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  1. Oh I see, read it wrong in the patch notes. Totally missed the huge paragraph over the 75% thing. Still seems like it could be alright, but like you said you'll have to target the strongest enemy in the room.
  2. Doesn't it work that even if you manage to do like 2 mil damage, that everything within the radius will take 1.5 mil? Just using that number as an example. I just mean that you can still do a butt ton of damage to nuke, you just need a bit more damage. Like leaving enemies at 25% health would be if you literally did 100% damage to a target and didn't over damage them. Edit; you right.
  3. Still seems like it'll be a nice fat mini nuke.
  4. Pills? What? If you think those are pills then you need to focus more on the choking hazard portion on your puzzle boxes.
  5. So under a 24 hour grind while you are doing other stuff on a new open world? It still doesn't seem bad. Especially considering once this is grinded out, the average player will say "okay, now what?"
  6. It's only 2 days since the update came out and you're saying the grind is unreal even though you almost have it done? Something ain't adding up here.
  7. Seems like most big updates... bit of new gameplay with a shiny prize at the end which will be grinded out within a few days and then back to the normal attitude.
  8. There is no clear answer. It's impossible to know what kind of knowledge someone has based on MR. Shoot, I've been playing for almost 6 years, MR 26, and am a founder, and there are still things I haven't, nor do I want to touch (eidolons, railjack, some other new boring systems). Even taking long breaks after burnouts, I come back and have less knowledge than a lot of low MRs who have just started playing as the content and resource grind in this game changes so much. To some, based on that I'm considered a noob, to others, I'm an OG vet. Anyone trying to give legitimate threshol
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