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  1. Thanks for the reliable source! Looks dope!
  2. It is not a bug, clearly DE did not prepare the ground to leave a Ghost dojo there also in Featured. Or should change the mission to activate in any Featured Dojo, instead of only activating those that are Ghost type.
  3. This isn't a bug. They just decided to omit the Shadow Dojo information (despite the symbol) or forgot to change one of the dojos on the Switch to a Ghost or simply change to any dojo. Easier, isn't it?
  4. Very interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing how this will be implemented in the final game. Good luck to everyone!
  5. Oh, boy! Finally Deadlock Protocol on the Switch! The new Tennogen are pretty cool, I will definitely want to get some. I definitely want to try out the new Moa and Primary Kitguns, I am really looking forward to this update!
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