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  1. This is what happened to me RIGHT after I vanguished my Lich. Got lucky with combination https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXN9UGbE864&feature=youtu.be Please tell me if you can see the video or not or else I change it to public-
  2. Er DE.....why does a bow that silent not trigger stealth kill bonus anymore? But finishers or having the target sleep does trigger. This is annoying as Ivara when I go around doing a bit focus farming and don't get the bonus needed for stealth as before. I can't find anywhere or missed in the notes this has been changed.
  3. Dont hate me, but I got a smeeta kavat in first try.
  4. I would like to have helped you out, but seeing you are on PC and me on PS4 I would gladly have giving you a helping hand and some mods on the way. I am still a newbie, but come a long way. My main is Mag Prime, got her fitted so well what I like, but other frames do get a good run for their money I've invested catalyst along with weapons of choice. Just take it slow, no need to rush. And yes as some said Rhino is a very good frame and also one of my favorites.
  5. I only needed to do it once just to get the bat ephemera. Thats all folks
  6. Heh trying being me doing Cervantas nearly everyday cause my intell told me Bite mode can drop from the hidden caches. Also been trying my luck in void wanting to get my hands on Xiphos landing craft. But I am not always lucky running back to back on a tile set where I know they should be and somehow only find one cause...ok am I missing some hidden location on Cervantas?
  7. I got 3 Acceltra, but NO Akarius. You know they drop from those sucide units, not the rotation reward. And in all honesty I farmed on my own with Gara or Mesa and those secondary still fudging does not drop from me.
  8. You know you can hide behind those blocks and bait it so you can hit its weak spots. Thats how I did it after taking care of the trash mobs. The problem I had with the fight was mostly just at the beginning getting nuked. Learned pretty quick just after cutscene is over....gtfo and move straight towards one of the towers and not get hit by electricity on the lines.. Hope this helps.
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