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  1. If 4 mr8's show up and do a mission. Then repeat mission replacing to 8's with 2 mr 24's.....are the mr 24's really carrying the mission because they dominate the stats?.
  2. Tier 16 at mr 8 . I havent even bothered with the dailies.i used 4 forma yesterday to boost up khora build had the forma last week but iwanted to do a few sorties and other stuff with current build..all those challenges were easily done if iwanted to . Just didnt have any interest.
  3. This anti bp spiel is nonsense.nothing would have to change. At mr7 i get a daily cap of 2k . The only reason this being done is Thatnow fish are being banked cause of the daily cap and people can fish a couple times and provide fish for a week before they need a fish again ....lets not forget this the same syastem that has op arcanes at entry faction and components at surah faction...yet i can only earn 8k a day for bounties
  4. I got my first amp yesterday finished off cetus whisp farming on lotus alert mission. Maxed up amp and went to gild it..i went to fortuna..2 more faction levels needed.. Went cetus...only needed 1 more faction level. 3 to 5 more eidolon kills and it will take week at least cause at mr 7 i can only 8k faction a day and i was only halfway through..then i remembered. This was a weekly nightwave challenge lol. Overall i have made it to tier 16 in nightwave. Bought two reactors 15 nitain and a catalyst ...not really missing alerts...lotus alerts still pop up and we got those event lotus missions. I would like to see some of the challenges that are faction related made as seasonal
  5. Air to air combat... I see and do this all the time on battles, especially on protect segments.... I dont even have itzal and i use archwing all the time....they gonna nerf odanota too?sure ill whip out thd e kdrive if i want some resources on the way but slowing down itzal isnt gonna make k drive meta so y slow it down
  6. It says 6 hours if appropriate....peoples energy and metabolism dictate how much sleep they need.
  7. Really hoping we get seasonal challenges .. This would really open up alot of challenges.. Forma was the only thing i found useful from alerts... Outside of fragor i dont think i really actually made any weapons...catalyst typically from catalyst...and as i mentioned before ...never seen a reactor alert from december on....new players have nodes to work and the first 6 quest to complete. If some of you are really concerned about newplayers (i got way more forma from nightwave after two weeks than alerts..) then stop telling them they need 50 warframes and weapons to mr...stop telling them that they have to be this frame or that frame to do a mission and stop telling them not to auto group...your severely hampering their experience unlike night wave which gives them extra rewards to kill what they are working on....tutorial is biggest need for new players and it will probably include tips about nightwave.
  8. Alerts rewards were put into nightwave.also the alerts rewards selection mechanic required more oversight. The nightwave has a set tier reward system and the only range is in the challenges themselves..now they can manage both the award reward set and gift of lotus award set much more effectively from a design point. From a creative stand point.. They wanted nightwave as a storyline feature to be able to introduce more characters which allows more cosmetics for tennogen. So you have instant in game time limited awards that can be cycled out every 3 months.
  9. You want to replace challenges with missions. last thing i want is more missions... As of now. I can do majority of nightwave while doing what i want to do......
  10. This is a discussion forum for an ongoing topic of nightwave and how it can be improved ...removing nightwave is not really constructive feedback imo and doesnt fall within the de how to post constructive feedback post that is stickied.. Nightwave is a comprehensive reward system that includes a shop that includes old alert rewards. We have @ syndicate missions @cephalon scan missions @sorties @invasions @nightmare missions @relic fissure missions @kuuva siphon missions @vault/derelict missions @Cetus @fortuna Then you have the base mission types and orbiter related functions All this stuff has their own set of challenges. Nightwave itself has 30 tiers of rewards plus its own shop with stuff and a cap on how many tiers you can get in a week. So far. I do not like resource and faction dependant /group challenges as weeklies... Gilding an amp should be a season achievement. The fugitives should net more standing or better yet...the fugitives should net nightwave credits in addition to the tier credit reward....5 to 15 wolf credits would certainly allow a bit more randomness to the nightain crowd.....or give the fugitives a chance to drop something I also think the rare gem and fish achievements should of been just generic fish and gems at higher numbers.
  11. Please dont refer to nightwave challenges as missions...challenges are things you can do within missions and people keep seeeming to miss the distinction . Btw.. some items in cetus and fortuna were made more available...seems like de responding to feedback
  12. 4 random people can be doing the same mission 4 different reasons...one might be scanner hunting..one might be affinity farming,one might be farming lockers and crates, and the 4th might be clearing node so they can do a mission on a connected node...DE made a huge change when they set up free roam squad leaving and another when they allowed certain mission types to have one tenno evac....if you like to farm than do so...if others are skipping kills to speed up mission thats on them.... On a side note when your relevelings items keep one at least one slot at max... then do defense missions as youll get squad affinity for others kills . If solo stick to stuff you can kill with that lower ranked weapon. not sure why its so hard to find squads in dark sector missions as those have bonus xp by weapon type.....imo amann is better than hydron for xp and resources but people goto hydron cause they get relics and full squads...your equipment will typically rank up faster with a full squad.. At least in excavation, defense, mobile defense, and survival cause its more likely group will stay in affinity range. Just wanted to add although i am just mr7 after 3 months.. I have 4 frames with 3 that have benn formad multiple times as wll as at least 7 weapons that were formad 3to 4 times...i am constantly ranking up weapons and my frames. I also like to get mileage out of my weapons so i have no need to rank up up new stuff just for mastery at this point
  13. Uh...so your saying....killing stuff with different mods and weapon types..cramps your playstyle?none suggested opting out of nightwave altogether but just not doing the challenges you dont like.....and solution is to remove rewards cause you dont feel like doing and fu to the ones who do?...its really an extreme take.....what challenges would you like to see?
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