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  1. I've had this bug twice where my Kubrow or Kavat will be outside the incubator before their incubation has finished. They don't really do anything, they just stand in the middle of the room doing nothing. I've only seen it since I got the roller floof, so maybe that might have something to do with it
  2. I don't think so, this thread doesn't inherently reveal any spoilers unless people start asking around.
  3. Big spoilers. If you don't want to be spoiled, ignore this thread and keep playing
  4. Just a little change I think would be helpful, like how trade chat tells you when you can post again, I wish Recruiting would do the same.
  5. I figured he would be "Primed," but you could see the infested corruption taking hold, i.e. veiny edges around the porcelean plates, lopsidedness, etc. Maybe have innards exposed like Excalibur Umbra's eye That could be a good corpra skin for Nidus
  6. Or composite form or whatever you'd like to call it, I wish there was an option to play with that during mission. As it stands you only see it briefly while swapping forms or in non-combat areas, which I think is a bit of a waste, especially with her Deluxe skin on the horizon. I just think allowing that form in missions would be nice, she wouldn't even need new abilities, just make your energy color determine which of her abilities she gets (ex, night colors give her night form's passive 2 and her day's 3 and 4, vice versa). Just a though, or does this sound like a bad idea? Edit: Just realized I started this on the wrong board, meant to put it in general
  7. 800 Hours and MR 21, hitting a wall with everything either being vaulted, invasion rewards, sold from baro, or needing forma
  8. Players complaining about players wanting QoL changes
  9. Alad has been cured for a while now, during the Patient Zero event. PC and XBox players chose to side with Alad V against Nef Anyo and help him cure himself of the infestation.
  10. What if Arlo is a prelude to more Helminth content?
  11. Now slide into them and watch your frame rate die
  12. Genuinely curious, what niche would that be? Getting around the Corpus Gas City without any effort?
  13. 1-5 minute build times that no sane individual would spend plat on and only serve as an inconvenient nuisance.
  14. Personal Targets also count for those who haven't done all of those already
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