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  1. whyyyyyyy can't enemies just take a knee and be invulnerable, like the kuva thrall's for like 5 seconds, then perish on their own after that duration (if they haven't been parazon finished within that duration) Please stop attempting to make the health threshold work, in a game where enemies melt instantly by a mere glance. Who do I have to sell my liver too in order to make the Parazon realistically function outside of Litch hunting.
  2. I wasn't enticed by Reflex Aim before the Corpus Proxima update, I'm certainly not enticed by it now seeing it with a downside while still being unable to toggle it. This logic has plagued Operators for nearly half a decade, where permanent "upgrades" include unnecessary downsides/sidegrades. Seeing Rank 10 Gunnery falling under this (while being tied to Mastery) just sucks. Like most of the Operator focus tree, I'll never touch this Rank 10 intrinsic since it just entails I'll forever be stuck with a detriment.
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Zephyr's tornado's will hurt/kill Zephyr when enemies attack them REPRODUCTION: Any damage enemies do to the tornado's get sent to Zephyr if she's in/near them EXPECTED RESULT: Zephyr shouldn't get hit by her own ability when enemies attack the tornado's OBSERVED RESULT: Zephyr gets hit by her own ability when enemies attack the tornado's REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  4. Hildryn can remain in Aegis Storm while you use transference (Operator/Necramech). I want to see this function applied to Zephyr's hover mode, I bring this up in regards to Target Fixation builds in particular since the need to interact with objectives/hack panels means you'll drop any scaling you've worked towards. So having your birb remain in the air to sustain any scaling you've worked towards would be very much appreciated. On that note: Using transference when you're in Tail Wind's hover mode disables Zenurik energy regen until you complete/abort said mission, I've brought this up to the bug thread but I'm mentioning it here to warn fellow tenno. Edit: Hotfix 29.10.1 fixed the Zephyr energy regeneration issues.
  5. Can confirm this bug exists, going into Operator while using Zephyr's hover (ability 1 held) will cease Zenurik energy regeneration until you complete/abort the mission you're in. Edit: Hotfix 29.10.1 fixed Zephyr energy regeneration issues.
  6. Infinite loading screen is back in full-swing from prior railjack updates
  7. Between the Deluxe and the kit revamp, seeing Zephyr getting all this love is exciting! Major kudos to those who touched up the ability visuals as well!
  8. If I can open my gearwheel, let me deploy it. I'll gladly use an intrinsic to make it happen, but if it's JUST deployable for Railjack content, and not across the whole starchart, that's immensely disappointing... EDIT: March 9th's FAQ covers this. Thank you for the clarification!
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