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  1. Akjagara Hexa-critadra lowroll. 900p or best offer. Willing to make partial trade (350plat+any Kohm/Redeemer riven) Mios Hexa-critapha. 150p or best offer. Detron Zetiata. 50p or best offer Rabvee Acri-cronidex unrolled and unranked. 150p or best offer Prices are negotiable, even tho I have fairly lowered the prices after some research. Thanks for viewing!
  2. I have exactly what you want for the Adarza but it's an Smeeta (fox ears, guppy tail. green energy). Current price is 110p but it can be discussed if you happen to be interested on it despite not being the exact breed. p.s: gender isn't carried over through imprints and it makes no difference whatsoever
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