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  1. Methanoid

    Warframe Appearance Colors Keep Reseting

    tried disabling legacy color palette, logged out, logged back in and all my faves are still gone but my frame/wpn colors are back to how they were, good catch.
  2. Methanoid

    Anyone else not interested in railjack..?

    warframe got popular when all it was, was a ground based near never ending horde space ninja shooter with procedurally generated lego style huge maps, i swear every new "expansion" drifts further away from that popular ideal with every new expansion that arrives, its like instead of being an innovator they want to settle in with all the mediocre titles that other companys are releasing and hoping the cash keeps rolling in. The only real competitor Warframe had in its infancy for a similar title was Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, however warframes huge lego maps made ME3:MP look garbage and tiny by comparison, with only static maps like defence also being somewhat of a letdown, it's great going to Hydron or (originally) Xini for your affinity grind, but they could at least have had a selection of maps rather than the exact same ones on multiple nodes, they pioneered procedurally generated maps for horde shooters mostly to save dev time but it made things fun, big and never the same on many missions, then just left that awesome tech to rot in favor of todays slow to develop and eventually boring static maps that everyone else uses. Gimme a taste of the good old days and the good old days ideals, improve on the lego map system, make rooms with random alterations/changes so no 2 T-Junctions or grineer galleon walkways look exactly alike, get some randomisation going on defence static maps like we see in some interception nodes. We have these differing tilesets yet multiple defence missions are carbon copies and never change, that always brings tedium. Its a shame they have moved from trying to make the game more fun and varied to making it appeal to a wider audience.
  3. Methanoid

    Kit melees and secondary zaws plz

    then DE wouldnt be able to spread those features over more expansions, giving it all away at once kinda limits what "new" stuff they can release and time-gate later.
  4. too expensive, also where would you host these servers and in what ratio, giving people with toaster pc's, slow as anything 5400rpm archaic HD's or terrible upload speeds an opt-out would be more preferable.
  5. Methanoid

    Dust covered Frames

    Wukong, Atlas, Ash, Gara, Harrow, Nidus Rarely if never use them now, i find their gamestyle just doesnt suit me, what they do i can just find similar on other frames that i find mroe appealing or just handle more fluidly.
  6. could have sworn it was never as bad, but i got blinded bigtime by a synoid user yesterday, either its gfx/glare changed somewhere along the lines and i didnt notice or maybe something extra was mixed in over the top, but i had a nightmare of a time seeing a damned thing in hydron, made a quick 5 wave exit due to not being able to contribute in any way other then me leeching while blinded 90% of the time.
  7. Methanoid

    Make Archwing Mods more Accessible

    gaining the mods more quickly only gives players a quicker reason to ignore archwings existence.
  8. Methanoid

    What do you expect from The New War

    probably a repeat of the latest trend, there will be a pretty decent mini quest, followed by tedium and mediocrity by whatever is added, probably more copy/paste mechanics, followed by people waiting for the next "big thing".... then quickly await the next, and the next.
  9. happened quite a few times where all my warframe + weapon appearance settings reset with maybe 1 color remaining (typically pure black from smoke palette), the rest all default to standard and requires me to manually reset the whole lot again, sometimes needing done on the next login or a few logins later. Saved color favorites also vanish/blank out.
  10. Methanoid

    Upset about Prime Noggles.

    id rather they improve the game for vets than me recieve a few noggles of little use to my inventory, 1 is certainly easier to impliment however, cant see why having them or not is such a big deal.
  11. Methanoid

    Rhino's Passive

    or like poor trinity have nothing to do with themselves at all.
  12. Methanoid

    Care for a game of Komi to pass the time?

    or just go and find 1 of millions of "Go" games for free and already made.
  13. that at the time i would get something better than mass effect 3 multiplayer which was king of co-op horde sci-fi shooters back then, now however..... very little has changed for vets, what should have been changed or expanded upon has been abandoned in favor of attracting more customers interested in different genres which makes the game pretty stagnant, the best parts of warframe arent much different from 2013, its just a bit more bugfixed and has more "stuff", otherwise warframe's just bloated with hack non-warframe'like addons, but the good stuffs near exactly the same rather than bigger/better and improved.
  14. Methanoid

    Attracting Veterans, from a Veteran...

    1 whole person...
  15. Methanoid

    profit teaker insane grind

    nothing new here, this is all expected stuff, when they first made warframe it was all using their unique method of creating maps, their lego style system made them stand out from the competition who made big a*s maps that took time to make, slowing down development and updates. However warframe didnt have this issue due to their procedurally constructed lego map making system, in 1 of DE's vids about their history DE-Steve mentions they were told from potential investors that they would fail because they cant have such a good looking game with their small amount of developers and be able to release updates quick enough. Then since POE DE have changed to making slow arsed static big maps like all their competition and their development time is suffering as they now resemble their competition 100% in having to make giant maps that take ages to develop and worse yet are static therefore boring after a while when the tedium/sameness kicks in. DE have abandoned what made them the best sci-fi horde shooter out there which was their procedurally generated lego maps, instead of enhancing this to newer and better levels they have decided to adopt their competitions mediocrity and this is now why development takes MUCH longer and stuff gets boring fast. They could have even made outdoor zones using a bigger and more varied lego style but nope, we get tedious static maps. And ofc this means that while you wait longer for updates, those previous updates MUST last longer, this is achieved by further pushing their time gating and this is exactly why the already heavy grind is slowly geting worse and worse over time, this wont change as big map "Open Area" stuff seems to be their latest fetish instead of building upon what made warframe better and different from the rest, now they are slowly becoming no different to the rest, only the rest have bigger dev teams behind them. wont end well in the long run tbh.