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  1. Rhino gaining a big old bump to iron skin is still something that directly improves his performance, damage or not, same for say Inaros/Frost/etc, they are still gaining a bigger advantage than others might get.
  2. yes, so currently frames that benefit greatly from str only get a 15% addition which is tiny, whereas if armored agility was allowed thats a 45% buff to frames that benefit greatly such as frost/rhino and a few more is way better for them than power drift, which is a huge unfair advantage.
  3. and they do so in a slight amount each.
  4. sounds like some inclusive woke themed frame.
  5. 1) Wait for game breaking and game stopping bugs to get fixed 1 day 2) Only then play railjack.
  6. railjack as a whole is bugged, best just leaving it all until its had more quality control than fallout76.
  7. most are people starting on their own when hoping to queue with others onyl to end in a game solo, who then quit, railjack is mostly empty because its so bugridden most dont bother or the other end of the scale is that people have everything of use from it and have zero reason to go back, hence the void of players, same as the normal starmap with only popular grind maps having players with the rest being a complete wasteland.
  8. happens when exiting crew ships as well as countless other bugs, best left tbh until they fix it..... 1 day.
  9. its annoying fielding loki/nova just to fix this long standing issue.
  10. Scoring Specifics: Please note that a default run earns 1000 Operational Syndicate Standing. Each used Infested Catalyst is worth an additional 250 (4 max). Each used Eidolon Phylaxis is worth an additional 250 (4 max). A Solo Player bringing 4 of each can earn 3000 independently, or a squad of 4 with one each can also earn 3000. ^ from their event page, also they changes stuff a while back as well meaning mastery rank affects scoring, at 1 point this was never the case but several MR0 to 5 players noticed the cap on plague star standing on the previous event, they seem to have changed it to fall in line with other syndicate/standing mechanics, probably to annoy MR0 smurfs. They still do not mention the mastery tweak/changes in this rerun of the event, they just copied/pasted the old events spiel so god only knows what actual mechanics are involved these days.
  11. disable intel turbo boost in bios or in power options in windows via a registry tweak that enables the option.
  12. yes you can take amazons trial period free of charge, claim all the rewards possible (as well as watch amazon prime for free and get delivery perks on the main store) then cancel before the 30ish day trial period ends and you keep everything and arent charged for a thing, the only limitation is the frequency between being able to take the free trials, i think there is some wait involved before being able to take the trial again? not sure, never tried.
  13. its almost the same situation as old games like wow, the older content remains utterly irrelevant until people grind away to the high goalpost of current content, anything below that is void of players, you may as well be playing a single player game.
  14. why would there be people playing it? its not fun repeatable content, once you get the things you need, if at all then there is no reason to go back to it, as such its a barren wasteland just like all their other isolated content and 90% of the original starmap. It also doesnt help its a bugridden mess, ive been stuck several times with a black or blue screen after exiting a crew ship and end up with no means to carry on, no escape menu, /unstuck does nothing, its borderline unplayable, i think they are taking some advice from bethesda and fallout76 with regards to quality control.
  15. remember that if for whatever reason your login fails if you keep doing so and fail a number of times in a short duration it locks you out for a day or so? cant remember how long but ive done it accidentally when i was punching in numbers as part of my password and didnt realise my numpad numbers werent working as my numlock was off and i was locked out for roughly a day.
  16. shes not exactly slow, esp with razorwing, she can be just as effective as an archwing if you just spam 1 a few times on any friendly/enemy mob before heading off.
  17. she can use the augment and easily stay in razorwing 100% of the time retaining both flight speed and attack speed buffs if/when needed? i just use something like this for openworld, esp plaguestar and just replace the augment with something else like Energy Conversion if in indoor maps, the terribad range isnt a big deal, just hover over the head of something and get the razorwing buffs spamming 1, its not the like bad days when she didnt have vacuum, she easily stays in flight without running out of energy.
  18. because 5 mins of gameplay followed by 30 mins of manually picking up resources is fun?
  19. Like all their new stuff, its novel when it first comes out, then when you realize how void of entertainment it is, it becomes a chore/boring activity, and ofc when that isolated island of content is complete, it becomes irrelevant/obsolete. Enhanced Timegating is their new form of content, i personally obviously dont mind grind, i have 4 different accounts played since 2013, forced delayed grind however just makes me go elsewhere and go back to waiting for ritual daily logins. Was railjack worth it? no, its tedious, bugridden and worse yet, has no point other than collecting things to make collecting things easier, also the lower level maps are barren wastelands, ive had a full group maybe once, rest of the time its me alone or 1-2 join, and if lucky 1 might hang around while the rest bail. Also after mission completion, my word the loooooooooong boring resource collection is mind numbing beyond belief.
  20. i love "Vanilla Warframe", ie: the 2013 early '14 period, all the timegating rubbish added after imho is worth ignoring, i play for the supposed "space Ninja" run and gun play which btw has changed very little since the start, not fishing, mining, catching pokemon or space harrier & fractured space ripoffs. Adding flashy new stuff to monetize is ofc more profitable than just revamping old stuff, its a shame their new stuff is all hollow content, relevant only to themselves then obsolete when completed, its just a shame there seems to be a large tunnel vision focus on this new obsolete "content".
  21. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Razorwing_Blitz
  22. Turn off intel turbo boost, either in bios of via registry hack that enables extra options in the power menu. Turbo boost is the typical culprit for overheating laptops or power saving intel chips like the low power "S" series. https://surfacetip.com/ultimate-tips-max-surface-pro-4-battery-life/#2 look at the above link for the registry entry change required to enable advanced power options for your processor if you dont have the turbo boost option in bios.
  23. the incentive to play any of these game modes was originally to have "fun", not slapping in arbitrary rewards meant to entice players in but leave once they have that they need, pretty much all new warframe content is built around getting the new stuff then abandoning whatever they added like it doesnt exist anymore, mostly because what they add is tedious, boring and not fun in any way, you actually feel relieved when the grind is over knowing you never have to go back to things like disruption.
  24. Timegate or die, that is unfortunatly the situation DE has been in for quite a while, esp when they started doing crazy stuff like static map open worlds.
  25. even with railjack the current quantity of weapons on offer is way more than needed.
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