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  1. Methanoid

    "Steal from the Rich...and Give to the Needy!"

    do so using Ivara with her loxley helm.
  2. Methanoid

    How Do I Upgrade My AMP (Can't do Eidolons)

    large from syndicate and the clan has the mediums, small are on market.
  3. Methanoid

    Do we really need MR to be tied to our arsenal?

    MR is a time gate due to junctions and ofc a soft timegate is the actual MR rank up system requiring all that weapon grind (something stupidly still hidden away many from new players who have no idea), quests needing certain MR requirements (mostly via junctions) is also included here. MR already has/had plenty of acceptable restrictions and benefits via daily trading amounts, access to syndicates and all the augments/mods, access to clan dojo weapons and other stuff i probably cant think of right now, further including the lockdowns on the starmap and quests just made me want to facepalm when i came back after my first yearly break away. My plat useage when i first started was on a mix of syandanas and weapon/warframe slots over several accounts.
  4. Methanoid

    Do we really need MR to be tied to our arsenal?

    we dont like timegates but DE needs it otherwise just like in 2013/2014 players attain either everything or everything of worth and thats you done waiting for endgame that never comes because vets that arent throwing money around arent a priority because new blood that spends ££/$$ on plat will easily replace them. when i ran out of stuff to do i made new accoutns to start over with some weird goal in mind like the old MR0 alt accounts, i have 2 of those, i have my original main and i have a MR5 account which can do all the main storyline quests, nowadays tho doing MR0 runthroughs are impossible due to all the MR lockouts... Pity as it helps/helped prolong interest in the game.
  5. Methanoid

    Twitch drops are not dropping and need changing

    95% 7.5k credits, rest = fireworks, well worth hanging around for hours on end.
  6. Methanoid

    What's a Veteran to do?

    do your login, then bail for some other game, keep watching the forums for patch/updates and watch warframe transition from what you once knew into something totally different.
  7. Methanoid

    Do we really need MR to be tied to our arsenal?

    MR is just 1 of several methods DE use to time-gate your gaming experience to make the game last as looooooooong as possible, i doubt they would revamp MR in any major way which would break that, DE needs and relies heavily on time-gates, when we first started there were no MR locks on the solar map or quest progression, now its everywhere stacked on top of all the other timegate systems like faction rep/weapons/newer prime frames.
  8. Methanoid

    Openworld zones aren't seamless enough.

    unfortunatly i gave up on bountys in POE early on, they just dont give anything of worth and they just arent fun, their pretty run of the mill, fortuna is no different, i had higher hopes when they first mentioned elite alerts but again those are sub-par for an endgame mission.
  9. from warframes own webpage. where does fishing/mining/photographing plants, skateboarding/etc come into a co-op run and gun, hack and slash horde shooting game? at least in other MMO's, stuff like that is considered a side-thing thats useful but not required, esp not required to advance in the main part of the game, the combat, warframe tho decide to make this side-stuff a core part of the game with no "fun" alternative and by alternative i mean the proper run and gun side of warframe.
  10. none of those things are "warframe", they are and always have been terrible gimmicks to try and bring in the minecraft'alike crowd, I had zero interest in them in POE and now they are copy/pasted into fortuna i still have zero interest in them, they about as un space ninja as you could get.
  11. Methanoid

    Openworld zones aren't seamless enough.

    dont know why they didnt just make a sort of Fallout/Pipboy type wrist mounted device where players can "call-in" to start new bountys/etc to reduce all the back and forth to the fortuna front door.
  12. wow is a shadow of its former self since it got dumed down after wotlk/cata, most ppl (like me at the time) only really stay there because theres still nothing better, everything is equally as lame/basic that its not worth even worth trying stuff like eso/gw2/etc. if u read what i said properly as well i wasnt even dissing wow, i said that wow releases content but u can complete 1 dungeon/aidboss and just move to another, whereas warframe once you are timegated/locked out of the latest content you have nowhere to move on to, you are done for the day.
  13. it didnt "need" to be anything, they could easily have slapped it on another planet/moon way way way farther down the starchart like a ramdom moon on neptune or pluto (which are corpus), but they didnt because they want people to be able to step into their new expansion to show it off after it has been advertised for so long during development. it is counter productive for them to try and attract new players only to have their latest thing inaccessible to those new players, which is why we have POE on earth and fortuna on venus.
  14. Methanoid

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.4

    getting constant drops to lobby/orbiter/cetus after this patch in POE and the vote bug is still overlayed over our minimaps.