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  1. this one was way off
  2. Thank you. I was using the link provided by imgur which didn't end in the file extension. I'm going to go wallow in embarrassment for a while.
  3. I can seem to upload any images or gifs I've bracketed the image link with [.img] [./img] (minus the dots) but the loading wheel just keeps spinning and it never uploads. am I doing something wrong?
  4. you should add another pose for when a frame enters bleedout phase without a secondary weapon equipped. currently they just pantomime that they have a gun in their hands as if to look slightly more threatening.
  5. I was curious as to what variables are considered with motes when there are multiple wisps in play. what factors determine which wisps mote you get? As for breach Surge giving a bonus on specific motes, I think that would be a good avenue for an Augment Mod
  6. This is a weird one: I was playing that Zephyr mini game accessible from her appearance tab. after dying a few times, one of the nightwave season 2 devotees spawned and proceeded to run off and attack unseen enemies. the game didn't respawn me and I couldn't open any menus either so I had to force quit the game. I only waited a few seconds before closing the game so I don't know if it would have resolved itself.
  7. Positive I love her, she's become one of my favourite frames since playing her. Her 3 is great for giving yourself a little breathing room to lay out her reservoirs and the way breach surge combos with the reservoirs is great, I use it a lot. Personally I never use her 2 or 4 but it looks like a lot of people do which makes her good for different play styles. Critique One thing I've noticed is that Frosts bubble blocks her ability to zip to any reservoir inside it with breach surge. it doesn't block her 2 from passing through it though. Maybe either block both or neither for the sake of consistency? A suggestion for tweaking her teleport. hold 3 for a soft-lock that targets the reservoirs the same way peacemaker works. it would make it a lot quicker since I wouldn't have to be quite so precise when trying to aim at them or misfire like I sometimes do. It's been said before but she needs her own run animation when wielding melee. it would take a bit or work to make a custom one that works with each melee weapon but she looks silly running around on her stumps. sometimes I panic or miss hit keys when laying out her reservoirs and will put down the same one twice. it can be tricky trying to tell visually which ones are out. so could they get a bit more of an aura to make them more readable? alternatively a number beside their icons that says how many of that type are out could work too. other than the first suggestion with Frost the rest are nitpicks. Side Note Her CC reservoir was a missed opportunity for a Vauban rework as it would have made a nice replacement for his shock trap but I'm not complaining.
  8. Colour Swatch I think it would be cool to add the option to save a colour scheme to a swatch. we can favourite colours but the pallets look cluttered it you have multiple favourites on a pallet. having an option to save and name a colour scheme, add it to a list, and then import it, would save a lot of time going back and forth trying to match different frames/weapons. fashion frame is true endgame and it would be a cool quality of life addition. start with 3 or so free colour scheme slots and have an option to purchase more for a bit of plat. Ability Preview it might also be cool to have the ability to preview how an ability will look when you choose an energy colour. I usually have to enter a mission and use my abilities to see how they will actually look with my chosen energy colours. having a checkbox or button to preview on the appearance screen would make this a lot simpler. thought it might be more effort than it's worth to implement.
  9. Thanks for the answers. I was doing a syndicate mission which explains it. I'll have to remember to solo when not in an endless.
  10. I thought they changed the way extractions work. why am I still getting automatically extracted when my team mate extracts? I was stlll in the middle of looking for insignias
  11. This is the worst mission in the game. I'm serious. It just feels so undercooked, like there is a great idea here but it needed more time before release. There are still numerous bugs during the boss fight including but not limited to: The Jordas Golem having poor collisions causing it to drift through environmental objects. sometimes it just sits inside some of the debris and all I can do is wait for it to float out the other side. Incredibly poor pathing that takes it through aforementioned debris or out of bounds entirely. Bugged attack patterns. In the majority of encounters with it I haven't taken any damage it hasn't even attacked and the adds are so far away they don't even aggro. You're in this large arena in a debris field but it's so underwhelming. all you do is drift behind it and hold the fire button and it makes me feel brain dead. there just aren't enough mechanics to keep me engaged. off the top of my head, the first thing I can think of is that you're in the wreckage of a ship. shouldn't you be making use of the reactor and weapons systems? perhaps something like destroying a containment barrier for a reactor that will discharge something to drop the Golem's shields. or using it's own attacks to bring a weapons system temporarily online. maybe it could be assembling itself during the fight or you break it down by destroying different parts or it over the course of the battle during phases. I don't need some long multiphase raid boss from WoW. just some bug fixes and a couple of interesting mechanics. there's a lot of potential here, it's just a shame it's gone to waste.
  12. Thanks for the clarification guys 👍
  13. I'm sure this has been asked before but will we see this get implemented? it's a pain to keep getting looked into animations or combos when the enemy has already been killed or we start to get attacked. being able to hit doge and cancel out of the attacks would improve the flow of combat and add another layer to it that would make it a bit more interesting.
  14. how do I get this combination? I'm sure I've done it in the past but I can't work it out.
  15. that's the same one I'm talking about. It popped up in-game so I checked to make sure I hadn't imagined it and it only showed up on the app
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