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  1. Maybe its been asked i dunno, but how hard would it be to create an emote for the Fusion Dance ( from DB) ? I just would die seeing 8 wukongs doing it together !😂
  2. LOL bugs will always exist in a multi platform multi player multi context game... constant updates, constant events, constant changes will always stir up old mud on the bottom of the pond... bug free games virtually dont exist... reporting them is not pointless, Id not say that as it makes no sense, simply my stake was exactly that adapt.
  3. Lol maybe listen harder, learn from rafiki, they absolutely have talked on all of these points, que sera sera if u want a game with no bugs maybe play uno ?
  4. Does anyone, ANYONE on these forums watch the weekly primetime and devstreams ? Anyone ? I scrolled through this feed, and I can tell you all your questions were all answered last week. All of them. Except the dogdays stuff cuz it was a surprise. ... ... lol... everyone chillax devteam has billions of works at any one time, theyll fix whatever you saw eventually.
  5. Ive noticed 2 heavy bugs in the last week. 1st after using the 4th ability on all my frames and then switching back to primary melee or seconday causes the weapon to holster and the frame to hold its arms at its side until the (A) button is mashed... 2nd the arch gun will sometimes simply not come out. Cool down requirements and all have been met,Ammo is full, but often when selected from the wheel the action does not register, most of the time it results in me being knocked when I attempt to use it. This happens both open world and in missions.
  6. Random question about the attachments and syandana with some abilities such as Rhino Primes Iron Skin... He turns gold/yada yada yada, but shoulder plates , chest plate, leg armor and cape or wings or whatever you are wearing does not... is this just something that hasnt ever been customized ? Or too many other things to do ? Or am I (le gasp) the 1st to notice ?!
  7. During tennocon I remember someone said something about a system that will allow us to catch up on nightwave stuff we either suck at or just didnt have time to do... anyone hear anything else about it ? (Note, im not very bright, or observant, and im on nintendo switch...)
  8. Lol, im a swing and a miss kind of a guy... i heard aboht the other thing i had no idea, i figure the steam section because pc and all, again im not that smart 😂 oh well... nother million dollar idea down the crapper
  9. During Tennocon it was mentioned that those missions where Darvo or Lotus says 'a lone tenno is raiding the ship for ... blah blah..." that we could be that lone tenno... well what if we could also be each others stalkers ? Assigned a target, and told when theyre logged on, where they are. Same rules as regular stalker if they knock you they finish, if you knock them and they rise they still can finish the mission they were in... but we get nightwave creds or something to that effect. Come on... thats pure gold.
  10. I was told by DE after submitting ticket that it was sent to a pc accpunt, i dont have one, everything is linked to nintendo switch, so that means I dont get this Nekros ... ... ... again ? 😞
  11. but what if they say we got it... but didnt... i use switch... DE says they sent it to my PC account... I dont even have a PC... they also say they wont move it... Now im over nekros... slightly burnt... but mostly afraid to purchase anything in the future if they think im on PC...
  12. The tennocon issue with drops at this point is the least of my concerns. I have submitted a few tickets the most recent regarding the fact that they have listed my user platform as PC, spoiler it isnt... Im on Switch.. the Nekros Drop and Ephemera Drop I will miss... but what concerns me is when I emailed I heard back they checked and the drops are present in my PC account... So i submitted a seperate ticket... if any DE happens upon this maybe help ? please ? at this point i feel like im being ignored because they assume its about the nekros thing... i really dont care anymore it would have been nice but im more worried about a hack... Ive always gotten all my drops in the past so this most recent issue has me nervous...
  13. the issue im having is that DE says my account is PC its not its Switch... so ive opened a whole new ticket in hopes theyll fix that at this point i dont even care about nekros
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