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  1. LOL DE is so full of it xDxDxD Tenno r begging them since seemingly 4ever to bring Mag Prime back an they opt for Nyx instead... (yes Mag + Rhino Prime was a thing in 2k17) And what was that abt tenno want nyx rime accessories? Well fun fact Nyx / Rhino prime access back in 2k19 was the first u could buy the accessories separately... Mag never had that chance xD
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Invirogation failing on one out of 3 frames VISUAL: https://imgur.com/6ylwu73 REPRODUCTION: choose Revenant, sit in the chair, try to invirogate him, error shows up. Hydroid and Ash before him worked flawlessly. EXPECTED RESULT: Get that juicy +1000 armor and + 100% ability duration on Rev OBSERVED RESULT: Error message and nothing happens REPRODUCTION RATE: tried 10 times so far, even with differtent skins and loadouts really wanted that 1000 extra armor *sniff*
  3. Errm... any corpus ship will do? All you need is a golden hand and a Zenith Granum Crown? Cuz spectre levels are determined by the crown you use and not the enemy level? I got all Tenet guns for various elementals in Skyresh on Phobos cuz its the fastest way to create a sister... cheers
  4. And another Ai Dee Ten Tea yes certain melee weapons still work flawlessly, even "godly" but you, like lots of others, keep forgetting that there lots more Melee available then the 3-4 meta's Let me cite a sister... I'm so proud of your but you need to be quiet now!
  5. Thats alright but besides the point. I love dual swords and they were my Melee of choice. After the changes, dual swords are lacking, end of story. Other Melee still works great, take Pangolin Prime or Dakra Prime for example... but they aren't dual swords. BR
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: recent players not shown in shop when trying to send a gift VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: just try to gift something to another player you played with recently EXPECTED RESULT: see tenno name and be able to send gift OBSERVED RESULT: list is empty REPRODUCTION RATE: always
  7. Sorry i'll stop here now cuz its not leading to anything other us trying o rip our hearts out and devours each other souls xD Kinda like we talk past each other cuz .. well yeah.. STAHP... k... In all seriousness, If you, with your playstyle and your loadout choices, do not feel any negative impact, thats great. I however do feel it and had to revert back to normal swords to get the flow somehow back i had before the update. Its not your fault that i just dislike any melee other then swords/dual swords :-) (and i do not feel this contradicting with my "more choice" post cuz that was a statement DE's for all tenno and its different if I myself choose to limit my options... if anytiing it actually showcases that a general nerf only hits those who did not follow the meta or found their playstyle, that makes certain values not as important) DE always treated dual versions in a way that crit goes down and status goes up. Crit is still kinda king in sp though and if your lazy as I am and do not like the switch-a-roo playstyle that came with CO then yeah... single swords it is...sadly I personally also dislike DE's approach to remove the Gladiator set w/o prior announcement... just like.. oh by the way we nerfed your melee and all but we nerf it even more by taking away another 30% crit chance... makes me a bit salty :P
  8. yet they left it in for years? and if thats true, why are stat sticks still a thing? cuz that hits the same corner :P Good for you! what weapon did you use? Did you preproc the enemies with your Nukor or Epitaph? Did you use Harrow by any chance or Blade Charger or other crit raising arcanes? Then you're the hero who didn't bother to read all of it cuz i excluded these options i my explanations :) So you progress to a singluar point and then what? Warframe was always about choice, yet you tell me there is none? That DE lied to us (again) by claiming they do all to give us meaningful choice when at the end of the day everything is just the one or two meta sets? And mind you I'm not complaing that i can't use my Twin Krohkurs till lvl 5000 in SP anymore. I comlain that it is slower to kill enemies even in a grineer void proxima void storm mission compared to the kuva quartak or sporelacer etc (w/o the galvanized mods) I comlain that they and you kleep telling me thats all done to give us more choice when actually its taken away from me. I complain that I as a non-meta player get punished and then barfed on by some (~scrambled~) who knows it all ;-) 1st simpy not true... DE claims to make those balance changes so you have more choice and more weapons are viable for SP yet come Melee its the opposite... 2nd I do not use beginner gear? not sure how or where you that impression from... I don't, that was just an example? Do you mix up other comments with mine here by any chance? cool, nice for you..really! But please make sure you keep in mind thats YOU not everyone else. Your life is in balance, perfect, enjoy it! Other don't have that luxury... Again are you mixing my comments up with someone elses? When did i complained about the challenge? oO Literally ALL is said is that with the current nerfs dual swords in their pure form and playstyle, w/o using arcanes or tempoary kavat buffs or certain frames, are lacking... and i do not talk about attack speed either, i never used berserker...
