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  1. Looking forward for this devstream. Even so i have a few questions. Can we DECORATE our railjack interior? Can we switch between Orbiter and Railjack as the default returning point? Will Railjack has a feature to go to non-Empyrean missions (like the empyrean glitch during Rising Tide first update) That is all, good luck for the devs!
  2. Use Trinity, Her EV ignores armor.
  3. While it's obvious you can do Heavy attack build on some weapons, not all weapons has good Heavy attack damage. Anyone got an insight? With less than 10 CC, Blood Rush build is a bad idea.
  4. Tested it, but the floors still has nicks even with the slider all the way left, fix it?
  5. Man, you're everywhere. But i upvote this post because Slide attacks shouldn't die.
  6. Dear DE Please implement an "Equip Warning" just in case players are going to trade their arcanes. Same warning when you're trading your equipped Mods. Thanks
  7. So someday we're going to have resources unaffected by Drop Booster? That sucks. Well at least it's 50% chance.
  8. The corpus just hired drunk drivers. Don't blame DE...
  9. Well, Operator Dash and Energy Pizzas exists.
  10. Please DE give Loki Prime and Ash Prime their own customized invisibility effect. Ash Prime should have a smoky effect, but way cooler than Smoking Ephemera. Loki Prime, on the other hand, has a "static tv" effect. Close to the "reactant" effect that appears on your warframe, but make it grey instead of gold.
  11. Will you add a feature for Prime-Vandal-Wraith weapons to use the original weapon as a skin?
  12. I've finished 3 Kuva Liches when it first came out, and it was hell of a grind. After a few hotfixes and read some of it i was wondering if now's the right time to come back, still i might have some questions: How much time do you spend on average to finish a Kuva Lich? Last time, i spend 3 hours (not including farming the mods). Any tips to finish the game mode faster? Reading a few forum posts it seems "ignoring your lich" is not a good option. But killing it is way too punishing. Is there a frame/ability that can cheese a Kuva Lich? Do you think now is a good time to farm Kuva Liches, or should i wait longer? Thanks in advance.
  13. Kuva Lich grab attacks are instant kill. don't bother with quick thinking.
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