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  1. Yup, it does. Tried all three. Thank you
  2. No hurry, just wanted to give additional information
  3. Now AdBlocker Ultimate also produces the error, maybe I haven't tried right before. And dont' worry, your kinetic novel announcement isn't blocked by neither of these. Will them keep off on the site though, doesn't seem to make a difference anyway.
  4. Can confirm this, happens to me for every build I've safed. I tried disabling some adblockers and it seems that both AdGuard and AdBlock Plus can cause the error, AdBlocker Ultimate works. Worked before, though.
  5. By the way, is it possible that the delay is currently not affecting neither burst dps nor sustained of the opticor vandal? As the weapon needs 1,2s (charge time + delay) for every shot but the first one, you would expect that dps is lower than shot damage, but it doesn't say so, and when I do the math without the delay, the numbers fit to what the builder is giving me. Also, I tried out Lanka and Daikyu regarding delay. The Lanka has none, or at least its so small that its not noticeable. The Daikyu seems to have one (it takes a short period of time until the charge display pops up again, he draws another arrow in this time) but unlike the opticor, it will start charging even if you press the fire button while the delay is present (the opticor will just do nothing when you press fire button too soon). Both tested without fire rate mods.
  6. Thank you very much for the coming fix I've just tried Opticor (normal version) and the delay is still there. Don't know how much it is exactly though, it is only noticeable that it won't charge if you press fire button directly after the last shot, however 0,6s feels appropriately.
  7. For example: http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Opticor_Vandal/t_30_02220222_132-1-5-137-3-10-140-6-5-150-2-10-159-0-5-626-4-5-791-7-0-868-5-5_159-9-132-8-150-8-137-7-626-9-868-5-140-5-791-9/en/2-0-128/213604
  8. First of all, thank you very much for all the work. I've noticed that since the update with the dropdown menu for the fire mode, weapons like Opticor have two different values for charged. When you open a saved build, my build does around 40k dps, when I switch to explosion and back to charged it has around 70k. From my own calculation, the 40k value seems more realistic but im still confused. Also, it seems that the mod sharpshooter is not available.
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