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  1. Also noticed it's not just with the uncharged spam, but also with the fully charged shots. The more you shoot, the worse it gets.
  2. So it is a bit expected for a slight fps drop when spamming uncharged shots with the Kuva Drakgoon, but I'm going from 300 FPS all the way down to 9 fps. This just happens with the Kuva variant, and only with uncharged shots. Of course, higher multishot will tank it even further. I'm currently using a rivened build on my Kuva Dragoon that in total gives me 38.0 multishot. It seems the more I spam, the lower and lower it gets. It's more of a gradual decrease, but it will eventually cause a single shot to drop me down so far. Edit: this happens with all shots with the Ku
  3. Easy solution is to leave the mission and find a new one.
  4. Just wouldn't be fun. I think lot's of people would complain that they would need to change current tiles so they can maneuver easier. I'm already getting a headache with some of the infested tiles.
  5. I hope they keep them to specific modes. I think having them stomp around in ever mission would be a mistake.
  6. Well, the game ain't for everyone. Seems like he'll enjoy his time in games that more cater to his enjoyability.
  7. I flipped a coin three times but I didn't get heads, this coin is weighted for tails I can almost certainly confirm this.
  8. Would be nice if drops actually start working! Only 2 have worked for me since the Halloween streams. Accounts have been relinked multiple times and always has an error.
  9. I've noticed after a bit of testing that the Machete wraiths heavy attack is bugged. The first swing (the spinning one) only hits 1 time, while all other machete type weapons hit 4 times. This really effects the Heavy attack power and makes it feel like a very poor option. Please fix this!
  10. Same here. Wasn't able to get more than 1 drop with the trick or treat (still missing Basmu :( ), and I think I managed to get the 5 steel essence drop, but apart from that I have received nothing. I've been watching the streams as well, even stayed up later last night to try to make sure I get it. Still nothing. I know that DE is trying to be nice with the watch bonuses during these lockdown times, but it's just a mess and leads to a little bit of annoyance instead.
  11. Just the effects of being overly Politically correct. Tbh, no reason to be using Warframe as a chatroom though, the community is pretty horrible as it is. Better off just sitting in a Discord server to talk if that's your purpose of gaming.
  12. It's just common warframe etiquette. If you don't know something that I know, you are an annoying dolt. The wiki is a mess anyways, relying on that for information is a mistake and a half. Too many times the advantage and disadvantages they post on weapon pages for example are just so far off.
  13. Was excited for new arcanes before they were revealed, now not so much. I just don't see any point in creating content that seems so... underwhelming?
  14. Looks like it, which makes that reading comprehension comment a bit comical.
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