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  1. At the moment,the best dps frames/nuke frames includes (but not the only ones): 1)saryn/prime: best of all probably,in unison....u will kill enemies before you see them, be it any faction☺️ 2) Mag: without augment lvl 100 plusay be a problem,but with fracturing crush lvl 150 is np. Did anyone tell you that she can strip armor off of heavy gunners in a moment? ☺️ Corpus will be your brealfast with mag. 3) gara: missed her in the lists above. Same as saryn, you can kill enemies before you even see them. Grinner,corpus does not matter. Oh,also the splinter storm scales like tsunami wave(you can get million damage). 4)volt: not as good as other 3,only the 4th one is nuker,but again a good choice. Can lockdown a whole map....good CC as well.... Also you can become barry allen.😉 5)mesa: i am not a good player of mesa,dont have much time on her, but she is also someone who can easily clear a large group in a jiffy. 6) others: chroma, with a gun; equinox and her 4,nova with molecular prime, banshee with her loudspeakers,octavia with dj ball and a few more.
  2. I have felt, helene is much better than io for N7. As all the 4 i have,are from there. PoE is probability wise better option,but time wise,is same,or even longer sometime than 10 waves at helene,and effortwise much much more than helene.
  3. I think there are a lot of peeople who agrees, but I actually seen posts on this matter getting completely decimated by negative reaction. So dont hold your breath. For new players quickest way is obviously to sell junks. or use warframe market, and even sell things for a price cut (say going a few plats below the average). just tell them it is possible to earn more than 500p in a matter of week or a couple. at first it may seem like problematic or even impossible, but you can see it is very much possible, based on my personal experience. another tip: if you have a more or less experienced friend or at a quite level yourself, try the derelict missions for corrupted mods. some of them fetch quite a good price, even at unranked. Keep an eye out at warframe.market, thats all... Also, if you have questions about a particular prime part, or any other general help, you can PM me here,or in game
  4. well, you are right, the trade system in warframe is not good/very friendly. That being said, it is not too problematic to earn plats, I am a new player as well, started in february. I have well over 1k plats, excluding all the potato and slots I have bought, and a MAG prime set. Advices I can give you, !) if you can make a set, it get sold much faster and at higher price. 2) waiting for trade chat or at maroo's bazar do seem boring, but i had done that especially at the earliesr stages. but you need to get lucky with that strategy. it is better to go there, if you do have one or two rare, or sought after item. 3) best way still is warframe.market. make an account and list your sell, and if you are in a hurry, just choose any listed WTB. you may need to take a price cut though. At some stage you may take a week or two to focus on plat farming exclusively, that means, playing void fissures many times, and waiting for the trades. I also would like a auction type of system. or just a system like warframe market, directly integrated to the game. in the current system you have to be online for the trade, even if you have listed something on the website.... But ultimately it can be done. and there are many generous player, and an overall good community, so it wont be too bad of an experience, I hope.
  5. well here is my two-penny.. 1) Nezha: I like Nezha better than rhino... there, i said it... he is slightly better damage dealer, good tank (the invulnerability at the end of warding halo, makes it better than iron skin), 4th ability does CC like rhino stomp, but with the chakraam, it does much more damage than rhino. 2) MAG: my girl.... my starter frame, and after 6 frames later (including some community favorites like rhino, frost, oberon) still my main. I have not played above lvl 100 yet, but upto that, no problem, strip the armor, kill them with butter knife..... survivalbilly is a problem, yes, at very high levl, but people took her for 20 + minute solo MOT run. 3) limbo: Here the account is not first hand, as I have not yet tried him; but my best friend have, and soem people who aborts at the sight of him, I actually like and love him.....especially while playing a rather 'squishy' frame like mag. get banished and kill without consequence.
  6. well, i have not yet tested it against more than lvl 100 enemies, but around lvl 70 or so, I was able to kill with relative ease though. I think you may bee right, and will ultimately render to be weak for anything beyond starchart level.But as you mentioned, it have some certain finesse, and has at least some necessary CC and Status chance to stand apart form other guns. Well, I probably wont go that far though. as of now the 2 forma build is working, but may be go for the 3rd one soon. 🙂 Well, this is actually the point. Currently I am having two separte build, one focused on CC, and the other on status. In the status one, I am using heat+ corrosive build (using the 60/60 mods like malignant force) and rifle prowess. In the CC one, I am using point strike + vital sense along with only corrosive build. Serration, vigilante armaments, and split chamber is common. I may go for a hybrid build, but i am a bit sceptical whether that will make the weapon slightly less powerful..
