts and if they see me then fighters will attack. However, after this dialogue, no Oculysts spawn at all. Lotus does her dialogue then that’s it. Am I supposed to go to a different part of the tile set, or is this a bug? I’ve run around the entire tile set and haven’t found them at all.
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