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  1. What-.....really so I could just have taken the bounty and not waste 30 minuits of my life doing the bounty....also would have saved me the migraine I am still having. Question; any have proplem on Steel Path with the drone thing just suddenly stops on and off. Edit: Least I got 10 steel essenses out of it thanks to Mesa's Peacemakers.
  2. Most have said farming Octavia. Only missing main bp right now. Usually my login starts looking for any neo survival to both get rid of relics I have. Then if I feel like go and farm the relics I need. or do some daily standing stuff with syndicates and buy relic packs. if any interested in both vaulted and none vaulted relics, hit me up cause I might have what you need. I think I have more vaulted then current ones combined.
  3. This daily is bugged. In another thread I found out oh you can use secondaries by just using same button as you swap weapons. Me today....well f... me I can't get to work pressing down the triangle key on my controller (PS4) What am I doing wrong?
  4. Ouch that is bad rng luck. I feel for you. I am farming normal Ivara and only need main bp that drops from spy vaults. No luck so far.
  5. My bet it would appear in one of Baro's rotations.
  6. This should be fixed. I am getting tired 3-4 runs in a row I get NOTHING that I need. Only lot of axi relics and endo. Like I don't already have enough of them. I just need 17 as I miss the floof and orbiter wing decorations.
  7. Same here. I logged in earlier today, quick did the daily feeding my helminth. Now reset for some reason and I yet to do rest I remember being conservation and killing eximus. Nada. Yeah its bugged.
  8. So I finally got around to be more attentive with how to use my operator and got around to buy some amps....but for some stupid reason even after I bought a an arcane from Quills it wont let me install the amp. And I have not really gotten around to make a new since like forever. I don't know what I am doing wrong I keep on getting You don't own any arcane blah blah. And I am pretty sure my amp is gilded. What am I missing here guys?
  9. I am farming for a second set for Wisp, but the fight is bugged when it comes to guiding the damn overgrown wanna be bird to the zappers and those wont even trigger while grinding up against them. I am using Ivara on this mission. The fight it selfs os a big cluster f.... in it self even as you know what to do.
  10. Oh damn I have yet to make my mech and I am console.. I feel I am really lacking behind. Still have no idea how to make one either.
  11. I still recall the dreaded bow only ambula sortie That was a nightmare. But think was today...oh ambula...my Mag is pretty fit for that having CC build. Rest of the team knew what to do too and I just spammed third most of the time. I also like my idea with Banshee's Silence as replacement for her pull. I get a few seconds of enough time to bubble the sods....and with Staltha secondary fire....bye bye corpus trying to repair the ambulas.....they where tanky, but we got it.
  12. I had the same problem. I returned a few days later and somehow the bug was not there and finally the darn fish would spawn.
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