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  1. The issue is that the console Dev team is on vacation, so they can't prepare the nig hotfix-bundle for cert until they're back at work. Sucks for us, I know, but I gather this vacation has been a long time coming, so try not to begrudge it too much.
  2. So I've been doing a lot of invasion missions because I need mutagen masses and fieldrons for weapons, but I'm encountering this bug frequently but not 100% of the time. After completing an invasion mission there's a chance the Group display and starchart will disapear. i'll still be in the group and able to open navigation, but missions will be invisible and unselectable, leaving me stuck. Group members attempting to pick a new mission, or trying to use the mission results to restart the previous mission, seem to leave me in a limbo of trying to connect but unable to actually start a new
  3. Glad the mechs are slowly getting fixed, but I'm really hesitant to engage much with the new content until the resource economy is rebalanced. Scintillent, Necromech mods, Seriglass shards, Thaumica, and Necrathane are far too difficult to acquire for how many things demand them, and tokens require far too many items compared to what equivalent items would be worth in standing in PoE and Fortuna.
  4. If I recall, the issue was only some people were getting the drops (since they were very close to the mechs when they died), while the rest of the squad was out of luck since the parts fell out of reach. I could be wrong, though.
  5. At one point, they dropped necromech parts if they died. Now that those parts are no longer falling through the floor, DE has discussed restoring the drops.
  6. The drop rate of minerals seems to have at least some correlation to your location- I find the rarer stuff is more common when you're further from starting locations.
  7. Not to my knowledge. This is... less of a problem when you reach high MR and polarizing a weapon only removes 1-2 mods, but short of finding someone who already uses your complete setup and having them send you a mod setup link, there's no real way to do what you're talking about.
  8. I have still been experiencing this while running isolation vaults after the most recent hotfix. I'm not sure it's 100% (I've only done one run since the patch), but it happened as soon as I started using operator form in battle vs. the Neckramechs, since Volt really can't afford to stand around and revive someone when there are two of the bloody things running about.
  9. Had this problem a while back. Here's what worked for me (Quoted from the Twitch Drop FAQ)
  10. So, while I can't say I'm unhappy about it, the bait making is still 60s long. I'm kind of wondering if the change was reverted just before release and the patch notes weren't adjusted, because it was such a terrible idea in the first place.
  11. I would think this would make Limbo useless everywhere. 😄 Edit: Limbo worked fine in regular missions as well as in the Cambion Drift for me.
  12. Because players arriving on Deimos after getting to Mars don't have Operators yet. Still, I agree, the lack of tutorial is quite frustrating
  13. I think this happened last year too with one or two upcoming items. Console is also getting a few things early since we're a few cycles behind you PC players.
  14. Axi A5 is also missing. I was really looking forward to finally getting the akvasto prime.
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