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  1. I've gotten crashes ever since Vallis was brought to switch, and lately I've gotten tons of 'connection to host is lost' when I don't just outright crash. Friend told me restarting the game then going to Vallis is one of the only ways to prevent crashing atm but yeah, if you're there for hours it might crash anyway
  2. I just had this happen again....except it happened to my Carrier this time. Completely ignored its maxed prime regen and it was fully dead. Annoying glitch would like to add this wasn't an arby, just a regular relic mission
  3. The same ancient 1hkilled me and a buddy within seconds in an arbitration, we were both so mad lol. Still happening unfortunately
  4. Unfortunately this is still happening, I'm not sure if it's also from lag but in arbitrations I just.. jump, and next thing i know I'm instantly downed even with max overshields
  5. Dunno if this is a glitch but I keep getting completely disarmed in this fight, as in no weapons period, despite going in with everything. I can use the warframe's if it has one (ie hildryn's balefire) but all my other weps dissappear This has happened twice (I've done the mission 4 times so far)
  6. Seen this happen to myself, and someone I was in an arbitration in, though I think it's also possible in regular missions. Some enemies like bursas and ancients can sometimes 1hko you no matter your stats or immunity. I was literally 1hko'd by a level 20 bursa in a random mission with my khora who has very good mods so this shouldn't be possible. Also got instakilled by an ancient not too long ago in an arb. Watched someone else get 1ko by a bursa in an arb just a minute ago from full health. Friend of mine says this is also happening in the pc version? Don't know about ps4 or xbox though? Can this maybe be looked into?
  7. Actually I take that back, I think the back piece of her helmet is missing everywhere. Oops 😂
  8. Just a simple bug report, I bought ivara from the market and sometimes when I go to arsenal as her half of her default helmet is missing. I think it's normal looking in missions and switching to another helmet fixes it but thought i'd report
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