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  1. Go watch guides on Youtube. That's where i learn mostly.
  2. Arcane Avenger stacks additively with other percentage point bonuses, such as Covenant, Void Stalker and Cat's Eye. For example, an Atterax with a max rank True Steel, Cat's Eye, and Arcane Avenger, will have a [25% × (1 + 120%) + 60% + 45%] = 160% critical chance on attacks. Highly effective with weapons with high critical damage multipliers. Weapons that have 0% critical chance can crit with this enhancement, although due to their lack of a critical multiplier, their damage will not be altered unless the shot lands on the head, which yields 2x critical multiplier. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Arcane_Avenger
  3. Arcane Avenger is flat bonus CC. So the crit chance should've been 4% + 45% = 49%
  4. Since this is a Quality of Life additions, I have requests: 1. Please let players change Mod Config seamlessly outside Weapon Modding Menu. Hopefully in the future, players can change their saved mod configs from the weapon/warframe swapping screen. 2. Improve Kubrow/Kavat AI. Give us a choice to pet companions NOT to attack. Most of the time they throw themselves into danger. 3. Devs implement selling hounds from the foundry. Can Devs also implement selling excess blueprints right from the foundry? I dislike opening inventory and finding more excess blueprints to sell. 4. Seamlessly selling duplicates on Modding list. Endgame players tend to have so many duplicates to sell/dissolve. Please set a button that easily pick all items (Hold Shift + Mouse click), or pick all but one (Ctrl + Mouse Click). This saves time instead of picking one each and spamming numbers to choose max number of dupilcates. Appreciate the devstream and your hard work on game improvements!
  5. Already did, 3 out of 3 times i verify before and after updating. But the launcher detects no error. At first i thought it was network issues. So I changed from wifi to cable, even using phone portable hotspot. But the end result is still the same. You get stuck on loading before login page. I decided to do diagnostics and read the results. Correct me, but i assume this is due to missing/corrupt file.
  6. IMO helminth abilities that are good as follows: Persipacity (Instant Spy) saves you a LOT in Sortie Spies and Rescue. Empower is good for channeling abilities. Energized Munitions is okay for Warframes that rely on weapons Golden Instinct is a niche ability if you're doing quick mission runs (Like Fissure Capture/Exterminate)
  7. No one knows when your connection suddenly goes crap and ruins Warframe update progress. This happened on me 3 times. 2 of them were caused by random blackout. Thanks to that, whatever game file gets corrupted. And I got stuck at Loading Screen (before entering Login Page). This issue is prevalent on most player who are unfortunate during update/hotfix. It's a very bad news for those who live in third world country with fourth rate ISP. Please DE, improve your File Verification system. The Verification system shouldn't just simply check if the file exists, but also emulate "Loading to login page" and see if there's a corrupt crap behind it. It gets really annoying when players were forced to reinstall/redownload the game when this happens.
  8. Wednesday, September 15th 2021. When i logged in, there's a message of a new privacy policy. Problem is, Hotfix 30.7.4 notes didn't tell players what's new on their policy. Anyone know what it is? It might be minor to most players. But for me, it would be wise to be aware of the game's policy. Thanks
  9. Ah man, this feature should be available on ALL blueprints. Meaning that i can sell multiple trash BPs right from the foundry. Like unused warframe parts, boar, gorgon, trash weapon bps. and so on....
  10. Can't you just take that off? The quest has ONLY Revenant Chassis and not Systems/Neuroptics. I know it's to dilute the loot table. But man, seriously you can do better than that.
  11. Been having this "Stuck in Elevator Loading" bug after finishing Profit Taker missions. This bug is easily repeatable. I was farming credits in profit taker missions with a squad (it was a weekend cred event) Was using Chroma Prime, Zenith, Kuva Nukor, Plague Kripath Zaw. Graphical settings set to High. i5 6600K and GTX 1070. I've no recording of it, sorry. I was a host of the mission. Here's how it happened. Squad finished killing profit taker and return to elevator (to Fortuna). When loading in elevator, Host ALWAYS be the last to return. While the order of other squadmembers' return depends on their PC and internet connection. First squadmember to load in Fortuna quickly start a new Profit Taker Mission. Doing so will cause loading bug on other squadmembers who are still loading in the elevator (returning to fortuna). Host will be the first one to suffer when it happened. Aborting Mission in elevator is impossible, host is forced to use ALT-F4, rendering rewards null and void. Interestingly, this bug can also happen if a squadmember quickly starts another mission while others are returning to orbiter.
  12. Agreed. Imagine an update post from Devs. Under 5 seconds, players quickly reply "Thanks" on that post. Trying to get their reply on first page. Of course, they'll edit this as a meaningful post. They're either hoping to get the devs attention on certain problem, or just farming reputation from other players who face the same problem.
  13. I see great opinions regarding my topic. They are highly appreciated. Yes, 1 million iron skin indeed possible, and I am highly aware of GHS video. However, it's still a lot of work. One, you need to sacrifice two Warframe mod slots for Ironclad Charge and Iron Sharpnel. Two, you need source of Crowd Control to pull enemies into one place: Magus Anomaly is a good choice, which is equipped on your Operator. Problem is Warframe Loadout isn't tied on Operator Loadout. Meaning if you want to equip Magus Anomaly, you need to run to the Operator Room and change them manually. Exodia Hunt on Zaws, most recommended on Dokrahm (since Tempo Royale base combo has slams). You need to sacrifice equipping a better melee for a CC Melee. Unless your zaw is good enough. I happen to have a dokrahm viral-CD riven, so this is my go to. You can try helminth Ensnare/Larva. However, if you're planning to use Parasitic Armor, this isn't an option. Three, If the build has Blind Rage, Energy consumption is a big consideration. Point number 1 already stated that Rhino has 6 Mod slots left. Assuming you equip at least Umbral Fiber, Umbral Intensify, Blind Rage, Transient Fortitude, you're left with 2 more mod slots. Minus one mod slot Redirection if you're equipping Parasitic Armor. If you're equipping Parasitic Armor for the maximum Iron skin, then your last slot most likely for Energy Consumption. Equipping Streamline isn't enough. Fleeting Expertise is a choice if you're willing to sacrifice Roar. So, the best choice is Primed Flow. Unless if you're willing to use Energy Pads, you may ignore this problem. Keep in mind that Steel Path limits pads usage per one minute. Replacing Blind Rage with Energy Conversion is out of the picture, since you're casting abilities in succession. Energy cost total for this process is 193.75 (No Efficiency Mods, Max Blind Rage), 156.25 (Streamline, Max Blind Rage), 118,75 (Fleeting Expertise, Max Blind Rage). Consider putting a lower rank Blind Rage to help, but risk less Ability Strength. Four, the process of making this a reality. You need to CC your enemies in one spot, cast Rhino Charge and Parasitic Armor, and then Iron Skin. This is a lot of work. Pray that you have enough energy OR Energy pad is available for this. If scaling Iron Skin to enemy level is such a bad idea. How about another solution: Increase Iron Skin invulnerability time (to a reasonable one, like five seconds). However, during that phase, Rhino will pull aggro from enemies in Affinity Range. Increase the damage taken to iron skin health to make it more bearable. Currently, I'm using a Rhino build that primarily focuses on Roar build (Duration and Strength), Energy conversion replacing Blind Rage, Fleeting Expertise (160 Efficiency), and Eternal War. Iron Skin is just there as a panic button when Shield Gating occurs. Hope this could bring more discussion!
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