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  1. Dude, add Limbo's banish and he's great.
  2. Share Look Links in Fashion Frame places (Reddit, Discord, etc). Share Mod Configs in Warframe.builder OR Overframe. EVEN Youtube as a part of build videos.
  3. Look Link and Mod Config is an amazing feature. Then i remembered players can copy Shawzin notes externally as a "text code". Can we copy Look Link and Mod Config to clipboard as a text code like shawzin do? That QoL feature would be great!
  4. Hover should work like Aim Glide, Jump and hold the aim button to hover.
  5. Fisher Hai-Luk sells it, but i wish The Business and Kaelii sells it too. Those are fishing items that work universally on all Open World Maps. Or at least make an exception and bring back the bp on these items. And no, i fish with Smeeta, not with Oxylus.
  6. It feels really good. They lost all their hunting progress. Seriously guys, don't leech in bounties.
  7. The title is the suggestion, it would be great if you make this real. This comes from a player who enjoys doing random, and quick relic runs.
  8. Sooner or later, we need an Augment Mod Slot.
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