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  1. I don't notice than on neither of planets. There are too little exceptions for such a variety of weapons.
  2. then why are there so many single target weapons and abilities in the game? Then why don't DE make most of the weapons and all of warframe abilities suitable for the horde shooting?
  3. This is not a maturity to accept everything as is. Especially when DE keeps in touch with it's consumers (at least a little sometimes). Besides I said crowd shooter is fun, but for a while. There is no need to go to another game when I like about 90% of this one. It is not like I say "hey DE, redo the whole game as I please". Just a few more game modes would be enough. Same planets, same nodes, same tilesets, but as we have Syndicates, Invasions and Nightmares, we could have a mode with fewer but very tought and let's say affinity rewarding enemies.
  4. why do first answering people always defend what is kinda bad about game and say this is a feature? But ok, I'll answer: it makes only AOE weapons and abilities effective in this game. That's why you see amprex/ignis/arca/catchmoon weapons most of the time and warframes like Saryn who can AOE (and I don't mind them, I feel like this is good to clear week crowds but let us have a hard enemies to shred alltogether with other weapons and abilities)
  5. Will Warframe stay as it is forever? Are there any plans of making game modes with fewer but fat and strong enemies? Shooting hordes of enemies is fun but for a while and in warframe there is no much need in a single target weapons since you need to damage the area most of the time. I wish there were some missions where you fight much less enemies but for example Eximus (not a horde of eximus) so that it takes the whole team to concentrate fire for a while to take it down to proceed. Same with defences - end of the wave - 1-4 tough enemies appear, end of wave 5 - miniboss. etc.
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