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  1. Ironically, I don't enjoy gambling, or anything with a game of chance. Especially when the loss is high. I like it when there's a clear goal i can achieve (Nightwave rewards are fixed). And yes, i do the same in my life of learning. When i reread it, I figured it's a bad Idea. Right now, the only thing that keeps me returning to Warframe is Nightwave and Sortie. I check Random Rivens using Slivers and umbra forma from teshin every 8 weeks. It's tough being that player who already maxed everything (except Zenistar, i haven't reached the required daily logins), owned all arcanes,
  2. Figures, most people will call it a bad idea after i asking my clan's opinion. Probably because i have OCD and getting all rewards makes me feel good?
  3. Nightwave has a lot of ups and downs. Wether it's the annoying random enemy spawn, or how the event lasts extremely long. Even so, i love this feature. It's a "To do list" that is quite flexible for players who have busy life activities. So now, i'd like to recommend for Nightwave to have a feature where you get more reward feature if you pay with platinum. This kind of "Free Reward" and "Premium Rewards" thing is quite popular in some MMOs. I've seen in popular games like Destiny 2 and Phantasy Star Online 2. So it goes like this: Nightwave has a reward
  4. In-game it's "ZAW" Riven Mod. Careful Devs, this is clearly False Advertising.
  5. That Mission Complete Music mixed with This Is What You Are. Should've been a new default Mission Complete Music after you reach Legendary Rank.
  6. I was doing Profit taker with random players, it happened to me 5 times randomly that suddenly Chroma cannot cast his 4. Even at max energy. It's really annoying since i need it to get double credits... So i force myself as a host (Lowest ping setting) and this problem doesn't exist.
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