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  1. because storage medium can be changed/upgraded as well? *scratch head* its not rocket surgery or brain science.
  2. we used to have stamina, and it got removed because it was crap, crap is best left in the ground tbh, no need to dig it up.
  3. moas have less parts available than say zaws, meaning moas become a redundant farm quicker, its also to delay "the latest thing", moa's got what? 4 new parts recently as well, the delay is just that, a delay to make sure those moas arent made/lvld and forgotten asap, theres also the plat rush incentive upon waiting as well.
  4. he is 1 of the oldest frames thats had pretty much zero things done to his kit and suffered nothing bad from this, ivara may have more tricks but loki can still sprint all over the place at full speed totally invisible nuking everything in sight, combined with quick thinking, he is fine as he is tbh, why break something thats not broken in the first place.
  5. nope, there was simply not enough content back in the day, you either quit or found more stuff to do, which like others i also did, things are different now but a ton of new stuff is pretty hollow/pointless, just chasing more worthless weapons, thats hardly a big deal or incentive enough to bother. There is no real limit, name something a bog standard MR0 cant handle? theres literally nothing, "power" in warframe is all in the mods, mod ranks.
  6. almost everything decent was available as mr0 at 1 point (prime/baro gear), i went to 16 because as far back as 2013/14 i had multiple challenge accounts, i already have 2 dedicated mr0 accounts, a mr5 which is bare minimum for war within access so the higher mr account was just plodding on for some wpn access, totally forgetting what the high ceiling actually was, when i eventually bothered checking what the ceiling was i just stopped going higher all-together then later just made my oldest mr0 my actual main account, which a few months ago overtook my original main on time played. As for
  7. *shrug * rewards at 30 or not, whatever.
  8. the registered statistic for time played in-game is the only representation of time invested, MR has nothing to do with it, it CAN be a rough and vague indicator, but nowhere near an accurate one, plenty of ppl (like me) pretty much dont bother advancing MR after 16 or so (and that only applies to my old original account that bothered going that far, i still have 2 zeros and another at mr5 that couldnt care less about advancing either). I have met plenty of ppl that just stopped advancing MR that probably have more time invested than i do, i only have 2 accounts both with 1.2k hours played an
  9. i would agree if this was something that revolved around skill thus earning a meaningful reward, but MR revolves around leveling junk and discarding them for the next throwaway junk item, thats a pretty weak reason to warrant a juicy reward.
  10. well there is no event, i say again, what event is it i am meant to be playing? cant play whats not there, as for normal missions, they offer nothing to me so again why would i be playing them? the old normal events were at least something different to do, but thats been stomped on the head this time round.
  11. lets just say its a grey area, it can be 1 way or the other, slapping down a 1 way only enforcement only fractures an already heavily fractured playerbase that struggle to group with others in the vast majority of system nodes/gametypes.
  12. because, like always, DE try to inflate the popularity of their "latest thing" by making it a prerequisite for something else, also theres the whole minimum effort thing as well, a temporary reward shop slapped into the regular day to day normal deimos routine is simply easy to bolt in, also i cant really remember but isnt this laughably supposed event the first one that forces a quest prerequisite? i think all previous events that were normal starchart based only needed a node unlock if at all? (i think you could taxi them if you didnt unlock them yourself) so you could play them regardless
  13. personally i just think the new mr30 stuff is nothing to worry about, we already have a clusterload of things that make life easier, power creep you significantly, but in the end we can easily do without, they are not essential, they are just perks that are nice to have but arent really needed, and i say this as for a long time now my MR0 challenge account swapped with my older main account as most used/played. Yeah sure, extra stuff is nice, but lets be real, none of it is really needed, you can cheese any/all content as a MR0 with ranked mods and a suitable warframe easily. This isnt reall
  14. you mean my reply to someone elses reply of a question, er not sure what that fixes, but ok? yeah i dont play a non existent event, nor do i bother with normal missions in deimos anyways, so its back to daily logins followed by a logoff. in other words, business a usual.
  15. 1) MR has never meant anything, neither has time played, or any other supposed skill indicator, regardless of time, rank or anything else, you still get underachievers, afkers, ppl fishing in missions etc, anyone and everyone from rank 0 to 29 can and does all the stupid things you can think of. 2) Yeah skill matching is a stupid idea, esp in a game like warframe where 95% of the missions/nodes are utterly void of players as it is, DE's recent bright idea for a few years now has been to keep thinning the herd via continual new restrictions in a once open game to make the game as barren and
  16. easily done, play what exactly? there is no event, its just regular missions.
  17. just like all the other never ending power creep, this is "nice", but simply not needed, it pretty much boils down to the same old thing, more creep, no meaningful fun/improvements.
  18. yeah, thats 1 small point of his bigger issue, he also clearly states that there simply is no event, its just a normal every day token grind with a temporary new shop added in, the supposed event does not exist.
  19. yup, minimum effort again, its just another token grind with an extra shop thrown in, zero actual event at all.
  20. no thanks, some of us have challenge zero's, we dont want to be mixed up with the part timer zeroes :)
  21. What person? what issues? lalalalala, they cant hear youuuuu. i thought the program as a whole got removed?
  22. that would probably be easier for DE to differentiate, that would be 2 accounts being used together with varied activity showing more than 1 person is playing, someone abusing the system will likely have 1 account active with 1 sat around leeching rewards which is probably easier to spot on their end. 2 different people is ofc no issue, but 1 person with multi accounts can happily run more than 1 account but they have to play them without any interaction.
  23. you can "have" several accounts up at the same time, but you cannot have them in the same clan, they cannot be in the same missions, and they cannot swap/trade rivens/gear/keys/anything tbh, you can only play them as if they are separate and cannot see each other.
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