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  1. Another large part of the problem is how the post-vault bounties work is really poorly explained. There's been no end to player confusion on how to start these bounties. And clumping new bounty rewards after specific vaults can split groups, maybe not everyone wants to do the same bounty, etc.
  2. Well yeah, but the popups at the bottom left would still be annoying because they track very commonly dropped resources, like Pustulite and Ganglions.
  3. I would prefer if commonly found items like Pustulite, Ganglion, Titanium and others would not pop up in the bottom left every time I pick one up. I find myself waiting after picking up a bunch of stuff to see what rare thing I got. Is it possible to put the commonly found loot in the normal popups at the bottom of the screen, and save the fancy flash in the bottom left for things I don't get often? I feel like this would reduce the amount of times the loot popup flashes.
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