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  1. +100% Ammo Max is a bit of a stretch. I believe 50% Ammo Efficiency is a better solution. Because looking at the effect, we know this arcane is for High Fire Rate - High Magazine weapons.
  2. Warframe already has a warning feature when players are about to sell their equipped Arcane/Mod. However this feature still has a weakness, and very common on mod trading. Let's say you have multiple maxed mods. And you want to equip "the one you own". You obviously don't know which one you use personally, and which one you're going to sell. As a result, when you're selling those maxed mods/arcane, there are 2 (or more) of them that gives warning. Sell the wrong one, and you'll unequip that mod from all weapons. DE really should add a "Lock Symbol" feature to mark Mods-Arcanes (including Items). These will give a chain lock symbol on the top left. So you know which one you're using personally.
  3. I know i have to change something in the game settings. Worse case scenario, in the launcher settings. In game texture was low quality for 10-15 seconds. During that time, open ESC menu is impossible. Only after all textures are loaded, framerate returns to normal and you can open the menu. I'm using i5 6600K and GTX 1070 btw. Can someone help?
  4. I'm MR 30 and haven't give a single blessing. Because i forgot it exists xD
  5. When i'm using Gauss, Thermal Sunder can be spammed even when animation is still playing. Holding 3 when Gauss is still casting Cold Thermal Sunder will make him cast Heat Thermal Sunder AFTER Cold Thermal Sunder animation is finished. (assuming press/hold button is in default settings) HOWEVER, the rule doesn't apply on Subsumed Thermal Sunder. When you try to do the same (Press/Hold button when skill animation is ongoing), you ended up with "ABILITY NOT READY" message on the lower right. Casting animation chain breaks, ruining the immersion of gameplay. Of course, the only way to mitigate this is to equip Natural Talent, but that solution is a waste of mod slot. I think this is not intentional and need to be fixed.
  6. I was wondering if DE implement an easy "Change Server" feature in Navigation Menu. It's complicated to open options menu and change the server from there. This way, i could easily switch recruitment chat and inv from different servers.
  7. They're going to add an update where you can directly fight your lich when at max rage level. Problem is, it's railjack mission.
  8. Just a feedback for Gauss Augment. Since his gameplay has been around "banging the wall". Adding Slide Drift would be good. Make sure it's an exilus, since it doesn't affect damage.
  9. Been joining premade squads for Relic share runs. and everytime the mission starts, i suddenly get kicked out. "Session unavailable" it says. The host always have to re-invite me when the mission starts. It's wierd since i have low ping during the mission.
  10. Iron Skin tend to break his fashion... I wonder if DE would add a feature to toggle this off.
  11. LIBERATION mission type on Ostwan Range area are too big to cover. When the liberation starts, player might get surprised how quickly "% of area control" decreaess. When they realized enemy spawns in another place too far, it was too late. This mission type is punishing for solo players. There's one EXTERMINATE mission type inside a cave (cove?) near Hillside Ruin that is too large. Enemies spawns locations are spread too far. Maxed Enemy Radar didn't help either, since enemy can spawn either below, or above ground level.
  12. Both abilities are similar in terms of energy drain. Gloom has energy drain with a cap of 10 Enemies. Pacify & Provoke has energy drain but no enemy cap. However, these two abilities are different in energy gain: Gloom is a channeled ability, thus any source of energy regeneration and Trinity 2 is revoked. Only Energy Orbs and Damage>Health mods work on it. Pacify & Provoke isn't really a "channeled" ability. You can still gain energy from all sources. With high energy drain build, Zen Dash is highly recommended. I suggest DE to streamline both of these abilities. Pacify-Provoke with a hard cap and works like every channeled abilities. I'm satisfied enough that all sources of slows (Nova 4, Sevagoth 3, Equinox Peaceful Provocation, and Zen Blast) all stacks multiplicatively. Making it redundant to stack them.
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