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  1. Try Nourish on Frost. His 1 will freeze the enemy and do several procs of Viral but the rest is unaffected. I can confirm it does nothing on Volt.
  2. I don't have this problem on Mausolon at all, or rather, the delay there is so much shorter it's barely noticeable.
  3. I like the idea of adding the to Steel Path a lot. 👍
  4. Primed Sure Footed was a massive quality of life improvement for me. Primed Shred helped some of my weapons, like Battacor for example, tremendously. I never got Primed Fury because I use Berserker but I suppose it is valuable for low CC weapons. Now, I'm waiting on Primed Vigor, hoping it would be great on Volt and Mag, especially since there's no Primed/Umbral Redirection. Personally, I would add all primed mods as login rewards but also give Baro all of them to sell as well. Lastly, I'd enable full trading on all of them too. I believe time gating like this is unnecessar
  5. It's one of those things everyone knows about, reported it many, many times, but DE doesn't give a damn.
  6. Fire Blast. The AoE damage, Heat proc, and armor strip make her Strangledome kill much faster.
  7. I fully realise my expectations were impossible to fulfill, but I want to share the idea with you. Since Xaku and Helminth were released simultaneously, I hoped Xaku's Passive will be multiple Subsumed abilities. You can put only one Subsumed ability on a Warframe, but in Xaku's case, I hoped this number would be higher. The best, dream case scenario, was for Xaku to be just the Void skeleton and we would use Helminth to fully customize it's abilities and with it also it's appearance, based on the Warframes it got abilities from. I know DE would have to put incredible amount of
  8. A bit of a weird request incoming... I like Cernos Prime and I also like to carry my weapons visible on my Warframe, but Cernos has this weird holstered position on your back, unlike other bows. So, I was wondering if the holster position changes when you equip the Oscira Bow Skin on it. Can someone confirm, ideally with a picture, how this looks, please?
  9. Fair enough. I assumed whether the skin supports the gun or not is based on the design, which all Quanta weapons share, but it's true Mutalist doesn't fire beams.
  10. While the Oscira skins are not available on consoles yet, I have read here and on Reddit that the Oscira Rifle Skin can be applied on Mutalist Quanta but not on any other Quanta weapon. That doesn't make much sense... Can this be changes, so the skin can be applied to all Quanta weapons please? Ideally with the console release. 😉
  11. Once Cortege fires it's Alt Fire, the weapon enters a "lockdown" state for five seconds. In this state, it cannot be fired, it cannot be reloaded, and it's remaining ammo disappears from HUD. This happened every time I used the weapons so far with my Warframe. It's the only weapon that does this that I know off, so I assume it is a bug.
  12. Cherry on top of the cake is Archguns actually suck against the very thing they're designed to destroy - spaceships.
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