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  1. Common mistake that people make building Hildryn is thinking she is like Shield Inaros and pumping raw shield and shield recharge. Redirection is the only Shield mod you really need. Let your active playstyle keep you topped up in Overshield and protect you from even Toxin. Let your arcanes fill the blanks or tight spots. Stay mobile if you misplay and lost all your shield (e.g. operator death) since you got 3s to play with.
  2. Disclaimer: yes I am aware that weapons with good punchthrough (stropha, catchmoon etc) work well regardless of frame/ability combination. But have you found any fun combination you can use to keep the dullness from setting in? Here's my 2-cents to start off discussion: Defy with 155% duration (primed continuity) lasts 3.1s, serving as a timer for the enemy mech's Storm Shroud damage storage (3s) as well as potentially counteracting any accidental damage into the shroud. Keeps my head cool to wait out the crucial timer, so to speak. I put it on my Nekros P so I can pop
  3. Daikyu prime please. I want to sell my unrolled riven. Don't care if it's got a Japanese name for a Chinese frame. Warframe is a Chinese game about ninja. Space. Ninja.
  4. no fanfare, just another arbitrary goal toward MR31 through to presumably 40? saying that 'some weapons can get stronger with forma investment. MR 31 and onward gives you access to the expanded capacity sooner!'.
  5. Extermination is the worst for me since it seems to intentionally reduce enemy spawn so more often than not you run out of enemies to kill, be told to run back 500m for one you missed, then go back the way you came from some 1300m to get to the next spawn.
  6. Panzer vulp. I don't care about anything else, I just want my vacuum and animal instinct to not die or constantly need revives in SP survival.
  7. What's the magazine size on sepulcrum? Trumna has 200 so even with just 10% I regen 20 ammo/s which actually kicks in as soon as I quick melee. I found that I regen about 10-15 ammo in the timeframe it takes for me to make a single melee swing and switch back. So it's not really a switch-then-count-the-seconds kind of a deal either
  8. so OP, you've made a decision to stay at current MR because you liked what you had and nothing that higher MR offered interested you. That's fine. Now that there are new things being offered at higher MR though, it just means you now have a reason to see if you want to get higher. That's also up to you. If you decide not to, that's still very much fine. Complaining that the decision you've made to limit your access to contents has limited your access to contents however, sounds silly does it not.
  9. #2285162 Mission/Environment Hole in Awakening (tutorial) quest!!
  10. Problem: It is multifold: 1. The mouse-over ability detail pop-ups do not come up while in the Arsenal - Upgrade section 2. If you access the ability section while in Simulacrum (not tested on actual missions) and hover over the ability details, it will freeze the subsumed ability pop-up and cause you to be unable to access menu (esc) Reproduction: or how it was encountered 1. Condemn was initially installed in Loadouts A & B in Hildryn's Aegis Storm (4) 2. Roar was then replaced Aegis Storm (4) in Loadout A 3. Problem! It seems to slow down the wh
  11. It sounds like something that could be on Nightwave. Like Umbral Forma, not an absolute necessity but affords flexibility in the rest of the loadout.
  12. Sometimes one teammate or their cat goes down, people flock in to revive only to get killed by followup barrages or what I assume are gas proc clouds which are sometimes invisible. I don't think I've seen much if any true Toxin procs in Deimos. It's honestly prettt exciting.
  13. seems Proto Shield resistances will be the best (note that it's not something that turns hp into shield, just takes on the resistance iirc) but I like the look of Alloy Armour one on the predasite.
  14. I like the map design of the open world most of all. It is small enough that I'm never too far from where I need to be, but big enough to be explored. It honestly makes flying in an archwing a pleasure and an exciting new tactical option in fights.
  15. I got everything up and ready for daily standing to get to Helminth Segment. After that I'll just take it easy and stroll around. Conservation was a pain but doable.
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