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  1. Remember the power donation glitch?Mods would make that permanent.
  2. Make sure to post the ticket in the right section
  3. Send a ticket at https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  4. You have to shoot the blue chains.When the mobs spawn,use ctrl to dodge everything and basically cheese it.
  5. Please give me a good arca plasmor build.I can do 3 or maximum 4 formas.Also no primes pls.
  6. I really am sorry for you.I read the twitter and it appears people found out that u had to reinstall the game to get it for free.Also,for people that didn't claim it yet,I also found this.For some it worked without reinstalling,but u might be one of the people who should have
  7. the game says I have 4d time played,I have mr10 and only 3 quests left to complete,star chart is 222/228
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