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  1. @Cuong666 i am going to say,like few vets above, it is probably a very isolated incident you faced. In this game,from my first day,i have always got help from the vets, and nowadays i try to return the favor as far as possible. If you are looking for some in game help,you can ping me up. Having said tht,i have also encountered the fact that some new players often dont like any comments on their gameplay (even if they are wrong/havent understood some mechanics properly). Also there are rude vets out there as well.... My advice,if some vets are rude to you for no reason,or for reason,dont care. If someone actually gives you some advice or comments on something,just try to listen it out.. but overall,it is possible one of the best communities around,so dont worry.
  2. Weapon cjoice is something whihc i am still figuring out..... The choices are quite varied,and distinct.... Its not dissimilar to what we have in terms of guns in nrmal game modes,but the manufacturer made armaments do put some dilemma What i am going to do,is to use clan version of every gun... Presently my pilot is using cryo,and turrets are carcinnox. I got a sweet zetki mk2 apoc,which i am honna try next,with photor put in pilot seat. Although i think keeping cryo at least at one place is a good choice...
  3. I think,it is better to not do solo,with your own unuogeaded RJ. I did all my missions first in PUB. Then got some equipments,now i cn solo earth quite easily..... Now looking for better gear to solo saturn... Although i still believe RJ is not to be done solo,as of now at least...it is much more fun in group. You should try to join a pub group. Use the navigation panel from the orbiter and not from dojo/drydock. For,this will let you join other people's RJ.
  4. Not all weapon upgrade is about CC or status. The base Baza is a damn powerful gun, capable of shredding lvl 120+ heavy gunners. with Point strike and a fair riven you can easily reach around 100% CC; with Hunter Mu, that is the definition of OP. BAZA DOESNT NEED ANY DAMAGE BUFF. What Baza needed was the QoL changes, which is what exaclty we got. a Hefty increase in magazine size , which we needed, much lower reload, again needed, substantial falloff increase, again needed. As someone, who uses baza a lot, tht was the few changes I expected, and I got. I suggest rather than simply looking at number, you go and play with it, and find out about the pros and cons. Finally about some of your comment, you should take a look at the weapn comparisons. except Acceltra (which though auto fire is not a rifle, therefore should not be taken in to account imo ). Baza prime is the 2nd highest in the CC department (highest is 30 of soma/prime, telos boltor,prisma gorgon); highest CD; So it is utterly incomprehensible why you are saying BAZA prime is underpowered. And in case you wanna point that, your point is what is the pros of primed version over the ordinary one, refer to the 1st para. if you dont think they are not upgrades, my friend, it is impossible to have a discussion with you. Ultimately, Maybe the only one point I may agree with you upto soem degree, is a slight more increase in SC.Although ultimately it doesnot matter that much.
  5. true brother..... very true....otherwise it becomes a real drag..... I agree... I am mainly plying as gunner. In pug groups, many a time, you dont even kow, which is the gun; therefore, cant know it's range as well. a lock on target (with change in color of the reticule, when in range maybe) may be a big boost. I think, and I hope, they will tie things up with kuva liches getting their show....corpus threats on orb vallis. remmeber the tennocon demo?? I hopw they will add more missions as they go.... Also I think we all can safely assume, railjack and railjack battle will be a part of old war too.... Other than these; I do want a few more things: 1) as railjack has much traditional multiplayer rpg-esque elements; a new recruiting tab, with option of naming specializations. Im specializing in gunner, so I may need a pilot or engineer. 2)a matchmaking process (countdown) similar to normal missions. I may want to go in battle with only a 3-4 member squad. 3) the forge refine system, is probably a very few things, i am a little skeptic about. although wont pass comment, untill i learn about it better. 4) Railjack missions may drop archwing/archgun mods.... (idea courtsey a clanmate) 5) The repair costs of those damn manufacturer guns..... 24k pustrels for a mk1 gun; are they kidding?
  6. Hey tennos, so now we can be in space...... Personally I like the railjack system; and the progression system too. At the same time, you have to be absolute nuts if you dont wanna change anything. So lets talk... WHat are your ideas? what the things, you feel could need a touch up. Technical problems like bugs, glitches are everyone's problem; so lets keep the common thing out. Also a disclaimer: This post is intended for people, who likes the system/railjack, and want to change or add. If you dont like it, you can obviously talk about it; but please dont comment that railjack is warframe shattering. I suppose there is enough whining posts already for that.
  7. Apart from the bug the railjack system till now,have been promising to me... It is the first rime DE put something in the game, which makes ot more traditional roleplaying multiplayer games (different players focusing differently in the skill tree). And that is a good thing. Bugs are a problem. Which i reckon is due to the fact they have shipped out the content maybe a week early. The thing is,for so many so called long term players,it looks like,very few do appreciate the fact DE patch things real real quick. So given the track record, Empyrean wont be different. Finally the difficulty curve. The mode actually is tough, in the sense of enemy level,complexity as well as co ordination. Now that sjould not be a bad thing.... Having mission failed a few times,( not due to technical fails) is not a bad thing,rather good....many of us in warframe,have become press-4-brain-dead-zombie. Now having smething which requires some thinking,and execution is good..... All it requires to be successful,to see,where de goes from here...its not a bad platform unlike kuva lich es.....lets just wait and give de the benefit of doubt
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