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  1. I actually feel kinda bad for crewmans, they are born in corpus, brain washed, and then killed by us. They are just robots to corpus and just bad guys for us. I think mostly the "good" crewmans are rare find, and probably throw even lower, i still (i don't even know why) sometimes wait till they attack me. Treasurer is also probally brainwashed since birth and he is provoking us. Still auch it hurts in my self esteem xd
  2. First, i would like to apologize for my poor english, it isn't my first language. So, i am bit sensitive and hearing solaris begging for help really makes me fell guilty if i don't help them, but there's only one crown per mission, but there are multiple solaris in a single ship and there are also other uses for these crowns. So i think it would be nice, if we could free them with credits, but not gaining standing for this. It would just make sensietive people not fell guilty (also will allow people with lower self esteem just enjoy the game, and don't have a "you won't help them?
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  4. Could You please consider giving option to free solaris with credits, not gaining standing, i just don't wanna fell guilty
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