  7. Why not 'Magneto's Daughter' she can easily strip armor, making hek's work almost trivial.
  8. you are so right...also it dismembers enemies, thats pretty cool too. I completed the 2 forma build today, will test it too, lets see. my concern is whether that will make the effectiveness less. currently I am having two build, one with around 85 status, another around the same CC but high CD as well. not so sure if i can mix things up very well...
  9. Dear tenno, On my way to increase MR,i chose veldt a few days back. Although in my initial days i had a penchant for the weapon,but using ignis did took away my love for semi-auto for a time being. But after i played veldt,i find it fun. And want to do a good build off of it. But with 22% of both cc and sc,i am a bit confused what buuld i should do. Currently i made 2 one forma build(did forma it once more just now),one for status, with corrosive; another with high cc and cd,with corrosive. Now this thread is basically for everything related to it,your experience,whether you like it or not,whether you think its not a 3-4forma worthy weapon,and most obviously but not only,your build. 🙂 Thanking you in advance.
  10. that is a good option. CC the hell out. My strategy to stay alive is to kill as fast as I can. although I have not worked with level 200 + enemies, but If you are trying to CC, you can put some duration. but for me better way to stay alive is to move.... press 3, do a bullet jump and glide to another corner, press 3 again, and so on. the low duration gets traded off, as I, the source moved. also it makes you very hard to hit.... but i will try some 200 enemies in simulacrum. IF you wish, you can send me an in game invite, and we can do some experiments together...
  11. With mag, range and strength build,imo is always better than durstion. 1) remember that polarize is the best way to strip armor. And once u can do that,you can even kill a lvl 80 grineer heavy with a butter knife. If you can put fracturing crush,then you have instant CC and 2 ways to strip armor. Here range and str, becomes important. Also for armored targets,the amount of armor stripped is dealt as true damage to the enemy. this exploit helps me kill a lot of mid level enemies just by polarise. You need high str to do that. Also the shield restoring ability of allies,is pretty neat. 2)if you want to concentrate solely on bubble,even then i would suggest not to make very hugh durstion. You may make it greater than my build. But high duration is not suitable for few reasons. First of all with a weapon of good damage output,you can kill the enemies trapped fairly quickly(remember there is damage nodifier,which increades with str). Secondly, if your trapped enemies are killed,and unless you put the bubble in a chokepoint in defense mission,it will remain in the map,and may cause some hinderance. Last of all,never forget the ending explosion of bubble. If you keep bubvle on for long time,at the time of explosion no enemy will be around,and it will ho to waste. I always found that relying on the damage of that explosion is always trusty to clear any enemy still alive in the bubble,or have not entered tge bubble yet. As of weapon, gas is obviously a hood choice if you are looking to exploit bubble. Alternatively,if using a projectile weapon,punch through wont be bad either.... As i mention,put enough damage in the bubble not only you will be able to kill the trapped ones,the ending explosion will take care of the rest.
  12. Thought people like MAG, if not love.... @withinmyself 🙂
  13. Sorry have missed your post, before posting mine. So lets just reaffirm, I wholeheartedly agree with you....
  14. I have a different radial and may be controversial choice. MAG. and to some extent NEZHA. I am a MAG main (almost 80 % of my 400 hrs), so i may be biased and I am not a veteran at well who have done a tons of ESO and so. But for me one part of being immortal is killing others, MAG excels at that. I have been in 15 minute solo MOT run, with mag. Although that is not at all endgame, but i think, with a good build, paired with a good weapon and energy restores, MAG can go a long way, before dying. Oh and if she dies , it will be on a mountain of slain enemies. 😉
  15. would like to respectfully disagree though. Tbh, it is one of the most powerful abilities, atlst when compared with the lots like ember,frost,volt,rhino,nezha,banshee,oberon and so on (those are the few, i have personal experience). The shield and overshield is atually imo, the best part of the deal, and it can deal insane damage. pair it with fracturing crush, you can instantly strip enemy armor, CC them. So in summation, DPS+CC+armor strip + shield regain+overshield..... well thats a hefty sum...
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