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  1. You are disrespecting every single soul by being non decisive in this case. You have created a strong Warframe and you have followed your concept with AN EFFING GREAT visual representation of it. Do not even question yourself here, PUT THAT PHOTOSHOPPED PIECE OF ART WITH THE CONCEPT. SERIOUSLY TALK TO DE, THIS CONCEPT IS GREAT.
  2. Before someone comes and says it, health, energy and shields rank always times three their base stat. Armor and speed do not.
  3. I can now fan girl peacefully over the concept. Like I said, I need stats and those must make sense with a stealthy Warframe. However, the abilities synergy so well among themselves that they may seem a bit complicated. Regarding the passive, I think the passive should be moddable as it is basically Filari's niche and duration can be key if the Warframe lacks in other aspects like damage or a health pool. However, if you are thinking of making her stats very beefy with her lacking in speed I would argue that the duration can be stay like that for ever. She does not really have damaging abilities, the fourth one must be strong (have not seen it in practice) but that is not her main source of damage as during assimilation you simply cannot attack. Her second ability is also definitely not powerful as that in higher levels such as 90 onward, would lead to less than a tick being dealt. As I said, I want to help as much as I can with the creation of the concept, so I am all ears if you have any issue or discussion that you want to have.
  4. I am going to have to ask you to remove this from here, and make your own thread as I really wanna give feedback on this one but it would be disrespectful to this thread' owner. I liked it. Message me on private or something, I want to be involved in the creation of these concept. I like the way you think. Obviously, I am someone with little to no reputation in this place but I still want to support this frame. I wanna discuss stats, possible builds and art. Do not get your hopes up, however, I have never drawn a full body character and I never attempted any Warframe related art but if trial and error is the only way to find his concept, I am still eager to find it. I loved it, Ashen, keep it up.
  5. Ashen, with this thinking I am expecting you to create a concept. What you just said would be extremely good, fun and powerful.
  6. My friends call them Rando's, I think that in itself is what makes them actual "Rando's"
  7. That... Most players do not even know of their existance.
  8. Funnily enough, I was one of the 41. I thought that this would get attention, in fact, I am surprised nobody commented. I had a look at the picture but not a proper one, will do later. I am really not interested in Warframe languages as a just dont like the sound of it, however, it would be nice to see what you are up to.
  9. I advise you to make his stats similar to those of Mirage. I know she has a lot of energy but for any good builder, energy is never a problem. She is a very squishy frame that is mainly used for evasion, too. It is a nice concept and I can tell that this warframe would have most of its damage output coming from weapons. However, a built in Quick Thinking might not be the best idea as an ability, rather, as a passive. His three could be a mixture of his actual passive and CC, something like a damage reduction that increases when enemies are frozen. Or a speed buff that leads to damage evasion, kind of like Teemo's Q in League of Legends.
  10. There is a guy that said that he liked many of the ideas. F that, I love each one of them. You are a very talented person, crap, most of these ideas would get green light as they are not as difficult to create plus, they spice up the gameplay.
  11. This would be a fricking good idea if it wasn't for the fact that you can sabotage your mates by leading the monsters to them, then jumping.
  12. I am actually all for the thoughtful cc you have put in the concept. Who the heck wouldn't want to see Corpus applaud. This Warframe concept, as simple as it may be, rewards a key mechanic of fast paced hack and slash games which is a huge thing. Fantasia benefits from moving which everyone in warframe does, meaning that even unexperienced players could be able to succesfully use her and make the most of her passive. I love her abilities and theme, however, the stat model that DE has is that health, energy and shield are exactly three times more at level 30 than their unranked version. I advice you to follow that rule, too. Nice concept.
  13. Your concept is better. Simply put, the abilities have nothing to do with Wisp. You have dealt with that beautifully, keeping your Warframe concept loyal to its theme, plus being a better version of existing frames. 🤷‍♂️
  14. The abilities seem great, each ability by itself are very strong. However, the theme seems unnecessarily edgy. I would say, first, look at other concepts with more reads to give you an idea of how to input your concept. Second, how do you see the frame being played? When I first read it I thought it would be revolutionary to make him work around his first ability, being the strongest and most important like Octavia, however, it seems like by the fourth ability you swayed towards something else. His 4 needs some tuning and if not, numbers. The damage evasion active passive of the first ability should scale a bit or not depending on Assirozzel's stats. I have yet to see them so I cannot really tell you whether they need some tuning or not. Do this, more numbers in each one of the abilities. Separate and input better the concept, meaning: using more paragraphs, emphasising abilities with bold. Stating his actual statistics as that would tell you how to tune each one of his abilities and finally, thinking and adapting his abilities to his theme. That is my feedback. I like the concept, I personally loved the passive and the first ability as they seem orgasmic to play with but the Warframe really needs some decisions as it not decided whether it is a ghost-like frame or something else. I'll be here.
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