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  1. you should be fine with that card tbh, i have a 1050ti and i can run 4 instances of warframe at once and get no such error.
  2. issue with windows screen scaling? i know some programs such as VNC with windows scaling enabled causes mouse position issues causing issues like yours with the mouse "appearing" more sensitive due to the mouse not reading coordinates properly due to the scaling fudging it all, seen a few others mention saling being an issue for them with other problems, could be the same thing here. try turning off winblows scaling in display prefs?
  3. try different UDP ports, make sure upnp/etc is enabled in game and on router (esp if your isp gave you a new one which you are using). also check up on your isp to make sure they dont block ports on your behalf for some weird reason.
  4. met a fair few afkers in the current event, leaves a nasty taste when you see a demolyst walk right past an afker blowing up the consoles.
  5. you can have as many alts as you like (i have 4 active accounts total on PC and 1 ps4 account), the only thing you cant do is have them all in the same clan (doing a handover is fine provided both arent making dojo contributions and just do a normal handover/takeover), what is not allowed is having your alts trade between themselves, be that items/plat/keysharing/etc. Swapping leadership on your alt is 100% fine, i did that years ago when my clan died out and i wanted to try a more active one but did not want to lose all the work done to my 1 man clan so i just handed leadership over to my alt then later when every blasted clan i joined turned quiet/died off i just resigned myself to fate and put my original character back as leader in my original clan.
  6. dont have to be solo, just go in a group the normal way from the nav screen, if you are in a good group most will just power through 4k points and bag both weapons right away, isnt that difficult thankfully unless all 4 players are undergeared.
  7. think its the event weapons then, they dont show on the nav screen until you have done the first 3 event missions to get the sigil/forma/etc then a new set of missions shows up for the 2 event weapons.
  8. the warframe twitter and forums have had for some time now all the info needed https://www.warframe.com/news/the-jovian-concord near the bottom it clearly lists all the new mods and everything else of importance.
  9. It's not like they havent had experience before with the likes of unreal.
  10. if you can clear the starmap then the sorties are nothing to worry over, except maybe some struggling with "some" final assassination missions.
  11. quick video showing the issue would probably end up shedding more light (pun intended).
  12. always amazed companys like DE dont just throw out a map editor and let the public make/submit maps which they cant be arsed doing themselves, in warframes case for static maps like defense, its beyond boring having multiple planets sharing the exact same map for defense yet supposedly on different planets (Helene/Hydron/Etc) plenty of games turn boring/dead exactly due to map shortages or a lack of variety, i mean i originally bailed from ME3:MP to warframe for this very reason, i "used" to like mech warrior online till they couldnt be arsed updating their archaic Cryengine3 and couldnt be arsed releasing new maps but still put out expensive mech packs to buy. For the better example of embracing public made content there is probably the only good thing left from star trek online before that turned into a bag of garbage as well which is their Foundry system, that 1 single thing makes the game far less boring due to being able to play players maps/missions and people get to vote on how much they liked it.
  13. which you cant see unless you hunt out the stats, and thats only for those that know the scores even exist.
  14. never liked the whole pet management rubbish regarding loyalty/etc so rarely bother with them unless i'm on a mission to forma something different for stuff to do.
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