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  1. Ok so, not sure if anyone can figure this one out. I saw the Discord promo. I have Nitro 'Legacy', $4.99/month with Free Games til 2020 for being early adopter. I did not get a notification and saw the issues ppl were having here so I waited a bit. When I saw it was fixed I restarted Discord, imported Warframe to Discord Library (I own it on steam) and got the Ash Bundle Notification and got my goodies. I told my wife that it was working so she signed up for Nitro fresh just to get it and got the Ash bundle AND the past Reverence pack. Thinking this might be something for 'full' Nitro, I upgraded but still nothing. I lost my discounted Nitro price but that's w/e, I am just trying to find the connection so maybe I could get the other pack too lol
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