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  1. fair? unfair? who even cares at flexing a pointless number.
  2. many of the "useful" early on intrinsics are weirdly put farther ahead at the point where you progressed so far you dont even need them, that or you wont even be playing RJ anymore because you cleared up/finished.
  3. because some of those items may not get sold in a million years by themselves but happen to contain that 1 thing you do want that looks fantastic, also more stuff = more moneys, everyone likes more moneys.
  4. it didnt get removed just to keep the pvp crew happy, yeah it sucks but it would still be there and still a retained "feature". For conclave to suck so bad from a company with deep roots in the unreal series is baffling to me.
  5. Nice attempt but as long as you can kill fast enough with some random Op weapon, wouldnt a high range "normal" build work pretty similar and keep your shields topped up reasonably well?
  6. ^ thats usually more reliable.
  7. people play railjack? is something not working or working differently to before for you? changed any options recently?
  8. its a fixed 4hp? isnt that the same as rejuvenation + coaction drift?
  9. they could just as easily have adjusted that so orbs are only taken when you have dropped to less than a max orb would give you, maybe even have it as an option in general options, have a vacuum orb threshold slider. Personally i cannot even imagine the need to not want vacuum on titania, yeah she sucks up an orb if she is even 1 energy down but if you know that you can easily just avoid them till later if need be, they do stand out enough to avoid them.
  10. the active time the buff remains up makes it not that useful in many missions as the uptime is not consistent, it would be better if it drops down a stack per time rather than lose all stacks at once.
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