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  1. Welcome to island content, where the old makes way for the new, nothing new here tbh, many games do it, warframe for a long time now has just joined the other flocks of sheep and settled into that trend. This is why there is a dead starchart (apart from affinity grind nodes), dead archwing nodes, dead railjack, dead steel path, etc etc etc, but hey, why fix it when you can just copy and paste it.
  2. ofc the base game is not fun, since quite some years ago the core/base game changed to fishing/mining/conservation, you know those hyper hardcore space ninja activities we all just love in our once sci-fi horde shooter. /endsarcasm
  3. rivens of any kind do not have any kind of ballpark figure, minimum or average price, they are all worth whatever someone is willing to pay for whatever weapon they just happen to like using, in that case you make up any old price then the haggling if any commences.
  4. how about the handful of only useful abilities available? and maybe the rest if you are bored or want a laugh.
  5. except china can and does whatever the heck it wants, tencent have zero say when ordered to hand over data for whatever reason, they like all chinese company's just obey.
  6. Akuma means Devil in japan and Demon friend in mandarin/chinese, might be that?
  7. could be useful when not traversing the map by bullet jumping or dashing at mach12.
  8. maybe warframes need a beast master spec for bestial wrath?
  9. archwing and operator, 2 simple reason kdrives were dead on arrival and still are.
  10. technically warframe is pokemon via conservation.
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