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  1. One thing would be to maybe have the stronger Mote-Buffs overwrite weaker ones, as it is quite annoying when you spawn into a vitality mote that provides 300 hp while your own would give 700.
  2. Mostly the cost of it after his nerf, and that his mesmer skin is not enough to keep him alive at higher levels during it (but then again Mesmer skin is a bit undertuned in my opinion). Well and that you are stuck inside the ult, not being able to do anything except use his dash ability; with Mesa's Peacekeeper you at least have to aim (now), and her shattershield leaves her way less vulnerable during it.
  3. Oh, the irony. "If you do not want to try something new, just leave." I DO WANT them to try something new, which is my effing point. You even QUOTED it for crying out loud! How you can think that slapping basically the same ability on 3 out off 4 frames is "experimenting" and trying to do "something new" is beyond me. If copypasting an ability and just change a variable here or there( "nono this is not a spin, it is a straight beam! Totally different! And this is a spin with a lot less range, see?!") is something new, then every cookie clicker game where they just changed the falling speed of the cookies is something new. And if they want to experiment with different versions of the same ability... well that is what the design team is for right? You'd assume they'd test multiple spins on the same ability until they find the one that works best instead of slapping each iteration of it on a new frame until they make something that is actually decent. Also, if you had actually read through the thread you'd have seen I actually had calmed down and wrote out some ideas I had to make her better and still basically the same. But you saying "The same ability 3 times is trying something new!" just made me annoyed again. Also Revenants damage does not suck completely...true. Which is why they cranked up the energy cost to the moon after about a week. Also, another thing that completely invalidates them trying "Something new" : Revenant's ult literally is a new attempt at making "World on Fire" abilities work...which is on one of the original frames. Totally innovative, there. And hey, if it had just been Revenant, I'd have no problem. My Problem with Revenant lies with other things. But then they almost gave Garuda the SAME ability, just melee ranged before they changed it. Now they give Wisp that ability, only it is a beam, so pretty much worse from the get-go. Only that Wisp's stats and other abilities do not lend themselves to an ability that makes her a sitting duck that dies in 3 seconds. Really, do what I said in another post : Try Revenant against a group of sortie 3 level corrupted/grineer gunners/bombards, and do not activate his mesmerskin. Then try and see how far you can go with your ult before dying. That is about what Wisp will feel like. Only her beam does not hit everyone around her, so enemies at her back can take her out in a second or two without being threatened. So... yeah. TL,DR : I do want something new, slapping minimally changed versions of the same ability (which is based on the ult of one of the first frames) on 3 out of 4 frames is the opposite of something new.
  4. Because if you do that with most other warframes, you die in a second and that is that. I personally do not think that every frame has to be a tank master, but they should at least be sortie and arbitration viable, and with these stats, basically no survivability abilities and her kit suffering from a lot of Vauban's and Titania's issues (only Vauban at least has good CC) and making herself easy to hit with her ult... Yeah. Basically, try going into the simulacrum as Revenant with a decent amount of lvl 110 corrupted, do NOT use his mesmer skin , use his ult and see how long you live. That is about how survivable Wisp is, only her beam is not even AOE but directed. Then remind yourself of how annoying Titania's buffs are, and how unreliable decoy/charm abilities can be, and that is with abilities that actually stick around instead of being here this moment, gone the next. Then think about how bad Vauban's traps are because they are stationary, and imagine having to use another ability that only procs damage from them. That type of thing works in MMO's (eg. Guild Wars 2, Scourge's sand shades) because of largely stationary enemies and in general less enemies at a time, but it does not work well in Warframe, which they admitted not even 10 minutes before when talking about why Vauban is due for a full kit rework. Then add the fact that except for her 2 her other abilities are a complete flavour-fail, and you have the reason why I was so mad yesterday. And as for posting it in GD... they have been ignoring feedback concerning frames (and on occasions weapons) for quite a while now, INCLUDING the design council, so it does not really matter where I post this. Also here are some ideas I came up with in about 10 minutes for ways to fix some of the issues I see with her kit and how to fix the flavour, while still sticking as close as possible to DE's version even if I do not like it. #1 : Keep it roughly the same, but change the flowers into small floating flames, and instead of having it be deployables make them hover around wisp and then split and attach themselves to allies withing a decently sized radius (so more like Oberons Rejuv); If they absolutely have to keep them as deployables, still make them into flames and give them a decently sized pick-up radius, eg. Oberon grasspatch, but unaffected by range, and make them drain-based instead of a timer. #2 : One idea would be to make Wisp dash forward herself, and gaining intangibility (possibly percentage based) for a time after it, playing to the legends of will-o'-the wisps leading people astray. Current version is fine though. #3 Get rid of it. It is the same design they are reworking Vauban for, why does this ability even exist?! To still keep it largely the same, have it pulse off of all frames that have the buffs on them , but I'd really rather have something that let's her survive in arbitrations and T3 sorties, be it a mist-cloak that gives damage reduction/chance to have attacks phase through her or a wide area CC+Damage ability,or something that makes her float so she becomes invisible via her passive. #4 Depends. If her 3 gives survivability, reflavour it as channeling a ghostly flame instead of the sun, and make sure it scales decently. If she does not get additional survivability, get rid of it or add survivability onto it, because she becomes a sitting duck while using it. Subject to change, as I said that was just ideas I could come up with within 15 minutes.
  5. Her 4 did definitly not blow everyone away. None out of my circle of friends likes it because it is a Revenant ult. Again. Almost for the third time in 4 frames (they had Garuda's ult the same way until people did not like it). It looks amazing, yes. It would be way better as a third single shot ability though instead of yet another "I can not do anything else, slowly float around and deal meh damage for stupidly high energy costs" ability. Agreeing on the 1 and 3. As for the 2, distraction abilities are notorious for being the worst CC in the game, it is very short duration, and teleports do not help.
  6. So, just saw the Wisp ability reveal and I have to ask : DE, are you even capable of learning from past mistakes? Because Wisp has the absolute worst ability of every type, so bad that her PASSIVE is the best her kit has to offer. #1 : Deployables which almost nobody likes, that also have to be collected like Titania's buffs which, guess what, almost nobody likes. #2 : The worst type of cc and in the worst possible implementation for it. Coupled with a teleport which is useless since bullet ujmps do a better job. #3 : A damage ability centered around her deployables, which not only goes COMPLETELY against the philosophy you decided on reworking vauban with, your damage abilities that are not the exalted type are notoriously bad. #4 : And number 4, another take on the Revenant-ult-type which nobody effing likes because you are stuck in the animation not using anything else, the damage usually sucks, and you tried to put that ability on 3 of the last 4 frames for crying out loud. On top of that, her stats mean she will be completely useless due to dying in 1 hit in anything above lvl 60.
  7. I also have to say, please make her Balefire automatically equip when she uses Aegis Storm. Also please let us hover downwards by angling the mouse down, instead of always having to use "Crouch" for it, or at least let us dash downwards. And we really need to be able to Shield Pillage during her 4.
  8. Please, please, PLEASE this. Or keep it to the lowest lvl of bounties.
  9. Still no (listed) fix for clients being unable profit off of a teammate using bait; As well as then no / almost no fish spawning for them; I'd assume due to being replaced by the bait-fish in the spawn table or sth. (Bait-User was host).
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