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  1. 1 thing does not magically invalidate the other.
  2. no, they just literally enslave them, harvest their organs, force them into ww2 style concentration camps etc, but hey nobody cares when it doesnt affect them directly.
  3. like most gimmicks they are worthless garbage, were at the start and still are.
  4. the OCD in me still hates the fact that list of "things to do" clips into your shoulder sigils/etc, definite depth issue there, a shoulder sigil in the foreground should not be clipping behind that list when oriented together.
  5. RIP Space Ninjas 2013-2014, you served us well, now get out there and mine, fish and catch pokemon. Also consider using the other throwaway content like railjack, archwing (taxi service) and necramechs.
  6. doesnt really fit the "theme" of trinity and her abilities, but sounds good as the source of a whole new frame. that is of course after their ash ketchum frame, the jeremy wade themed fishing frame, and the josiah flintabbatey flonatin mining frame, they need to catch up on more relevant frames to match their modern theme of the game, space ninjas are outdated and long dead, the future is all about fishing/mining/pokemon frames.
  7. not a fan of abilities that are a combo of press and hold, that just screams console controller, and as i have 2-3 abilities bound to mouse i fully hate hold abilities, as a whole theres to much faffing around to want to bother using the full range of abilitys so i just ignore a lot of them as their more trouble than they are worth when you can just as easily hold lmb and delete an entire room with <<insert op explody wpn here>>. And in lavos case, yeah you can debuff stuff, or you can just kill them all and move on.
  8. because its deader than a dodo, buried under a volcano, burned to a crisp, atomized to nothingness then swallowed by a nearby black hole.... its dead jim.
  9. you can easily do the railjack rubbish as a 1 man clan.
  10. how long is a piece of string, it depends how many are in the queue, whos available to check them over, and when they get added to the next available patch, its not a fixed amount of time, it just takes however long it takes.
  11. given that clans are worthless outside of providing a chat channel and a blueprint vendor, then alliances are literally more worthless as a chat channel only, why would anyone care about extra padded clans/alliances? nothing is being cheated or broken by such a thing. alliances esp are that worthless DE in all these years couldnt even be bothered putting a players alliance in their profile like they did clans.
  12. all events prior to scarlet spear, which was the first in a new trend of excluding some players in what was open events to all.
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