  9. go on, tell me more? yet you used the mods not for the speed but rather the 30% crit chance on top... thats true for how many.. 5-6 wpns?... I'm NOT interested in those though cuz I'm a dual sword b*tch and they just lacking now yet you wouldn't bring them to a SP endurance run... for your few meta picks maybe but not for my preffered way of playing
  10. Like every parent, i want a future for my children, as long this future involves dead tenno maggots and would love a way to see them grow and evolve
  11. need to quote myself... cuz yeah... so not only we got the base mod nerf but also they took away the gladiator boost... No wonder my swords do not perform anymore 😭
  12. might that be the reason they released it with a riven dispo of 3 instead of 1 (same for the secondary)?... kinda like they knew it will suck so wanted to give players at least an option to see it performing in a higher tier (if they get a riven and a good roll)?
  13. Be real, you still would use what deals the most dmg at the end of the day ;-)
  14. my 2 cents... on sortie/arbitration/void storm content, killing an enemy with melee only using a dual sword "standart build" of CO, Primed Reach, Primed Fury, BR, WW, Organ Shatter, 1 elemental 1 riven (with toxin, crit chance and range or 2 elemntals for viral) takes up to 30-40% LONGER at combo counter 12 and SP feels more like 50% That is without any crit buffing arcanes but deconstructor and gladiator mods on it (none of the frame) Also there is a bug that some enemies become imune to your dmg... even though you do orange crits, they take only double digits in dmg (grineer, no eximus) for about 15-20 sec and then just die from an overdose. That can get pretty nasty if you are swarmed by enemies. Next is the crit chance overall... example from above, wpn used is the Twin Krohkur, no crit buffing arcanes but gladiator mod set on deconstructor prime. Before the update i mostly had red crits at cc12, now i get mostly yellow (2 steps down!) and occasionally orange ones. Another example is the Paracesis.. same build as above (cuz i lprefer fast attacks over heavy ones) the cesis got me almost always reds with a very rare orange here and there. After the update its a mix of yellow and orange. So right now, long endurance in SP is kind off the table for me. Might be that the galvanized mods (which come in with 30k endo and 1.5 mill creds each) and primary and secondray arcanes will push guns to where melee was before or even higher but for me as melee focussed gamer, this update only reduced the fun i have/had with the game. And its a long road if you can't afford to play the game 24x7 or don;t want to spend plat to get all the new stuff for all the wpns you like or you just want to test (why is the arcane slot not purchasable?) So yeah, DE please re-balance melee a bit and up BR to at least 50% per stack? Or up CO a notch again? Right now i don't feel like a ninja but a street thug with a broken bat :( ... Edit: Just realized that.... BR has the same output value as WW now (40% per stack) but is STILL a 10'er mod... wonder how that will be justified -.-
  15. yes, letting you control the different systems of the ship to either increase shield, wpn power or speed as well as letting you hack the capital ships to open doors for your squadmates, disabling shields etc... but after the big RJ nerf/dumbdown that went out of the window sadly :-(
  16. I mean, there wasn't really any accomplishment or effort in the first place. You went to Ticker and said "Ooo, I'll have that one." Sorry in advance but your either heartless or you don't play RJ that much :P I had lots solo runs with my crew... i fashiond them out to match their respective syndicate in a (for me) funny way, even put my New Loka combat n*zi b*tch* on call to help in missions, cuz its funny to have her shoot the ancient eximi her syndicate sends after me or just have my little angry mayfly pop up in mobile defense missions etc... (Kuva) Hek she can even hold herself in a survival on SP... In other words I grew pretty attached to them and even though they went through countless missions with me, they (and I) will never reap a benefit from this? Its kinda heart breaking if you thik about it and yes, a BAD design choice and missed opportunity for DE to make money (gilding a crewmember?) BR
  17. What about them? How did you do it without the g-mods? that argument is invalid... Everything but just stay with the exonomics.... how many endo does a new player who cleared the star chart usually have? Enough to max all g-mods when there are lots of other more useful and necessary mods? i pretty much doubt that. Time i'd rather spent on a node of my choosing with a guaranteed drop chance of SE then "somewhere" in "some"" mission type i most likely don't like spending hours with nothing to show...
