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  1. That's a very good roll. Definitely keep it and use it.
  2. Do you make threads in response to other threads because you don't know how to 'reply to topic'? Or are you just trying to get attention?
  3. Time to skew data with some trash trades bois. This is going to be so easily manipulated by the boogeyman riven mafia.
  4. Either way, you have someone upset with how things are done. Im just trying to say this change wasn't beneficial or all. This is why you have OPs point. Same solutions are the exact argument against both points; party up or play solo. OP is also adamant on his position of 'I have to party up every time, no thank you.'
  5. There has to be a level of progression. Generally S#&$ weapons are low Mr.
  6. No, and you couldn't before really. If at least 50% of the party wanted to peace out, they'd start a timer to leave. The only thing it did was encourage people to stay longer because the rest of the squad was willing to. If people really have to go they could quit out of a game. Obviously there are things more important than warframe so that option wasn't even bad.
  7. OP brings up a fair point. Lots of condescending attitude towards him just because he dislikes the change. To op, I think either way its done there will be an issue. The only solution now is like others have said, communicate with the team to stay longer. You don't even have to go to recruiting chat, just type in game and ask them. It would be nice if there was an endurance option for the endless modes which would give the same amount of rewards, but spaced out so you'd have to stay for a longer time to get them. Example, all rewards for rot aabc would drop 20 minutes in, or 20 waves.
  8. Haha, it's a cool idea and would think a considerably smaller (maybe 4 inch tall) would be a nifty collectors piece. That star looks like a novelty mouse though.
  9. The proportions are incredibly sword like. Awesome looks though. Can't wait to see it progress.
  10. That new helmet is absolutely menacing. Amazing.
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