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  1. Some Shawsin bugs: - Sound sometimes gets muted. (MOST PROMINENT IN RELAYS) - When attempting multiple recordings, sometimes exits emote mode. - Operator can't use Shawsins (not a bug but a feature? if so, would love to see otherwise). - (Not sure if it's due to my mouse but:) After finishing song in certain fret, the frets are held in after recording. - At first login, if you buy another shawsin other than the initial one, it can happen that the other shawsin doesn't appear in the instrument list (relogging fixes this).
  2. Well decided to place some songs in here and (hopefully) start something off! Smiles from Juran (cont.) Megalovania Darude - Sandstorm (Some experiment with Phrygian tuning, warning, long!) MADE BY NAVARCHUS Crash Bandicoot theme Dragonforce Through the fire and flames Evangelion A cruel angels thesis UT Megalovania C418 Sweden Will probably edit once I made more. Feel free to share yours! PS: To start playing the song, under the LOAD tab, press "Load from Memory", then paste the code that's in the spoilers. To include a song in here, press "Copy to clipboard", then paste it here. Please use spoilers when posting a song! Thank you!
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