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  1. or it could be that while waiting for fun stuff to do in 1 of them you can in actual fact play the other in the meantime.
  2. Had a quick try of it, its not a bad game at all, and the gfx are pretty responsive/quick considering the scale involved, I do have to say tho I am surprised at the lack of classes (Just 3?) given that Destiny2 is pretty much a souped up version of Firefall/Tribes (15 Battleframes/classes on Firefall), it copies a huge amount of what Firefall was only they improved upon it quite nicely, thankfully they haven't messed things up in the long run like the firefall team did (now working on EM8-ER, so fingers crossed.). As a new player i find it does suffer the same issues warframe has when it basically explains the bare minimum or nothing at all, assuming you just know certain things from the previous game. Waypoints are great unlike Warframe only D2 often forgets or just doesnt bother showing waypoints to your next point of call, sometimes does, sometimes doesn't, sometimes does but on a big old delay, my biggest grievance is that matchmaking is not universal for all gametypes, some have auto matchmaking, others just dump you solo in the mission(s) and leave it to you to group up with other ppl in a fireteam which is very annoying. The "Talents" or skills they have on each class feel pretty boring as well, many of them being carbon copies, esp the grenades, jumpglide and class ability, all 3 subclasses have near exacting abilities which feels totally boring and devoid of choices, Warframe has a big advantage over D2 here imho. As a big old Firefall fan before all its drama, buy out, move to china and killing off of the usa/euro side of things I have to admit D2 has nice parts to it, tey even have Extractor drops which nearly perfectly mirrors Firefalls Thumper missions, even the form of ground transport feels like firefall, only turning funky ground bikes into hover bikes, the whole jetpacking around and blowing stuff to bits, firing off class abilities etc feels pretty much the same in a good way. I usually buy prime packs but atlas I will be skipping, so the money i saved i might throw towards D2 "if" I still enjoy the game even tho many parts has been frustrating and, just like Warframe required MANY trips to google/youtube to find solutions, unfortunatly shadowkeep changes quite a few things and made all the previous info/help redundant. I still feel bad about firefall, my mainstay for sci-fi mmo horde shooting before I touched mass effect 3:mp then warframe, D2 at least now that it is free to trial the basic packages feels like a good opportunity to have another go, so er, while firefall is dead, long live the new firefall, I will probably be doing lots of this while doing my usual in warframe..... picking daily login rewards and cooking a new forma.
  3. @OP if you are using Steam + Warframe, then some people have reported that any games on steam that have been pre-loaded and are awaiting release can cause minor stutters while steam checks its timer for the pre-loaded content... If you are not on steam and haven't pre-loaded anything AND haven't changed anything config wise, id probably do the obvious and check my gfx drivers or something in case a winblows update did its usual magic.
  4. trading is also such an archaic manual ball*che, its 2019 yet warframe still thinks its the mid to late 1990s, same deal with their basic irc/chat system, anything that is not a warframe or shiny nice looking graphic comes in as a basic 3rd rate addition, the social aspect of warframe is absolutely horrible, also clans/alliances are utterly redundant and useless to newbies beyond vending blueprints and making new players get horribly lost, a feature that could be replaced entirely with 1 console/vending machine in your orbiter, do this and the whole dojo nonsense could just be deleted and we wouldnt miss a thing. There is plenty of things to turn off new players and its been that way from day 1, quality of life improvements and actually guiding new players and helping them acclimatize to warframe seems to be a very, very low priority, it doesnt help that the vast majority of helpful information is hidden in a 3rd party wiki or in the case of DE, they have an annoying habbit of hiding everything useful or new in twitter or the forums which is of zero help to those not in the know, its always "normal" seeing totally clueless players in new events because of this.
  5. spam energy pizzas, its not like you will have any other use for the millions of nanospores you get over time, might as well give them a use, plus you can spam pizzas normally or in failwing.
  6. ofc it wont, ittl be the same as poe/fortuna, something that looks novel for a week or so, then once the standing/timegating grind kicks in and you realize there is not much to it then you will get bored fast, but as whatever is new will be locked behind an epic grind fest of boredom you will either do it all regardless or if you dont like whatever means they use for progression like I did with poe/fortuna (fishing/mining and other boring stuff), ignore it all.
  7. while a system like the 1 suggested would add some form of longevity and certainly gives you more "things to do" it likely wouldnt be implemented given that it does not gel with the business plan of warframe, which is to get you to grind or better yet buy the next new thing, so introducing a system that will keep you occupied on your fave frame for ages to come seems unrealistic.
  8. we bump and bounce off scenery enough as is, be that in space or under water.
  9. Probably because they are a business, as long as new blood arrives and injects cash then all is well, the older players, who likely have already spent cash and probably wont as much today are not anywhere near as important, its not like their beginning days where they needed to attract a paying audience, they have a large enough paying customer base that they can just cater to the new paying masses and ignore the needs of the older players. Lets be serious, if older players decide to bow out, it does not matter 1 little bit given the influx of new players, so there is no real need to sort out any long standing problems, by the time any new fans of the game get bored and bow out themselves they are replaced by more new players, nothing is lost, only gains are made. Then ofc you have the archaic systems in place such as manual trading, specifically left like that to keep the prices of rivens and other items high and inefficient, this only results in better sales of plat, why would they add an auction house to automate things when all that would do is bring in a system that only makes people lower their prices to get quick sales, thus lowering the amounts of plat people buy. Is any of the things we see bad? maybe for us as older players wanting to continue playing and not be bored out of our minds, but from a business point of view, its all money in the bank and the very means needed for a F2P game to survive.
  10. I would imagine once you have as much time in the game as he does then your opinion will suddenly start to mirror his own.
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