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  1. yep agreed, maybe this is my "Wednesday and Thursday are my only days off DE pls" bias showing but I'd prefer having the update sooner with hotfixes rather than later and.....still hotfixes.

    Ideally, since we didnt get anything last week due to them crunching down on this update, they'll have most of the bugs squashed.

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  2. i mean yeah theres still a chance that this is the "final" test build and theyre about to put it up but im not rly holding my breath. cant rly get mad at DE they just said it would be later this week.


    id recommend anyone staying up to just go ahead and get some sleep but who am i kidding yall are dedicated like the rest of us

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  3. i thought the same, but apparently they are planning to show it off on the prime time which I take as them being quite confident it'll be out by then. 

    yeah i saw that too, idk DE has just made me so cynical with their releases. Im totally fine with them taking their time to release a good update with few bugs but sometimes they go overboard with all this teasing and stuff. i sincerely hope its today but im not betting on it. ill be happy either way

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