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  1. it worked for me for quite a while, now i used epitaph and roar and it was good
  2. i rather ask than go on plains just to change frame
  3. Well nice that they're still working on it, but we still don't have any proper glass decoration
  4. I think they should rework asteroid base, couse it's oldest tileset in game now and it looks bad compared to railjack tiles
  5. What do You mean? Also i think much easier solution would be to just let open space have mutliple doors, that way we could build our own "rooms"... if not lack of some decorations like doors and floor parts
  6. New corpus have quite much idle animations, i would like to have just some crewman chilling on bench in my dojo
  7. Would be nice to hear atlest "it's still in works" from them
  8. Next is probally gara, and sevagoth will get primed around 2023 or somithing, just not really soon
  9. If You google time and time zone, google can tell U what hour it is in your country/city based on your location
  10. They said it "will be phased out" long time ago
  11. It's also on deimos, community called it worm prime
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