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  1. Thanks guys for the answers and I still feel stupid how I have really missed this in my 2 years or so of playing the game. Yes I noticed my companions to lvl up when I do solo spy missions. As I said before. I feel stupid lol
  2. I like this idea Mag decends from the ceiling. I don't get why Mag can't float like Titania and Wisp do. It makes more sense for me I use Titania or Wisp stance on my Mag
  3. One mission type I personally like to get scraped is Defection....I have not touched that one since I had to farm for Harrow if my memory recalls correctly drops from there at a certain lvl. Excavation could need an upgrade thou. How? I don't know how, but like to see some improvement on it.
  4. Well just did another solo survival mission. Its still #*!%ing slow even as I rearranged some mods this little stupid Helios Prime still is slow lvling up its S#&$. And I've been playing this game for 2 years now this is just annoying.
  5. I'm leveling up a robot companion and I am annoyed it should have already after many times doing solo survival fissure missions it should have reach lvl 30 by now. Only best progress I've made is in puplic matches. Any here too have problems lvling up their companions after forma or just getting a new one?
  6. Cyperpunk 2077 ofcourse And looking forward my brother finishes my gaming rig so I can enjoy games other then on my laptop and Playstation.
  7. Easy enough, open with your operator amp. Found out on guides and yet have to find all the hidden labs. No been bothered much lately. Kinda fun when you know where they are, or potential have a friend help to locate and active the consoles. You got a lot of tries and a test how good your parkour skills are in that place.
  8. As a Mag main I more or less spam her 3d cause I have the Counterpulse augment on. the 1st ability pull is alright when used right. I usually mostly use it when running towards extractions and ragdoll enemies when there is a bit many in my way. I have yet to play around the Helmith cause have not bought the segment or whats it called to even use it. Also frustrated with the conservation part of Deimos is giving me a bad migraine.
  9. I am experience the same problem. I can't acces my menu in this having to force shutdown the game
  10. Any having problems just finding the poop as well? I am litterly standing ontop of it, but can't see it all.
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