  18. Omg the ignorance in that sentence... You already can run Steel Path. Its difficulty will not ramp up with the update, apart that you will have to hit the enemy 2 more times... The mods are NOT necessary to play SP. They will help you if yo go 3+ hours in a SP endurance run... thats it!
  19. I didn't cuz its a game mode i do not enjoy (except its Disruption and u don't find pub squads that stay longer than 30 min in which time barely any vitus drops) After OG Liches and RJ this is the next overboarding grind fest... hehe kinda see the pattern now...
  20. Oops, You did it again You played with your progress, got lost in the "game" Oh tenno, tenno Oops, you think we don't care? That we still will have fun? You got i all wrong again... Srsly, DE... why are you AGAIN use the loud minority as an excuse to ramp up the grind? Unless you either have the mods drop from the mission rewards (with an above average drop chance) or drastically increase the drop chance of vitus or you once again proof to us that you are inacapable of implementing meaningflul change to the game and that you are ONLY interested to have the grind upped to over 9000 so you can sell more boosters... By the by, don't forget to impose the same despawn mechanic to vitus that you imposed to SE, otherwise a few of us would beat you at your own game yet again!
  21. It was a gloomy Friday night for this Tenno. His mood was down to -42 degrees as he realized that they lied to him yet again! DE gods you ask? No, that wouldn't be surprising... No he was one of those following certain MeTire creators such a Plazma, Sisterime, Strategical Apple and others. And it appears that some of them started betting that Parvos will unleash his Sisters on that very day. He got soooo confident in that opinion, that he didn't question the conspiracy theory -esque "proof" they put forward and started betting with his fellow Tenno for real Platinum! All attempts of his Clan mates to convince him that it couldn't be, was in vain. He didn't care that Mother told us that there were no specific dates known to her or Teshin but that the Intel from Konzu and the Quills point towards an emerging shift in power in the Origin system that will happen sometime before the Big Gathering. He also didn't care that the last shift of balance, when the Corpus invaded Veil Proxima, also was accompanied by a prophecy that was revealed 10 days beforehand and gave us Tenno time to prepare. ... So there he was, broke and broken, stripped of his premium currency and indebted to even to Darvos because he couldn't possibly sell so much Rivens and Prime Sets. What will be the next for this Tenno? Will he recover or will he be lost to the Void? Only time will tell...
  22. You do realize you double (maybe even tripple) nerfed Melee and with that sooo much more than you let it sound like? I use Dual Blades and how the current mods are, I can reach red crits only with Decontructor, otherwise i have yellow and orange. Thanks to your changes i fear i will be able to only orange with deconstructor, which sucks in SP cuz Helios dies in the first 10 min but hey... y'all have no interest in a meaningful companion overhaul and instead just react on something a youtuber showed off... If you at least would have changed the mods so they fit their melee class better but nope... general change because! And then you put Arcanes onn primaries and secondaries? So just another Exilus slot Melee users are begging you for for years now? Also, will kitguns now have 2 arcane slots? Or did you "overlook" that yet again? You effed the glaive rework and now everybody has to suffer cuz you can't go back there? Not looking forward to that update... not one bit :-(
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