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  1. I'd suggest Elements being buffed, as it stands we're pigeonholed into viral, heat, and occasionally corrosive. I'm sure there's plenty of hyper niche scenarios people wanna name and brag about the moment they read this, but I desire to genuinely see improvement to more Elements in this game across the board, since it would indirectly (yet substantially) help Lavos as a result. For example: buffing Electricity proc's tesla arc to be longer than the pitiful 3m. We never see enough enemy density outside of steel path to make this proc function without a claustrophobic grouping ability/too
  2. The lack of transparency with intentions on nerfing is wild. If there's anything that came out of this, it's hopefully a wakeup call to hold off nerfs as impactful as this for test servers to get actual feedback, rather than shoving them half-heartedly into a mainline update to be downplayed. Khora by nature is a glass cannon, literally no inherit survivability, through and through she was an active frame, any mission needing you to hop from objective to objective was putting you in danger, a clip of someone going AFK in steel path (a game mode that was told wouldn't influence game balance
  3. Months of documentation on whipclaw's awful inconsistent interactions and ruined ability synergy still not enough to get this addressed? This frame really is DE's punching bag... EDIT: [DE]Ruu provided insight, hopefully this it doesn't get left under the rug.
  4. I hope on that debt list you have: 'basically buff every element effect'. realistically we're pigeonholed into Viral+Heat and occasionally Corrosive, while everything else is at most a conduit for Condition Overload. i.e. Electricity could just use some more range in the Tesla chain beyond it's pitiful 3m. As it is, enemies outside of steel-path inherit social distancing and can never truly make Electricity procs shine. Content creators have made plenty of suggestions, Brozime's frost rework video goes over Cold procs and how they could be made relevant and a genuine thing to consider. (o
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Paying Simaris a visit in a relay, Codex scans of enemies were deleted. REPRODUCTION: Went to Simaris via Syndacites Miscellaneous panel in Orbiter, interacted with Simaris vendor, went into the Simulacrum. EXPECTED RESULT: Normally anything scanned would be in the codex and would be spawned in the Sim. OBSERVED RESULT: Not a single enemy has been deemed "scanned" and now there's a whole codex of "undiscovered" Edit: Session was present in another device: Mobile companion. After closing all sessions and relogging codex entries came back.
  6. TL;DR: Many missions recently have been a copy-paste of vanilla mobile defense, Essentially the bare minimum of player engagement when there are ways in game to make the mission type beyond sitting around waiting out a timer. Here I present the notion where this stale game mode that's been extremely prevalent as of late can have a mechanic that will provide engagement ten fold over "doing nothing". Because vanilla mobile defense shouldn't be the answer to most missions as it's stale and repetitive. -As of late, many missions have taken the vanilla mobile defense route, you press X, then w
  7. Residual & Theorem arcanes dilute the reward pool from how insultingly awful they are. Unless they get changed/significantly buffed, this % increase will be a detriment to the bounties.
  8. Go to a kuva fortress tile set and attempt to play her, I emphasize attempt, because now her whole identity, the whipclaw, is laughable to even call reliable. Hitting through walls and obstacles was an outright necessity when so many tile sets are littered with geometry and how finicky LoS works. Khora's whole playstyle is by-the-book definition of the word: glass cannon. And it wouldn't be far fetched to say her cannon was taken away from her. This nerf also butchered her synergy, her strangle dome wedges enemies into areas that the whipclaw won't detect, same goes for ensnare. her kit
  9. Please reconsider this. on paper is sounds just and reasonable, but in practice and testing it's brutal and might as well put the frame six-feet under. With how much geometry there is in most tile sets, she just can't function. This one nerf singlehandedly killed the frame. If anyone reading has conflicting thoughts, go to a kuva fortress tile set and bare witness being unable to hit enemies if they're even remotely wedged between or behind geometry (and in many cases in front of you, it's that bad). And if you still think it's not that bad, that it's just a "Khora thing", just wait un
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