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  1. They are universal. They're just skins for the original weapon types. Otherwise for this patch: Massive cashgrab and the sigil and skins locked behind standing and costing plat. Xaku is still not good. The fix toward the energy economy was great. But some changes, with the inability to recast, cause more problems than they solve. Firing range of Grasp is still terrible, range of Gaze is still terrible, evasion is still a terrible mechanic. I just hope there will be a second round of changes. The Marked for Death changes suck, it already was conditional. Fixing the do
  2. Void damage still has the bullet attractor status effect which massively nerfs damage output due to the inability to hit headshots. Gaze "is so powerful"... No. Those people literally just said that it is the ONLY ability currently worth using and still not "blow out the water amazing". It can stay as it is... but it needs more range because it is stationary. The duration increase from Vast Untime for other abilities... I see people trolling keeping up a Gaze'd target for ages to prevent mission progress already. It also actively NERFS Accuse , making it even worse than
  3. If you read Blazing Pillage, you will see that it only works on enemies affected by "Haven". Since Volt does not have Haven... Well. Same as Harrow's Tribunal augment, both require another ability of the base frame, and thus do nothing if you put them on other frames. Granted, they should not even let you equip those augments.
  4. Please, for the love of all that is holy, THIS. I was gfoing to comment this myself. This might make conservation atleast halfway bearable. And seriously DE, gilding is STILL 10 son tokens?!
  5. Unless I am missing sth that is intended. They have what is essentially Iron Skin as an ability. Stop attacking when they use it or you are scaling their invlun to like 2 billion "hp".
  6. Necramechs drop it, and it sometimes floats around in a glowing ball in the vaults. HOWEVER it is floating up rather high and vaccum does not work on it, so you might completely miss it sometimes. Necramech drops is the best chance I think. Though vaults are bugged as of this hotfix, so running them rn is also not really a good idea.... Wish we could trade it, I got like 15 of the stuff.
  7. For now you can stopgap fix this issue by letting the mech die before returning to the respective hub. It is really, really, REALLY freaking annoying though.
  8. Same. It's as if Vome simply can not drop.
  9. That has been happening before the hotfix too. My guess is that they just add up the tokens you get for the different stages, which roughly correspond to how long the bounty takes. If you get only bounties that are incredibly fast as a lvl5 bounty (the tumor nodes, the purifier, the resources cache, helping grineer), but a level3 bounty with excavation, the corpus dude, and the bait station, then this might happen I feel.
  10. Mech EXP is still lost when returning to a city without the mech dying. Possibly only the bonus EXP is lost however, as I gained 12 of the 19 levels I should have gotten. It is either bonus exp lost, or only starting a new bounty saves gained exp.
  11. Yeah it is seriously annoying... for now the stop gap is to let your mech die before you leave the open world OR accept a new bounty. That way you will keep your exp. Seriously shocked they have not fixed one of the major new mechanics yet... Well here is to hoping there will be a fix today.
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